new to MA via HI

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    Ocean0, I'll have you know, pip pip, that I attended Phillips Acadmey(Andover, MA) during my high school years and then studied at Wellesley where I earned a degree in Bulgarian Feminist Poetry.

    I then attended Clark University( Worcester, MA) for my masters and initiation into the real world. My, my what a neighborhood surrounding Clark. I often phoned my daddy and said, " Oh my, what a gang of hooligans we have surrounding this institution. Why Father, I was hassled and insulted at the McDonalds on Main St by a group of horribly mannered subjects of the low class."

    My brother has received less adulation from Father because he chose to study at Middlebury College, which is not located in the commonwealth of MASSachusetts. Now brother is constantly speaking of maple syrup and organic farming which just drives Father one might imagine.

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    To say everybody would be a pretty blanket statement but maybe the majority. I think it's more just any big city you go to, not just Boston, but even here in Tampa there's a good majority of self centered egotistical people. You'll never get use to it if you aren't that way, but you'll learn to tolerate em. They aren't the type of people I like to associate myself with, so I say pick your friends wisely. I'd rather have one or two really good friends, then have 50 associates that are fake and self centered. If you stay out of the trendy spots, and hit more mom and pop establishments I believe you'll find more REAL people, who care about their community, and the people around them, maybe...
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    I'm sure if you look up Emasspicoli, he'd be willing to show you around, he seems like a good dude.
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    And SUP what aboot Glouseter? No fancy pants, Ivy League attitudes there. Maybe ECswell likes rough and tumble fishermen? I know how tough Hawaiins are portrayed in the surf media. They listen to rap and slang ice.

    Seriously, I'd love to go on an ice binge and tool around Honolulu for a few days. That would be pretty cool. I'm completely serious. I don't even like crystal. But it has it's appeal down there. Yeah, that would be pretty cool.

    Oh ECSwell, go to Salem next month for the Halloween festival. There's all sorts of ghosts and mysticism in the air. They hung witches there, ya know. I would go if I could.

    Oh and go to Dorchester and tell everyone that Marky Mark sucks.......

    Wow, a state gets hung out to dry other than New Jersey. A new SWELLINFO.COM highlight.......acheivement.....
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    Yeah, Pops is from Gloucester, pretty cool locale if you got time. Fishing, yeah lots of that. I got family in Saugus too, laid back area last I checked, but it's been a while
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    It's not that we're a$$holes....we just don't like you
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    Watch a bunch of Adam Sandler movies. This will help you learn the social mores of the indigenous population. The chicks love a good hockey fight, it gets them all heated up. Something to look forward to.
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    Was about to give you a respectful welcome to the state and qualify your initial post with agreement of the general nature of the MA commoners because it's fairly widespread, a very different place than nearly all others, though people can find many things here that don't exist elsewhere or at least not to the same level. Then I saw this post. Disposition of many MA people is one of those things that fall into the "facts of life" category, like don't wear wool in Death Valley, don't expect a straight answer in Minnetonka, or don't be surprised when you get a mouth full of dust in Topeka. I've kept a more cheerful (and typically brief) countenance on here by the day, yet it's time to drop the hammer and tap a keg of whoop ass on this islander who's seeking requital for Hawaii's annexation 54 years ago.

    Looking at the above post, in the interest of self-preservation you should probably pack your quiver and suitcase full of panties back up and hit the nearest flight to HNL via SFO. You come into our state as an outsider not having any sense of cultural relativism as apparently you've never left Big Island to know that different people from different places act differently even though it means the same thing. You're paddling into "our lineup" and squawking upon not getting immediate respect while giving none yourself. How would you react to someone doing the same back at your break in the motherland? You'd sick Da Hui on them. So pipe down when the Winter Hill Gang gets up in your grill and falses you. Cause and effect and capital punishment are modes of human nature and classical conditioning, no matter what the current White House regime will tell you.

