Keep Infectious Haole Money Out of Hawaii

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    Aug 12, 2009
    A short-sighted, over-generalization, brother. It varies from state to state... district to district. Looking at averages tells you very little. I'm not a resident of Hawaii, so I'm only going by what I read. And... we're totally hijacking this thread, so I'll end my part of this sidebar with this...

    You're absolutely correct that more money does not directly or automatically relate to better schools.

    Graduation rates and test scores are only part... and I'd argue a very small part... of the total measurement of school quality. Which is not "accountability." When local schools fail, local taxpayers can hold school boards accountable, and school boards can and do fire administrators. This is not the case in Hawaii, where all schools are 100% funded by the state, and "adjustment aid" is determined by enrollment alone. There is no money for special programs, like gifted and talented, and not enough money for adequate special education programs... or special ed teachers. What would you do if you had a kid who needed these kinds of services and the school said, sorry... we can't raise enough money to fund these programs, so you'll get what we offer - a sub-standard program, and no leverage to make it any better.

    You get last licks...
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    Agree to a point, I like to paint in broad strokes cause you can't base policy off individual circumstances. I'm all for more accountability in everything. Good discussion Mano.
    I have a pre-school kid, at some point these things are going to become very real for us...

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    Guys guys guys, your kids iPhone will tell them everything they need to know. Apple's got this.
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    Broken school system + fractured families = big problems!

    Teachers arent allowed to teach. All students are pushed towards college (no trades or skills). Parents expect teachers to do 100% of the work. I could go on - but enough generalizations for today!
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    I don’t know the answer but I think there are some legacy issues that play a part in this (African Americans, Native Americans, Hawaiians).

    These cultures simulating/integrating over the decades with the “American way” has not worked out well for them. Add family structure and local funding (municipal taxes etc), and political tug o war, and you get a lackluster education system.

    Parenting is paramount but the system in general is whacked...whether it’s SC or HI I believe it’s a result of similar legacy issues.

    And no, Socializing society is not the answer. But, I don’t know what is...
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    Jul 6, 2012
    to make education great again, it should be voluntary, not required

    Also, can only get public assistance if you pass and graduate

    I will take my Nobel prize later, thanks
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    Aug 12, 2009
    I'd argue you need a literate, numerate and politically aware populace for democracy to work, but we all know for a fact compulsory education is no guarantee of that.
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    Just read the article, wow. It's getting heavy...
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