Move to CA... Reasons not to?

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    Main article: Climate of California

    Much of the state has a Mediterranean climate, with cool, rainy winters and dry summers. The cool California Current offshore often creates summer fog near the coast. Farther inland, there are colder winters and hotter summers. The maritime moderation results in the shoreline summertime temperatures of Los Angeles and San Francisco being the coolest of all major metropolitan areas of the United States and uniquely cool compared to areas on the same latitude in the interior and on the east coast of the North American continent. Even the San Diego shoreline bordering Mexico is cooler in summer than most areas in contiguous United States. Just a few miles inland, summer temperature extremes are significantly higher, with downtown Los Angeles being several degrees warmer than at the coast. The same microclimate phenomenon is seen in the climate of the Bay Area, where areas sheltered from the sea sees significantly hotter summers than nearby areas close to the ocean.

    Northern parts of the state have more rain than the south. California's mountain ranges also influence the climate: some of the rainiest parts of the state are west-facing mountain slopes. Northwestern California has a temperate climate, and the Central Valley has a Mediterranean climate but with greater temperature extremes than the coast. The high mountains, including the Sierra Nevada, have an alpine climate with snow in winter and mild to moderate heat in summer.

    California's mountains produce rain shadows on the eastern side, creating extensive deserts. The higher elevation deserts of eastern California have hot summers and cold winters, while the low deserts east of the Southern California mountains have hot summers and nearly frostless mild winters. Death Valley, a desert with large expanses below sea level, is considered the hottest location in the world; the highest temperature in the world,[26][27] 134 °F (57 °C), was recorded there on July 10, 1913. The lowest temperature in California was −45 °F (−43 °C) in 1937 in Boca.


    Main article: Ecology of California

    See also: Environment of California

    California is one of the richest and most diverse parts of the world, and includes some of the most endangered ecological communities. California is part of the Nearctic ecozone and spans a number of terrestrial ecoregions.[28]

    California's large number of endemic species includes relict species, which have died out elsewhere, such as the Catalina Ironwood (Lyonothamnus floribundus). Many other endemics originated through differentiation or adaptive radiation, whereby multiple species develop from a common ancestor to take advantage of diverse ecological conditions such as the California lilac (Ceanothus). Many California endemics have become endangered, as urbanization, logging, overgrazing, and the introduction of exotic species have encroached on their habitat.
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    In all seriousness, that oil spill sucks and the executives of the company should be crucified.

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    I always wondered who the Queen of the Black Amazons were. Now I know it was Queen Calafia...
    Thanks Shelldoné
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    chant:" derail now, derail now,derail now"
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    Chanting is fun, anyone ever get into it?
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    Right back at you. Except the second to last part.
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    Bub, blasters, you guys chant?
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    Alright, so there's Cali and that's cool and all but have any of you ever thought of moving to the land of Oranges and freaks?

    A little back story for those (all of you) who don't really know me.

    I grew up in Ocean View, DE and surfed there my entire childhood. Come college, I got a scholarship to play lacrosse in Georgia. Needless to say after about a year and a half of eating **** and waking up at 5:00 am to run for some other idiots mistake I left the team. A year later, I left school, to surf. But I didn't go back home, Why would I? There's nothing there and nobody's going anywhere. So I moved down to Orlando and have since been building websites for my uncles business (See how much a degree matters?).

    Since then I have been to every break in CFL including cocoa, satellite, loris, sebastian, etc... All I can say is that this place get's VERY VERY consistent windswell. It has gotta be in the top three swell windows for the east coast because I've literally been surfing waist to chest high waves at least once a week for the last 4-5 months. Obviously it isn't cali, we don't get the offshores like they do but this is the land where the greatest surfer in the world is from, and now I know why.

    You can definitely be a much more consistent surfer in florida than most places on the east coast. The sand bars vary in location relative to shore which means I just end up driving down the street when the tide fills in. On top of that, cocoa and the beaches south are all filled with very friendly locals who are always willing to conversate.

    I think it's funny because as an east coast surfer a lot of us put Florida out of our heads because to us heat=no waves, but my good sir this is simply not that case. Moving here was the best decision I ever made, bar none.
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    Rebel yell
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    Well put Flurida. I have surfed all over the place, but I do love surfing right here in the Sunshine State. I feel like my ability to surf less than ideal wind chop translates well when we finally do get waves. Also, **** cold.
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    a wind direction?
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    Actually it's not really the sport that sucks but rather those who participate...

    Upper-middle-class, entitled, date-rapists are the typical MO of lacrosse enthusiasts.

    Hey, don't get angry at me. I didn't make the rules.
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    So, you believe those black strippers then?

    Do you believe Tawanna Brawley too?
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    Why I left the sport...It get's worse in college...
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    Welcome to Florida Flurida. Sounds like we may cross paths from time to time. Glad the move worked out for you.
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    Lacross would seem like a fairly cheap sport to play I mean if I'm poor all I need is a wicket right?
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    I always believe black strippers.

    I do remember there is quite a lacrosse contingent on here. And rock climbers.

    Man, you're supposed to surf, smoke and drink. Nothing else. These other activities have to go.

    No surf stoked teen should be involved in anything else.

    Doug Silva stopped playing soccer for God's sakes and he didn't even make it.
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    19. Expensive