    Our version of Aloha Friday is FU Friday and all 7 days are the week are STFU Everyday. Massholes may not kill you with kindness but no one will be going out of their way to get in yours since our scowl is basically us just minding our own damn biz. What's also a perk and nice deviation from any fakeness of friendliness elsewhere is that anything we say or do is gonna be the truth and real and you can't ask for more than that. We stick by our own and protect those that can't protect themselves.

    Just under 5 months ago, we had terrorists walk into our flagship event of the Boston Marathon that people from all over the nation and world come to enjoy and be proud of. Those cowards threatened the safety, well-being, and sense of freedom not only of all state residents but our whole country. They put several people under the grave and only just the other day did the last person significantly injured in the attack get released from the hospital. Have you ever seen an amputee? Well I was walking behind a triple-amputee getting off a flight Wednesday and it was humbling watching them function undeterred with 3 prosthetic limbs.

    Where am I going with that? The first response from the PD, FD, MSP, EMT, ANG, SWAT and any other EMS was both immediate and astounding in magnitude. I'm very sorry if we don't wink and smile at you on the street, but we will fight and die for you. A large contingency if Marathon runners and their spectating families were not MA residents yet they were treated like they were. When your within our state lines, you're on our watch and trust me, you like it that way. I won't even get into how many MA residents came to your/our defense as part of the four branches on and after 12/7/41, or how many or few people from Hilo came to help on Marathon Monday, as those are beside the point.

    Not sure where you're planning to "lay back" in the state, but if you ever get in a pinch on the punch in the windswell of the EMass 8-10', coming swiftly to your rescue will be a USCG predominantly staffed with Massholes not to mention the 100% Masshole SAR team from the local FD that will be all volunteers risking their lives for you if it's off the coast of a small town which is usually the case. It seems you're dead set on making the move a permanent one since you've already ordained yourself "EC" in your name. Lucky for you, there are a number of other EC states close by that you can run to if the Bay State isn't ticking your pickle or shining your undercarriage area as you'd like it to. New Hampshire, "Land O' The Free" will gladly take you into a place where vanity plates are gratis and so is sales tax. You'll have to drive to the PO to get your mail, pay for your own trash removal, and if your yard's personal septic tank overflows (no public sewage - sovereignty...remember?) then you'll need nose plugs and tall rubber boots.

    As a matter of fact, I'll buy you a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee and pay your bus fare to NH because I care not to pay into your unemployment aid for 99 weeks when you go complacent to the point of termination because your boss hurt your feelings when he frankly reminded you that his ass is on the line when you don't deliver the goods. Individual health insurance is mandatory in the Commonwealth, and we've even got a good, cheap option provided by the state to cover that imperative. Not to mention the fact you'll get smarter just by talking to the people up here; don't be scared that the median IQ is above room temperature though I know that may be intimidating. Yeah, the roads suck and they're always working on them, but if you've charged the world's breaks you're used to that without the repair. It's called Taxachusetts for a reason: you're taken care of very well.

    How long have you been here? Yet you know all you need to know about us because of a couple stink eyes when you didn't use a turn signal in your pretty salmon-colored VW Bug with a flower on the dash. Only you know what you need to do for you, and apparently that's GTFO.

    Stereotypes are funny because they're based mostly on ironic truth. I love plenty of jokes like that (you wouldn't like comedy if not), but they're kept in context and not applied to how I treat any of the diverse people I see each day. Problem is, when we really mean it we aren't respecting the party being targeted and actually stooping to a lower level of humanity. You think Massholes are judgmental when we are as liberal and open-minded as it gets. We just either have this look on our face from the cold or because of kooks like you charging our lineup. Forget the bus and coffee, I'll one up that and expedite the extradition by picking up the tab on a one-way for you back to HNL and even give you a free beer coupon.

    Aloha, brah!
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    Have you had a chance to surf Newport or Narragansett? - this is where all of the Mass surfers seem to end up anyway.

