New to the forums- Image approval time?

Discussion in 'All Discussions' started by GeorgiaSurfer, Jun 29, 2013.

  1. GeorgiaSurfer

    GeorgiaSurfer Well-Known Member

    Jun 29, 2013
    Hey everyone. I'm 15 years old and love to surf on my shortboard on those rare, good days on Tybee Island and bodyboard on those nots so good days. Ive used swellinfo for 2 years to see if the lake i live on, Tybee Island, Georgia, is having any sort of disturbance. I finally decided to make an account on here! So, im pretty new to all this and i have no idea how long it usually takes images to be approved by an administrator. I uploaded 2 images last night at 12 and i checked this morning and they still arent up. Its not a big deal or anything, i just want to get some pics up. Thanks in advance!
  2. Paddington Jetty Bear

    Paddington Jetty Bear Well-Known Member

    Apr 23, 2013
    Patience grasshopper, they will post in due time............It all depends what the powers that be are doing. You know, they might have been out partying last night, and today going to a down home southern cookout. So they might not be handling official SWELLINFO.COM business, ya heard. They'll get posted as long as they aren't obscene or dirty.

    Hey, by the way, be sure to break the ice and share with the community any personal problems that you may have. Don't be shy. We perform magic here and have been helping to mold young surfers into fine upstanding citizens since 1889.

  3. GeorgiaSurfer

    GeorgiaSurfer Well-Known Member

    Jun 29, 2013
    Alright man sounds good! Ill be sure to share any of my problems with the community. Thanks!
  4. fl.surfdog

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    Dec 6, 2010
    I love the "molding young surfers into upstanding citizens"