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  1. Riley Martin

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    Jan 13, 2015
    So lets get to the real root of this problem.

    Liam, were you neglected as a child while you watched your ma and pa coddle a fur retriever? You seem to have a thing against animals - a jealousy.

    Like, " Why do people like these animals and no one hugs me?"

    Who is going "crazy" aboot protecting sharks? No one on here. I haven't seen any examples of the insane going all ku koo bananas over the sharks.

    Some people will go, they'll be all, " We must protect these sharks" after an attack because humans tend to go on a mission to kill the shark perpetrator. Haven't you seen jaws?

    But you seem to be very jealous of sharks and the love they get from other humans.

    And of course there's no comparison between dogs and people. Dogs are much better than kids. No, really they are. They don't care aboot money or materials and they'd always throw you a joint if they could. People, however, are mean, selfish and nasty. They ax you to put money on their books and then when they get out you ax them a simple favor and you get denied. I always look out for people but they always look the other way. Dogs always look.

    Most people who dress-up their pups just do it for some special occasion. I don't know of any people who daily dress their dogs in Armani.

    Taking care of dogs is harder than kids. Yeah dogs don't walk upright and don't have arms, but they can't speak. Like, kids can tell you what they just swallowed. With dogs they can't tell you and you have to go, you have to be all, " hey, commere, gotta open your mouth and stick my fingers in there and get whatever foreign object is in the mouth."

    And the dog don't want no one in their mouths. So yeah it gets hectic.

    Liam you have always been a nice boy on here to me and PJB, and I am worried aboot your self-esteem regarding your jealousy over animals.

    I'm here if you need to talk.
  2. bennysgohome

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    Nov 13, 2009
    Do you have kids? Have you ever raised them? I have kids and a dog. I still love my dog but dogs are a piece of cake compared to kids. Ask anyone. Dogs are tough lol, take them for a walk, feed, repeat. Any one could do it. That's why you see homeless people and strung out druggies with dogs. It's too easy. As I said, I love my dog but they aren't hard to care for. I actually like that they are easy.

    Please don't tell me you dress up you dog even for a special occasion. I still can't get over that I compared taking care of dogs to kids. It's like comparing taking care of worms to dogs.

    People did go bananas over shark hunter. People got all bent out of shape. Who has time to get bent out of shape about saving sharks and really think they can make a difference, lmao.

  3. MFitz73

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    Aug 21, 2010
    prff shiiiite... why don't we just put the wolves in charge of everything then? I think we should reintroduce wolves to the ocean. right? Problem f-ing solved.
  4. LazyE

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    Aug 6, 2014
    I had shark for dinner this weekend. It was tasty.

    No shortage of sharks on the EC. Not for indiscriminate killing of any animal but have no problem with fishing, hunting, or raising animals for food in a responsible manner.

    Hate to see any one injured or killed but all of lifes activity's have some sort of danger involved.

    Was in an inlet knee deep water years ago throwing a cast net for bait when I noticed 100's of fins. Long 10 yards back to boat for sure.

    Doesn't matter what the odds are if it's your turn it sux.

    I like dogs but dogs can't take care or support you when your old. Kids give you a 50/50 shot they might turn out allright.

    I am the m*ther farking apex predator 'round here!

    It's 100 degrees and flat as a pancake and I'm bored.

    This is a long tread (I only read the last 2 pages)
  5. Riley Martin

    Riley Martin Well-Known Member

    Jan 13, 2015
    First of all, aboot Shark Hunter, he wants to kill sharks just so he can feel safe in the water. That's like me wanting to kill African Americans so I can walk in North Philadelphia on my way to the Pappis "safely." LOL

    Second, you are confusing basic care and a loving, caring, nurturing relationship. Dude, my dog ain't going to stand for just getting fed and walked. He wants attention and love, man. Of course throwing a cup of Kittle and Buts in the dude's bowl and ignoring him the rest of the day is easy.

    Now I deal with people everyday who basically do that or less for their children. So in that light, raising kids isn't too difficult either.

    No, I don't dress my dog up. He don't play that game anyway. Man, I don't have a pocket book dog, man. I got a tucks juvenile fur retriever golden. And he's better than any of y'alls kids. Totally.