    Visit the surf shops and talk to Rhode Island locals - not as uptight once you let them know you surf and are from Hawaii. Quite a few locals make the trip the Islands and may even know some of the peeps you know.

    Understand that swells are few and far between in New England and the better and experienced surfers are pretty intense when a head high to overhead swell finally arrives. What the locals on the North Shore call flat (knee to waist high) is pretty much the norm here.

    When it does get overhead in Rhode Island the good news is it clears out a lot of wannabees and leaves great waves for those that want it...

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    Yeah, brah. I'll show him around. We will forgo the surf breaks since there's way more to see in a tour starting in New Bedford then going to Fall River, Taunton, Chelsea, Revere, Lynn, Lawrence, Lowell, continuing down 495 through Worcester to heckle all the Massholes in Section 8 housing before shotting over to WMass via the Pike to Pittsfield then veering finally to 91 for hotbeds such as Springfield, Chicopee, Greenfield, then finally getting his stoke on by charging the standing wave in the Connecticut River in Holyoke where I will leave him to assimilate with the locals there. While only 2 murders last year in a population of a mere 39k, it scored a stellar 11.35 violent crimes per 1,000 residents putting it in the Top 5. Let's see what he comes out looking like after trying to commandeer that "lineup" that is only found in the local precinct.
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    And Bingo was his name.
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    Hmmmmmmm................has the shredmachine re-located & been re-born on a new ip address......?
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    that's not even a good day at ruggles. kinda mushy
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    I think a week long groundswell may solve this problem.
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    You couldn't read it because of illiteracy. That manuscript could be read on a stage in City Hall Plaza in downtown Boston. No one is scared of you, brah. If you think so, test that hypothesis out until you see that it's dead wrong. By that, I don't mean go up to anyone and start something, I'm talking about going up to the NTL (nothing to lose) types that won't have any hesitation with taking you up on the offer to tango. It doesn't count unless the guy is rugged and you know has scrapped so much to eat and keep a roof over his head that this encounter will put you to your South Pacific limits.

    Are you even of Hawaiian blood? I respect the culture out there that spawned BJ Penn and know that it's not easy at all for many on the islands. I feel sorry for anyone who's had the arrested development of having things handed to them and blessed is he who was born into a stable of peril and risen above from strengthening within. You chastise the thin slice of Mass and Boston that you've seen to this point, however, you're a clear example that not every damn islander is Aloha-ing the schitt out of everyone they cross paths with and laying out a tray of pineapple for you.

    Pertaining to accents, at least we speak the King's English (AO/OO, 2013) and not some bastardized version of it. Yes, many of us have a speech impediment via dialect yet that doesn't mean we are changing the written word. This is coming from a guy who loves pidgin and uses a buttload of it on here both seriously and in jest. I think that culture and its diversity throughout the world is one of the greatest gifts we are offered in our lives. Be careful to single out the accent when, if you're really Hawaiian and not a transplant that talks like TV, you very well have a speech impediment of your own that you should well be proud of.

    I'd much enjoy meeting up with you if I thought you were a legitimate person and not a troll. First, I'd post you up man-to-man, face-to-face and reiterate that this is a place where others are welcomed if they can respect their surroundings and contribute to the cultural ecosystem, at breaks and on the streets. If you continued to have this audacity you display here, I'd likely enjoy getting primitive about it. Prior to doing so, we'd need witnesses and I'd have you make the first offensive so it would legally be self-defense as I am not in the NTL category discussed earlier. And like Hooligan posted above in the thread, I've trained and competed for years in MMA yet haven't been in a physical altercation once in public outside of the cage, mat, or ring in the last 15 years. Have had ample opportunity to, but keeping composure while also keeping self-respect enables you to prevent an escalated situation from escalating to a point of chaos.

