Maybe now we won't hae to remove our shoes.

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    Apparently aviation experts have fought against this for years so that in dire situations, every system can be powered down/reset if necessary, in the event that that particular system may be shorting and causing other (potentially fatal) issues. I'm no aviator, I've just been reading news articles about this like crazy
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    If you read a lot of the user postings on etc regarding this story, there is a large group of people who believe that this plane was landed safely after turning off all tracking devices and now the aircraft is being fitted with explosives etc. to be sent back out to an undisclosed location on a suicide mission...

    A lot of the other users are calling these individuals crazy and conspiracy theories, but the most rational response to that was, "yeah, that is just impossible isnt it? Just like numerous individuals spending YEARS in our country, learning our culture, blending in, learning our language and taking classes on aviation, then hijacking three planes, while crashing two in the the trade towers, causing the largest terrorist casualties in american history"... crazy huh? Only took 4 years of planning... The thought of this plane being taken hostage for future terrorist use is just wack-a-doo talk.

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    But at any rate, we will find out more later today. Those australlian ships are en-route to take a look at what looks to be airplane debris. Once they get close to this stuff, it should either be "case closed" or "lets keep our theories moving forward"

    I hope airlines dont take the same path that cruise liners have in recent years. Seems like if your cruise ship isnt capsizing, you are getting intestinal parasites from their questionable food and beverage services...

    meanwhile, The plan i Phili almost killed everyone on the plane. If that tire blew out 10 seconds later, it would have been a smoldering heap in the tree lines...

    fast forward two days later and the plane on its way to Atlanta loses the entire metal cover of the wing. Landed safely, but it leads one to think, are these airlines really following proper safety inspections and protocol? I mean, you just lose a wing all of the sudden. I would assume that a proper wing inspection pre-flight EVERY TIME would have revealed issues with the bolts etc on the wing... Okay, so the tire blowing out,,, sh** happens, but maybe we should re-think re-design these planes a tad. Most airlines are using OLD as$ planes that should have been donated to mexico about 15 years ago, much like our public transit vehicles....

    I dont really care if the price of flights goes up... get a proper fleet. I would assume that a large reason that 18 wheelers and large freight trucks have those two wheel setups all over the back ends so that when those tires blow out (that we see all over the country on every major highway, I.E. all over 95) the whole damn truck doesn't slide sideways and takeout 3 lanes of traffic every time....

    Never been a huge fan of flying. All it takes is the one bad experience... to make you plan drivable vacations.

    It took our South West Pilot 5 attempts to land out 747 about 6 years ago in Vegas on a layover. Everytime we would decend, the wind was coming off the runway and the wings were teetering back and forth, you year alarms in the cockpit, the engines kick back on and this big son of a bi*** barely pulls up altitude then goes completely sideways to spin around the city and try again. After attempt #4, we got clearence to try another angle. But the entire plane filled with people all thought this might be it for us...

    I have flown a hand full of times since then, but i fu**ing hate it. I think we have taken the air travel to a level that is really an overkill. People fly like its riding a bike or taking a cab these days... The demand for airtravel and competitive prices has led to a sacrifice in proper oversight and general maintenance.
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    Agree. Unfortunately we as a society are very short sighted and demand immediate gratification...
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    While I agree with much of what you say the reality is that air travel is still extremely safe if looked at on a passenger/mile basis. Perhaps the most risky thing that almost all of us do on a regular basis is to hop in a car and drive. But we don't think twice about it because we do it all the time and usually everything is fine. Much like the risk of a shark attack, people tend to have a hard time evaluating the true risks involved and focus on the dramatic stuff. Odds and statistics just don't support what most of us fear. I'm not saying there isn't a whole lot of things that could be done to improve safety nor am I trying to put you down for feeling the way you do, just pointing out the reality.

    That said, I too hate flying. I've never been much concerned about safety of the flight. It's all the other stuff I can't stand. Arriving hours before take off, waiting in line and being herded like cattle, the uncertainty of cancellations, the poking and probing by TSA goons and their whole dog and pony show and uncomfortably cramped conditions in the plane cabin (hope you don't get a screaming brat or fat stinky guy in the next seat). All that stuff makes for a miserable and tiring experience for me. When I reach my destination I'm always just glad it's over. And if the FAA does go ahead and approve the use of cell phones in flight I might just never fly again.

    When you really think about it, the idea of sticking yourself in an aluminum cylinder travelling at hundreds of MPH tens of thousands of feet in the air is quite whacked. Kind of amazing it works at all...
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    I don't think that is crazy at all. Iran wants to have long range nuclear missile capabilities, but their rocket program keeps failing. A commercial airliner could be an easy way to slip into a country and attack. However, at this point, every airforce in the world seems to be looking for the lost jet. If an unidentified commercial airliner pops up on any radar, it isn't going to get very far without being intercepted.
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    Flying is still WAY safer than driving. But try making that into blanket coverage on CNN and everyone would just change the channel. Nothing we do is ever 100% safe.
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    Iran wouldn't do it, it'd be an act of war and give all its enemies all the excuse they need to go bomb their nuclear sites and end that program. Besides they have their own planes so they wouldn't need to hijack one. But I agree that the theory wouldn't have been beyond the realm of possibility for a terror group. Especially al queda. But they wouldn't be affiliated with Iran becuase Iran is Shiitte and al queda is Sunni and they hate each other as much as they hate us.
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    the theorists were saying it was remote controlled jets. and the Brews of that time gave "Facts" on how that was impossible. Is it now? what about the smoldering hole in Pa with no debris around it? All tin hat crap one would say. what would anyone have to gain from such a dastardly deed? The increased funds for the military industrial complex and oil industry? NAH! The removal of our rights as you ess citizens to travel without being harassed? nah. It was 9 Saudis, because they found their passports in the pulverized remains of 2 buildings.
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    I think we shot the plane down in PA.
    I travel all the time and am never harassed.
    It was 9 Saudi's because it was 9 Saudi's.

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    u know the new f22s,those 150 milliondollar warships that cant fly in cloudy weather,so that was a waste of over 500 billions dollars of American tax well spent.iran will never have a nuke because we didn't give them that much intel,u know Halliburton sold nuclear blueprints in iran in 1998.then we hit them with the stuxnet virus to dismantle them and slow them down for another 2 decades.not to mention every Iranian nuclear scientist gets blown up by magnet bombs placed by Israeli mossad on motorbikes.all this is true,u can look it up no crazy conspiracy
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    my biggest fear with planes is crashing in the middle of the ocean,i wouldn't care if it smashed into mountains because id die on impact,but lost at sea is no fun
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    Here's Nancy of the Zeta group explanation.

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    we can make it faster better stronger...
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    But he'll be the 6 trillion dollar an due to inflation.