    And dogs do care for people - old and young. Some dogs even retrieve beer for their people. Some guide the blind around. Some can smell a coming seizure. Lets see your kids do that, sucka.

    Anyway, you say dog care is nothing but feed, walk repeat. So what do you do that's so different for your yougins? Ah, you dress them up !! See?
  6. seldom seen

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    Aug 21, 2012
    *Liam, their

    Tell ya one thing, whatever the fock you feel about sharks, all the civilized humans are talking about this. I forsee less people in the water this year.

    Shark Hype train, choo choo.
  7. seldom seen

    seldom seen Well-Known Member

    Aug 21, 2012
    Also, I don't dress my dog up like a human. Actually, before a walk, I roll in the dirt, muck myself up, to be more like dog.
  8. Barry Cuda

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    So you and that girl that wants to be black would make a great couple!! I hope you feel she is "hot"!
  9. LazyE

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    Aug 6, 2014
    Silver lining in every cloud.
  10. ClemsonSurf

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    Dec 10, 2007
    You're so weird. Go ride a bike.
  11. Barry Cuda

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    Aw, shucks!! That is the nicest thing you have ever said to me.......
  12. bagus

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    Jul 13, 2014
    o barry
  13. Scarecrow

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    Nov 30, 2007
    If they're not gonna go in the water, then hopefully they'll keep their fat, littering arses at home and stay the hell off of the beaches and beach area roads, too. Not much sense in packing up the kiddies for a trip to the beach, and then sitting in the sand for hours listening to them whine 'cause you won't let them go in the water.
  14. seldom seen

    seldom seen Well-Known Member

    Aug 21, 2012
    Exactly, one can only hope Scarecrow.


    Sep 17, 2013
    yall arent thinking big enough
    let them come to the beach with the crybabies that drive them crazy, maybe they will stop procreating?

    'put it in her fanny, save $ on the nanny'

    should that quote be in the u2b thread?
  16. rcarter

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    Jul 26, 2009
    I agree with your reasoning behind why the attacks happen. I don't think the kids will get toomuch sympathy on a surf forum becasue we put ourselves it danger everytime we surf. Altough this thread did begin with the words "so sad". I think people defend the sharks after an attack becasue scared people immediatley call for their deaths. The Mayor of Oak Island where the attacks happend has already stated that any shark seen acting aggresive or odd will be killed. So who gets to judge aggresive or odd behavior in a shark before someone shoots it? Even if they kill a shark 99% sure it will not be the one responsible for the attack.

    Chessie a 10 ft Tiger was at Kure beach just north of Oak Island Thursday morn. At first many (including me) assumed it was her that attacked the kids. Upon checking Shark Tracker we now know that Chessie was way north of there at Morehead City/Cape Lookout area by Saturday and off of OBX on Sunday. Sharks move on quickly and any killing after the attack is just humans seeking vengance. Too many folks think this is Jaws and the same shark is just stalking human prey for fun.
  17. cepriano

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    Apr 20, 2012
    when it comes to sharks,theres not many options to deal with them,if ur in the water and see one swimming under u.if the shark is hungry,ur really shyt out of I seen plenty of footage of some chick swimming with a big azz great white in mexico,saw mark healy swimming with a huge tiger shark,but if u notice,theres always bait fish around,so the sharks aren't hungry so they can get away with it.

    its a situation surfers never want to encounter,and most surfers never encounter sharks.anytime my mother hears im going surfing,the only thing she can think of is im going to get eaten by a shark lol.theres plenty of other hazards nobody ever considers,surfers do,but not regular folks.crowded lineups are the biggest hazard,getting hit with a surfboard being thrown from a wave will do serious buddy got a hernia from getting hit in the belly with a board,hes a kook so he didn't know better,but had to get surgery.i don't even know how that's possible,i thought hernias came from lifting heavy stuff.

    and to look at places like California and Australia,even south Africa.theres millions of surfers,and 2 people get bit and everyone freaks out.i saw a video the other day a guy jumped off at the end of the wave and landed like 4 ft away from a pretty big shark.nobody panicked,they probably didn't even know about the shark at the time.its like wild dogs,and police,sharks can sense fear,fear means prey.never show fear.

    my biggest worry about a shark,is not getting my arm or leg bit off,but having a shark bite on to u,and swim aaway with u in his mouth deep underwater.thats my biggest nightmare lol.but they say punch them in the face and they swim away,but punching underwater is not I said its a lose lose situation if the shark is hungry.I never encountered one in the water so im not the expert but I do read a lot
  18. KOOKamungya

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    Jun 18, 2014
    I'm ok with the reintroduction of wolves, but I know propaganda when
    I see it.