    So I'll ask you again...if the shoe was on the other foot and you were on the streets and lineups of Oahu, would you really be giving them automatic Aloha, set waves instead of taking them yourself, and being aware and respectful of their cultural differences? If so, you wouldn't be humanly capable of thinking the way you are, even in the face of adversity and disrespect. If you weren't so welcoming to people entering and charging your home turf and breaks, would they be winning you over by thinking and speaking like you are? For your own good, I hope you aren't manifesting this in action.

    As for the lineup being mine, no, it's for all who respect it and keep it clean and safe. The lineup I mentioned in my first response to your nuclear waste of a post was a metaphorical "lineup" of Mass society, not just surf breaks. Then I used it again metaphorically in the subsequent post when talking about the tour of not so great places in MA we could visit where people have had to make a dollar out of fifteen cents (you better like that Erock; it's real enough and it was for you brah) and the lineup with them is a police ID lineup.

    Wherever I am, and wherever I may go, I will respect my surroundings and those in it and welcome newcomers to make a new home there if they display the same. If they don't, I'll inherently oppose them and protect that which I call home. I'm going to SoCal next week for 6 days. It would be easy to walk in there and expect to encounter the worst of the "Cali" crap that has been folklore for years, but I won't even think that way because it will cause me to act that way and I intend to be grateful for any welcome I get and show respect to those where I'd like to be welcomed.

    Heck, much of why I left Austin after living there for 9 months was because of outright prejudice expressed to me on a regular basis but not by lifelong Austinites that made it (15-20+ years ago) the place that everyone still says "wow, Austin...I heard it's a really cool place and really creative, diverse, and open-minded!" That was once true, but people that don't live or visit there aren't aware of the massive infiltration of Californians over the last 10-15 years that have moved to ATX because it offers similar climate and palatial house in the hills they're used to but now for 1/3 the price and in a very stable economy that's far less taxed. Some (by no means all) of those people would hear me talking to a friend or acquaintance, come up to me and tap me on the shoulder, ask where I was from in an incriminating tone and upon hearing "Boston", they'd respond now with pure disgust "Oh. An abrasive Northeasterner. I've seen your kind before."

    I never retaliated or even acknowledged it because they knew nothing about me and that was an expression they weren't worth the time to get to know. I talk to everyone I come in contact with on a daily basis and that amounts to hundreds in a month and thousands in 9 months. When it got to the point where most people I was meeting had a hair across their ass in a prejudging way about me and respect and open-mindedness on my part didn't influence that in a positive way, it was time to leave. So I did, and when I went to Dallas it was all different. That was also a melting pot and because you'll meet your maker if you go into a big enough place with an oppositional tone, everyone welcomed me and celebrated who I was and what I represented. I wasn't just the token Boston dude (even though that goes a LONG way in a good sense with making friends and scoring tail), they wanted to know who I really was and learn things from me based on how I grew up. And it went both ways - I love Texan culture and go back whenever I can.

    If you talk with a Hawaiian dialect and Mass people come up to you out of nowhere as a result and do so in a similar way as to what I've just stated, I'll be completely shocked. I'll be even more shocked if you're not welcomed by most (can't ever speak for "all") and in a celebrated, novel sense. Boston, while not overtly warm in a interpersonal sense, is a melting pot and has been for centuries. It's where immigrants from all over the world landed and came for a new life, in addition to NY. You think that 392 years of incoming visitors from far off lands that were different colors, shapes and sizes than us, and spoke in very different tongues, that we haven't developed a sense of tolerance, appreciation, and pride for those that have become part of our culture?

