Moving to Nicaragua...maybe

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    Feb 1, 2012
    I know a guy who had the same story as you.....he still lives down there (Nica) but is divorced and never sees his kids. It is a real trainwreck. So if you are open to the idea of potentially breaking up your family and not seeing your kids to read and surf, then go for it.....but I don't think it is very fair to put your kids and wife in a third world environment.

    Never live where you vacation, never vacation where you live.
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    Apr 20, 2012
    crime is just part of human nature,doesnt matter where u move,unless ur going to sinoloa mexico,its dangerous.u just got to blend in with the locals,ur kids are young,they will probably pick up the native language and be fluent in Spanish.just don't walk around with ur head high like look at me im a rich American.

    my brothers wifes step dad lived in costa rica,panama,and peru.he was a longshoreman so he got money.only problem he would have is when he came to the states to visit his kids his house would be aslong as u got a buddy that could house watch when u come to the states u should be good

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    Years ago in a beach town in Ecuador I met a German guy who moved to Ecuador and bought some land and built a home just like you are planning. He was there a few years and one day a bunch of guys with machetes showed up and said, "this is our house." They said their grandfather owned the land or something.

    He tried to go to court. That didn't work. He figured it would be years and years before he ever had a chance at trial and the title and records were so f-ed up that he gave up and walked away.

    Something similar happened to my mother in law's family in Colombia. And my wife's aunt. Both lost huge farms and property when people showed up and said, "this is ours now."

    Just a cautionary tale. A functioning legal system is not be underestimated. Make sure you research the hell out of these issues and see how the property/title laws etc are functioning.

    By the way - I love your comments about your kids and your thinking about the challenging of parenting and ADHD diagnoses, etc. Good luck, bro. Your line of thinking is awesome and it'll take you somewhere good no matter what.
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    there are bandits in the USA

    i say go and try
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    Oct 14, 2012

    You can homeschool him in America too. It's not an either or situation.
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    Sep 4, 2012
    if your having doubts............. btw sounds like a sick idea dont let fear get in your way
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    Mar 6, 2012
    No way, the furthest from home I would move is PR
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    SI Forum is where I go for solid advice pertaining to medical conditions & major life changes.
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    Aug 23, 2013
    Well it's not like my wife is against it, I mean I'm more for it than her but she's definitely thinking about it. I've learned in life too that I can't base my life around the possibility of things happening in the future that I may not be able to control, like divorce. Sure things could happen, hell we almost got divorced before. We're doing really well now, probably the best ever and we've been together since high school. It's kinda like saying you should have more than 1 kid in case that one dies you'll have a backup. I got my balls snipped last year and a lady at work was like why did you do that, what if you're wife and kids die in a car wreck. I'm not planning for the negative things like that in life. If I did get a divorce my wife's side of the family lives away from mine anyways so I'm sure she would move closer to them. I could probably get the kids all summer.

    Never vacation where you live? Ever heard of a stay-cation? :p If I lived in Nica I could vacation in Costa... ahhhh!!!
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    Aug 23, 2013
    Yeah the last time I was down and staying with this dude from Jersey. He was saying he had to go to Denver for a few weeks in Sept. and was looking for someone to stay at his place. He does know some local gringos who are close and could keep an eye out at a distance but he did want someone to stay there. I think with the local Nica's that I've become friends with I could even find a local person that I trust to stay there and pay them a little too if I had to. That's also why people have super heavy duty bars on their windows and doors. You could reinforce your casa where a potential thief would be like nah too much work I'll go next door.
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    Aug 23, 2013
    Thanks for the kind comments.
    Yes this does occasionally happen because of the jacked up legal systems and disorganized ways that people buy properties and how the paper work is handled, or lack of. The folks with machetes could in-fact be correct that it does belong to them. Yes you do have to be careful about that. I already have a trusted contact for a lawyer. Thanks for the heads up, hopefully the situation would be handled correctly.
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    Aug 23, 2013
    The murder rate in PR is number 203 out of 218 countries 218 being the highest Nicaragua is 172 This talks about the struggles of PR and how people are leaving. So after reading all these links (which no one will haha) would you still move there?

    But to also support your comment, I just read that things have just started to turn around for PR. One newer article said the murder rate is the lowest in 15 years.
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    This is a laughable reply, and should be ignored . Costa Rica is not run by Daniel Ortega, and that is why you cannot compare the two countries at all. Ortega is not going anywhere, and that country will be a economic nightmare as long as he is in power. That makes investing there beyond foolish. Also when you're the only gringo American family living in the middle of nowhere Nicaragua, its targeted acts of violence, not random. How fast you think the police are getting to that call?
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    I just wanted to put my question out there. Perhaps run across people who have been there or even done it or tried to do it. Where should I ask these questions? This site has people from all over the world that also travel and we all share one common passion, so why not? It never hurts to get info no matter how or where you get it right? It's me that has to take everything in an process it. Everyone here has already made very good points. Did I mention a medical condition?
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    Aug 23, 2013
    There's other gringo families out there. I was staying with one. Do you think that Ortega realizes that his country needs tourism? It really seems like things are changing there. The areas I visited 3 years ago and now have totally changed. They're starting to build more and more out there, resorts, new airport, houses, gated communities. People are going there. I agree with you though, it is shaky ground no doubt.

    Out where I'll be there really isn't much of a police force anyways, but like I said it's mostly sleepy fishing villages, farmers, expats, retirees, surfers and tourists.
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    Jun 19, 2014
    ++ on this. I've heard terrible stories about expats buying places in Costa near the beach or a rivermouth and the government snatching it up under baffling eminent domain laws. They'll sell you the house but forget to mention you still don't own the land it's on. And forget taking them or the pack of ticos with machetes to court. To Costa or Nica government, expats are worse than tourists because they don't spend $ like tourists and try to get by with the little savings they came over with.

    Reported crime rate statistics may compare with cities in the US, but do you really think every break-in and robbery is reported in Nica? There's a reason even the locals have inch thick iron bars on every window and door of their shack. If people notice your house is unattended, they will start creeping their way in, especially if they know you're a gringo with gringo things. Unless, however, you build a concrete mushroom house with complete lockdown capabilities. mushroom-house.jpg
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    Aug 23, 2013
    Yes true. You have to make sure everything is in complete order. That's why you have to have a good lawyer that can ensure everything is done correctly. A lot of places don't let foreigners own beachfront property at all. I couldn't afford beachfront anyways, nor would I want it unless I was on a bluff. I did see a gringo house on the beach but they said he had a 99 year lease.

    No, I know all incidents aren't reported/recorded. I would imagine that most serious crimes are though. If someone stole something petty I probably wouldn't report that either.

    Yeah lock up and/or have someone there if you leave for more than a night or 2. Have a house like the movie The Purge haha...don't open that door, damn kid...
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    Uh, I think the medical condition is that you're lacking a sense of humor aka the so-called 18th sense. Buena suerte in Nica, sparky.
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    No argument that CR is way different than Nica historically and politically. Just sayin' use due dilligence if seriously considering the move. I don't claim to know.

    You can get hustled or mugged in any country. Had a woman get mugged and head stomped on the concrete in broad daylight not far from where I live a couple weeks ago.