Living in Rockaway Queens vs Long Beach NY

Discussion in 'Northeast' started by BKSurfer, Dec 31, 2015.

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    Sep 13, 2010
    Happy New Year!
    My lady got residency at Saint John Hospital in Far Rockaway. We currently live in Bay ridge which is about 40min drive. Her friend is a current resident at Saint John's and lives in Long beach which is a 15min commute. Long beach seems much more safer than living in Rockaway. I was looking at Arverne by the sea apartments right off Beach 67th in rockaway. Do you know of anybody out there? Lady concerned about me taking shady A train to work in Manhattan.

    Or another alternative is living in Forest Hills which is about 30min to Rockaway which has a bunch of subway lines. I work half from home and the other at someones office in Manhattan. Would prefer to live near the beach so I can surf when I have down time and make it easier on the ladies commute.

    Any advice great appreciated.

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    May 4, 2013
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    May 22, 2012
    Damn dude I thought you were someone I knew from Bay Ridge, as he's about to go to Costa for a month. But he don't live with his lady.

    Is Bay Ridge really that much of bubble that you're afraid of living in Rock? Granted, after 61st street it gets a bit sketchy, but it's cheap. As far as the A-train goes, you won't have a problem riding it to work, I take it to surf all the time. Just don't pass out at 3am on the way back from the bar- that will get you in trouble on any train.

    Long Beach is definitely super safe though, and probably has a bigger variety of waves. It's just gonna be significantly more expensive. If you work in Midtown the LIRR from Long Beach is only 30 minutes. Done.

    Forest Hills will rarely be 30 minutes to the beach, unless your a dedicated DP guy. Sure it's got subways, but otherwise it's just another yuppie enclave full of state senator ****bags. But hey, I think Spiderman and the Ramones are from there, so there's that.

    In the end, I'd say it's all abut how much you need a subway. Do you party or go to Manhattam a lot? If so, you need a good subway. If you mostly surf/work/bang your chick while watching MTV's teen grandma, you don't need a subway.