    Yes brah, we have. Last week was the most epic Italian festival in the North End you'll ever see this side of Sicily. If you suck it up and stay until March 17th (or aren't really extradited in some way), you'll see the best damn parade o' the green west of Dublin. I know of few MA communities that are medium-sized or bigger that don't have annual Jewish, Polish, Greek, Portuguese and many other ethnic festivals on an annual basis that all people attend and celebrate, not just the ethnic group themselves. Schitt, if you guys had emigrated to Mass en masse via boat many years ago, we'd likely be stoked to the gills to our Hawaiian festival each year. Dude, I don't even know if it's a gimmick or was really popularized by your state's culture but I love Hawaiian pizza, got a slice the other night after a great night out, and was saying to my friends that it was nearly as good of a contribution to our society as the islands have been to American surfing.

    We love this dirty water. Why is it dirty? Because of all the colors of the primary spectrum that arrived since 1620 making the color of that water more and more of a secondary color to the point where it became "dirty", but in the strongest and proudest of senses. Yah brah, it's got a bitter taste that not all can stomach. Those that can't develop an affinity for its acquired taste leave and do so with a respectful goodbye from us and the door remains open. Those that do get hooked on the dirty juice of the Charles stay Boston-bred til the day they're dead.
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    Then grow as a man and person and learn more about cultures you don't understand. That is where racism and prejudice are born - the fear resulting from what you don't understand. That's flight response. You should have a fight response here, not literally, but in the sense you challenge yourself to learn more about a land and people that is foreign to you.

    If you express a true desire to learn more about Mass natives you encounter, I guarantee 9.5 of 10 will not only help you understand them, they'll begin to consider you "one of us". I know this every time I visit a foreign nation and take part in their routines, as I had to do by necessity speaking nearly all Spanish in El Salvador last week. They saw that not only do I accept and want to know more of who they are, I admire Latin culture enough to have had learned a minimum of their language to survive in its element.

    Doing this is really your only way of social survival and personal tolerance for us. Once you know a Sully and a Fitzy, you'll probably already have taken a shine to Mass culture. If you're not willing to try that, get out now. Both to spare yourself the anguish of resisting your environment (never works) and that MA peeps sniff that out like rabid dogs and will consume you alive.

    Two last things:
    1) Don't patronize us to win us over. Gaffer or others have said that when in California, don't say "Cali" and I plan not to when I'm there again next week. It's not "Bahhhhstinn". It's "Bawston". Don't even bring up the topic of our dialect. It's all around you so you'll learn to appreciate it sooner or later and by means of human nature to assimilate, you'll begin to be infected by hints of it in your own words.
    2) All this is EMass and a few parts of CMass. WMass is an entirely different universe that's populated with deciduous vegetation and the oddest hermits known to abnormal man. I can't be certain they all have electricity and if you ask them about their Internet, they'll go in the shed and pull out a fishing net. Stay to the East of Worcester at all costs and you probably shouldn't even go that far. Also, it's the strangest phenomenon ever, but affluent towns talk like TV, not us. The blue-collar towns, lower-income towns, and larger cities are the ones that are dropping with dialect. Even the Metro West, those on the direct outskirts of Boston who are the wealthier commuters to Boston companies, they don't have a lick of the non-rhotic accent. Parents in those towns forbid their young to speak in such an idiotic manner, lest they'll be outcasted when they arrive as freshmen to the campuses of Bowdoin and Babson. Not that keeping your child from the "broad A" pronunciation means you're not a provincial uppity d-bag, as many are there. Not all.

    This public service announcement was brought to you by our sponsors: Whitey Bulger, Mike's Pastry, and the Chinatown combat zone.
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    I really did not think I would ever type this but very well said Emass! I give you props Bro!!!
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    look emass and carter getting a long it cant be true, but this ec dude seems like a troll or sumting he just wants to get a rise out of yall. now throw him a doggie treat and pet his ead and say good boy.
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    Why would people read my response? Because it's honest, grounded, and is a rebuttal to the junk you put up there before that several on here didn't take a liking to but they don't happen to be frequent posters. Yes, Einstein, I am very passionate. You speak as if that's a disability when it's the life force that's brought me anything worth having. Passion is what you feel and display when you want something, when you love something, and when you're exercising your true self. If you're not passionate about something, you're just a few steps above catatonia. I bet you three fingers and four toes that you'd want the soldiers to the left and right of you to have passion when going into battle with you and for you.