    Can they spoon feed this BS to bleeding heart, yuppy d-bags any thicker? Did the local gals get bigger titts too?

    Why the hhelll is some British accent telling us about wolves? Is he from Wyoming? No, he is the equal of a green environmental Al Sharpton, he goes around the world starting trouble just so he can get his picture in the paper.

    f him-so the wolves are doing good in a world that does not resemble anything else in modern day, Yellowstone is a snap shot in time, what once was, few stores, people, farming, ranchers, nothing but dumb ass turons looking for entertainment.

    Yellowstone is beautiful, but it is not normal, Normal to man is to dominate, decide for the animals how many of them should live, and how many should die, hell killing is what man does best, we can easily kill off any species of animal we care to, we've already done it, where is the California golden Bear? We also try to kill each other, "Russians and the Chinese blow there asses up", and in return they try to kill us, humans are great at killing other living things, are u trying to tell me we couldn't kill a few million bull, tiger and great white sharks? we could kill them all, control their numbers, leave them alone, or help them multiply, that's what we do, its just public opinion that determines which way we go.

    once man decided to understand the sky, the longest days of the year were documented at places like Stonehenge, and Chaco Canyon, agriculture was not far behind, man also decided to irrigate, and lastly to change the size of animals through breeding-ranching.

    The ranchers dislike having the wolf around because the wolf killed the sheep,and the cattle, the rancher's livelihood. Everything u own in this world ur car, ur surfboards, ur clothing u owe to the wolf being on the outside of society. Everything u love ur parents, ur wife, ur kids are the direct result of humans taking over for the wolf? He don't fit, so yeah its nice that in a preserve that the river changed, because ELK, not "deer" (the British word for elk), where scared off by the grey wolf- the trees grew and the river changed, and the teenagers stopped talking back to their parents, and little brothers didn't want to pester older brothers, and sisters hooked their brothers up with their tramp-y friends, sure all due to the wolf.


    "A few small patches of Yellowstone’s trees do appear to have benefited from elk declines, but wolves are not the only cause of those declines. Human hunting, growing bear numbers and severe drought have also reduced elk populations. It even appears that the loss of cutthroat trout as a food source has driven grizzly bears to kill more elk calves. Amid this clutter of ecology, there is not a clear link from wolves to plants, songbirds and beavers.

    Still, the story persists. Which brings up the question: Does it actually matter if it’s not true?

    Environmental law was meant to protect the earth for everyone, it has evolved into elitist rich a-holes sprucing up and protecting the areas around the their vacation homes, and telling the people in the bronx to go swim in ****, all on the tax payers dime.
  19. bennysgohome

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    Nov 13, 2009
    Whining kids are the worst. Parents just let them wine instead of telling their kid to stop and talk to them. That's one good things about dogs, no whining just some leg humping which sucks too. People who think dogs are difficult to take car of or the same as kids, don't have kids, simple fact. Anyone who actually has kids would laugh at the comparison. You can leave your dog at the house while you go to work. Try that with your kids when they are young. Their are some idiots who think they can't leave their dog home alone. These are people who couldn't hack having kids and want to feel like the dog is their kid. Nothing wrong with it, it's just a lot easier. Kids require constant care. A dog lover without kids is in for a rude awakening if they have kids. No sleep for the first 4 years, diaper changing, no sleep, crying, sickness, the list goes on and on. Worst part for a dog is having to use a scooper for their **** which isn't hard.

    I love my dog and care for it. There are just some dumb people who think a dog is a lot of work compared to kids.
  20. Barry Cuda

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    I like the quote!! Should be the population control peoples anthem!!
    Copyright it!!