Music Bringing Business to Those Affected by Sandy-READ

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    Aug 20, 2009
    Hey everyone. I'm planning a concert in July in collaboration with a city affected by Sandy. Simply out of the fact that it's about 90% going to happen, I can't disclose information about the intended date or city just yet, but I can tell you it is within the Cape May County area. The idea is to have businesses set up vendor booths on the site, giving them a chance to sell product. What would bring people to such an event? The answer is music and art. I have plans of reaching out to musicians, artists and surfers that would like to support the idea. Anybody in a band or in the art scene can feel free to contact me at or [email protected]. Feel free to post links of suggestions on this page. I really feel like I'm taking the right steps that will bring a crowd to the event, money to businesses, and a spotlight to the talented locals of the Jersey and surrounding areas. I have heard positive feedback from several bands, rappers and djs about the idea, and I even had a small conversation with Gorkin about it today. Reaching out to pros and the surf industry is also in the works. Talk to me people! Time to have a good time in order to bring some good to a town and its people. Major thanks to Swellinfo for providing a great forum, making it easy to communicate this opportunity for the shore.