    If you're staying with FL, I'm glad you have a landing spot while you make the unsettling transition of a physical move as that's difficult. However, that's not getting you any closer to understanding us. Understanding comes from direct observation and interaction and experiencing something. As in any scientific study, the discussion of the collected data comes after the data is collected. You're moving to discussion and conclusion before collecting ample data. What are the best studies that yield what we consider legitimate scientific facts? Ones with many subjects, not a few, and those that represent all samples of the population being studied. You usually throw out the high and low end and analyze it on the critical mass, like a golf handicap. How are you as a golfer most days? Not just on your best and worst. You'll have the most educational and most positive experience while here to get to know the most people possible before making ANY assessments of the group as a whole. Even if you still dislike the natives after fair assessment, either accept them or leave.

    What will I be doing later tonight? Probably seeing a couple buds for a bit, maybe checking out some tail, and definitely getting a couple hours in on the Carver board since I've been fiending for that thing being inland for a few days without it or the ocean. No smokes, just a buttload of fish and whole grains, brah. My body is my temple 6.5 days of the week. I'll log the daily activities, diet, and even the logs I dump if you're that interested. No matter what I'm doing, it'll be done with passion.

    Yes, our forefathers dehumanized entire populations. So did the Germans in the 1930s...over 300 years after the Pilgrims commandeered here (though Chris C-Bus & Co. started that in 1492) and apparently man is ethnocentric by nature to varying extents and will always treat blood thicker than water. The Kurds were nearly annihilated in the 1980s in the Iran-Iraqi War. Three decades ago, man was slaying other tribes of men to the tune of six figure casualties. Aborigines in Australia, Rwanda, New Zealand, all genocides. The Ottoman Empire was vast man, and killed half a mil.

    Have you experienced racism? Have you really? I have. Several times in several ways and it's not worth mentioning here. Get back on the Mayflower and go back to Europe? That's Cat4 thinking brah, and Cat5 is the killing of 6 million Jews. To all the Jews on this board, do you like how he's talking? I don't. But I know it's from pure ignorance.

    EC, how much have you traveled before? I don't mean sit at resorts and surf, and meeting people of surf trips to your home doesn't count unless you didn't write them off from the start (very doubtful) and instead brought them into your home for days at a time and saw them uncensored. When you planned to come over to Mass, a major life change to a new place, did you hope that we thought of and talked about YOUR PEOPLE AS A WHOLE like you're talking about us as a whole? Schitt no, you didn't.

    I bring up BJ as an acknowledgement that there are some parts of your home that aren't a beach break or T&A 24/7 and that there are parts of your culture and people that have persevered through tough, tough existences with little to start with and lots up against them. Also to show you that I acknowledge that your land and ours may have more in common than you think, and that I'm not making blanket statements of your culture throughout this dialogue.

    BJ is a fighter that's revolutionized the sport in many ways and the fact that he's arguably one of if not the best BJJ practitioners ever when he started out in Hilo as a boxer is a testament to his greatness. I've had the pleasure of seeing him fight live including UFC 94 in Vegas versus GSP. The whole MGM Grand was filled with 90% Hawaiians and Canadians. Conversed with several of your people and loved doing so and the passion they had. Loved BJ coming out to Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. Only wish he's prepared for every fight like it was his last, and he's admitted the times he's not. Size can mean only so much in MMA and you know this. Didn't he invent the rubber guard?

    Either have an open-mind for an indefinite amount of time or leave now. That's not affecting my life in any way, it's simple advice that's fairly reliable as it's not an opinion. Resist and you'll find struggle. Struggle is a tough experience that you don't ever win. If you try the first suggestion, you won't regret it and Sully and Fitzy may be the best guys you've ever met.