Long boards to Chicama

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    Feb 16, 2012
    alright after having been in peru for a week and checking out the scene i stand by my claim that bringing a board isa a terrible idea.

    heres what you do: book your ticket to lima ( spades cheaper then trujillo) spend a day eating the good food in miraflores and getting acclimated to the culture. you can rent boards at makah a ten minute walk away for less than five bux a day.

    after one or two days take a reliable driver service or reliable taxi for twenty bucks south to punta hermosa ( you want to do this because theres some really good waves within walking distance and its a good place to wait for a swell to chicama because without the right swell it will be flat there and chicama is not a cool town to hang in)

    in punta hermosa therez a buncha cheap places to stay but i recommend the punta hermosa surf hostel. thirty five a night for private room two minute walk to la isla and walking distance to all other spots.

    take a publico or cab to the FEELING BOARD surf shop on the old pan american highway outside of town for thirty cents. they have hundreds of uses boards for under two hundred amerixan lonfboards everything etc.

    got a basicalyy new merrik for one hundred bucks. bring your own bag or sock with you because they upcharge u.

    wait for a swell south enough and big enough to make chicama break in punta hermosa because theres always waves there. once theres a swell fly/bus/ drive/ skip/jump/ski to chicama.

    you will maximize your budget water time and not be sitting in a dead end desert town stareing at flatness
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    That's some solid reconne work, good job!