Move to CA... Reasons not to?

Discussion in 'Mid Atlantic' started by rippinNtearin, May 18, 2015.

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    Who gives a damn what they think or say. Establish thy own code and live by it.
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    Why not move closer than 2 hours from the beach in MD? I have the same urges to head west for better surf, but moving biking distance from surf helped quell the urge for now. Don't know how expensive property is in your area, but just a thought. It's helped me. You get to surf those small windows you would otherwise miss due to logistics.
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    Have been seriously considering this also. Tough with there not being any big cities with good jobs the closer you get to the beach in MD or NC. I think the chesapeake bay and the NC sound have kept those beach towns as exactly that, beach towns that close up shop in the winter. Are you full time in OCMD now? That place is a ghost town Oct - April.

    Other thoughts are Wilmington, NC... or go against all that I've ever preached and head north to Jerz. Will be up there visiting friends and seeing a show at the Stone Pony this weekend. Gonna scope out the area as a long-term spot and see if it's as terrible as I've always thought.
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    I agree that being 2 hours from the beach is ridiculous,but It's not really that important being "biking distance" from the beach. Who cares if you're biking distance away if it's flat 90% of the time? Unless you like biking to a lake. Being that close

    There's no comparing the west to the east. You can surf at least waist to chest high waves in orange county with glass conditions and temps in the 60s/70s in the morning almost every day from memorial day to labor day. How many days do you get in the east? 5-10 times all summer maybe depending on the year? And that's assuming you don't miss a swell due to work/family commitments! In a bad summer you can go 2 months without a chest high wave.

    Even outside of summer, no comparison between west and east. Winter is brutally miserably cold until you get to OBX points south. It's so cold I don't go out in winter here in the northeast and I jones hard for every swell. And it's still not consistent in winter in MD. You're looking at a few days PER MONTH in January/feb. You know this already.

    Negatives against CA:
    Crowds....this is a big problem in southern california if you're trying to surf well known GOOD/WORLD CLASS spots like trestles/salt creek/blacks beach ect. It's a circus. That being said, crowds overall away from mega crowded spots like trestles are no worse than RI. But crowds are way better in cape cod, obx ect. You can find places on the long stretches of beaches in southern California to be alone. It won't be as high quality as the crowded breaks, but probably just as good as MD! If you're a sponger or want to, around 42nd street in newport beach has it's own break ONLY for spongers. No surfers allowed DAWN TO DUSK. I'd be in heaven there! That's where I go when I go on vacation there. Also, crowds die out in the afternoon outside of summer. Just check out the cams from surfline of huntington beach(not the pier) and you'll see empty peaks just due to subpar wind(we are talking 8 mph onshore wind). Still totally rideable and empty! And there are lots of areas OFF the cam of course. Wind is onshore almost every afternoon.

    Central and Nothern california you can surf pretty much alone if you want, but you're sharing the water with the men in grey suits instead of surfers. Risk of attack is real. Not lightning stike b.s. Forget the nonsense from the shark conservation manipulators. Risk of attack is nearly non existent once you get malibu and points south. Central and northern areas are cold. Freezing cold compared to san diego/OC and not as consistent in summer as OC. You have the opposite problem in this region as the ec. You're waiting for 25 foot storm surf to die down and become rideable. Places like Ocean beach, san fran are nearly impossible to paddle out when it gets big and forget the videos you've seen of a-frames breaking for a mile. That's once or twice a year.
    It's mostly monster out of control close outs with incredible currents and big sharks. Although if its' 15-20 feet at ocean beach, the least of your concern is sharks. You get caught inside you can die easily. You'll be in a life and death battle. One of the most dangerous breaks in the world.

    Honestly OP, I'd just go to hawaii if I were you if the only thing you care about is surfing. It's warmer with higher quality waves and less crowded as long as you avoid the main breaks like pipeline.

    Being away from family is only an equation you can figure out.
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    Oh I forgot to add, there's plenty of days in southern Ca where it's been overhead surf for a week straight. THen it drops to waist to chest and everyone is surfed out and the crowds are drastically reduced. The people out there are spoiled rotten. You can get uncrowded days like that and those days would come more often than the days you actually do have swell in the water in MD. As a sponger, plenty of places the flags fly after 9 or 10am in summer and you can have waves with no surfers. Of course winds might not always be perfect. Much safer as well with a surfer not running into you. There's a reason a sponger is called a "speed bump". For a sponger, it's a no brainer that CA is a million times better than the ec.
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    They build 42 foot surfboards.

    Need anything else?
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    Hey should I go surfing today?

    I'm going to start axing y'all what I should do for all of my big and small life decisions.

    Actually, anyone in it worth it? What's it like 2 foot ?

    Please help me, anybody.
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    sure, great advice, except when "they" are the ones who are going to hire, give loans to, work with, work for, recommend, enroll, and otherwise invest in you.
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    Dude, what are you talking about?

    I hate sponging with other lidders. Spongers will back-paddle you like there's no tomorrow, and they rarely blow their takeoff. I'd rather get legit burned by a toolbag standup, then back-paddled by another shark biscuit.

    You can only get run over if you drop in on somebody. If a surfer snakes you, you can either back off, cut around, or take them out at the knees.

    San-O is sharky. Or it was until they shut down SONGS. North of Malizoo isn't that much worse until you get up in the PNW proper. What's with the obsession with sharks?

    Nobody blackballs trestles or even the good sandbars at whatever beach. The flags come out to give people somewhere to swim in the summer, and only from LA on south. If you only sponge the blackball you're gonna have a bad time.

    True about the backside of swells being the best time to hit big name spots, though. And 9AM on a weekday when the dawn patrollers are heading off to work and the trust funders haven't made it out yet.
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    Can you do next sunday? May 31? I invited yankee to come that weekend too.

    For everyone else, I give you sandblasters in his natural environment.

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    Can I use that line?

    Also, Erica Schneckletooth?