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    Donny was a good bowler, and a good man

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    Hard to believe Towlie hasn't contributed to this thread.
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    I know, that some people will think, that I'm an idiot, but read the message fully, before the making of the conclusions, pls. In my opinion, the legalization of the weed would decrease the price for it a lot. It goes without saying, that it will be profitable for someone. I will name some things, which will prove my thoughts : the taxes for weed will be very huge, like for cigarettes and alcohol, it will be sold only with the medical recipes, so the simple people, who'd like to smoke it should buy it, like, earlier, but if it becomes legal, the process of buying it illegal will become more complicated, so the price for it will become higher. This people are interested the weed not to be legalized. I found the thing which is legalized and very similar to weed with its effect. It is the CBD oil, about which I have known from the article The effect is really similar and it is legalized everywhere.
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    Suite first post.
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    rachel max load