Laird Hamilton's ridiculed recent hypothesis

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    Depends on how good the waves are, how long its been since you've surfed, and how big and how many critters are out there. Lots of variables. Access to first aid and proximity to hospital should be a concern, especially in foreign or remote waves.

    My daughter texted me this Laird story the other day, I said "Wow". then "BTW, Laird is right", She texted back "Lies".

    But she doesn't know what happened at a nearby beach long ago.

    I'll tell tomorrow.
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    Mar 2, 2013

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    Really must suck being a girl, have you ever worked professionally with women? It's awful. I've never met an outstanding female supervisor; at best just average. That's why women get payed less, they don't perform as well and get paid accordingly.

    I don't mind working for women as much as I don't like working with women. They are easily manipulated is the reason for both.

    When you work with women, like you're both in charge. It's like having a traitor in the ranks who constantly works to undermine the determined goal. So what ends up happening? Everybody ends up playing games instead of getting the job done.
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    noone knows what the men in grey suits think but the men in the grey suits.

    but i would trust lairds opinion as a solid waterman, great surfer, and a person who has probably spent more office time with the said men in grey suits than any pidly scientist enslaving interns to do his fieldwork for him
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    looks like uncw
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    My daughter first texted me the Laird story. I told her it's true. She said "lies"

    Here is a true story I never shared with her, for obvious reasons:

    So I was 19 years old. fall of 1978, waves were starting to show up. This girl, Carol, started at work, and she was a tall brunette with a very hot body and a semi butter face, totally smoking as far as I was concerned. My buddy Bart had the hots for her too, so I pulled the surfing card and offered her surfing lessons (Bart didn't surf).

    I only had one board, and had her paddle out to a secluded spot on Singer Island on a mellow waist high day. I pushed her into a few waves,she fell alot, but stood up for a few seconds and was totally stoked. I got her back to shore safe and sound,and took the board out for a few waves as she rested on the beach.

    The very first wave I took off on, a clean waist high left, in clear blue water with the sun overhead, as I was going down the line trying to pick up some speed, four 5' black tips come out in front of me on the wave, doing furtive movements. I immediately went into a survival grab rail crouch, and rode it all the way to the beach.

    When I got to shore, Carol, who saw the whole thing from the beach, said in her ditsy stoned valley girl voice, "I'mmmmm sooooorrrry, I'm on myyyy perioood".

    I was so mad I took her right home, later that week Bart hooked up with her. Early the next week he got herpes. True story.
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    Dude that is an EPIC fvcking story, Goode Jobbe

    On a similar "vein"...

    Many many years ago, some acquaintance wanted to score some blow so I took him down to a friend's house in Pacific Beach. Scored, so "Max" says "you wanna go to this chick's house and do a few liners? She's hot" so I'm all "sure dude".

    So we go to this chick's apartment (she lives with her parents) and she's there with a friend, both pretty cute. So we do rails all night and watch MTV when she says, completely out of the blue, that she wants to screw me. And I'm like, "ok". But she says, "not right now, you gotta get rid of Max and come back". So I quickly tell Max that I'm tired and I want to go home. Reluctantly, Max leaves with me to drive back to the Valley.

    So all the way home (about 20 minutes from the beach), Max is like "she's hot, huh" and I'm all "uh huh". Then, out of the blue again, Max says "you're going back to fvck her, aren't you?" and I'm lying through my teeth like a champ. Hellz yeah, I'm going back to nail that little spinner.

    So I finally get back and when I get to her door she opens it real quick and says "be quiet, my parents are home" and she sneaks me back to her room. I can hear her dad snoring in the room next door as I'm doing the deed. For some reason, she seemed "extra extra juicy".

    After I'm done, I sneak into the bathroom to pee and look in the mirror...and I'm covered from my navel to my knees in menstrual sauce. So I did what any good trooper that earned his Red Wings would do: I wipe my junk all over Mom's best towels.

    Slept in my VW Van, and she made me brekkie the next morning.
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    yeeees yeeesss awesome pun. vein. hahaha dude the things you learn about your friends.
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    I'm betting that you've got some killer "tails" lol
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    Next time a chick paddles out into the lineup, instead of checking to see how hot she is; i'm gonna high tail it outta there! I'm a chick magnet. Chick's are shark magnets. Therefore, I am a shark magnet.
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    Your logic is impeccable
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    "we are a global locality of f ags. We are barrel dodgers and bottom turn blowers. Our message is simple: buy our clothing if your a kook who can't surf"
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    Laird is right, chum in the water=Grey Suit delight.
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    its not just women,guys are like that too.always trying to outperform one another to try to climb the totem pole.i doubt women get paid less but theres plenty out there that are simply hired because they are pretty.
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    Red Tide is a no go