Nica trip review: Hacienda Iguana

Discussion in 'Surf Travel' started by live4truth, Jan 20, 2015.

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    Part & parcel of the talent of being named H:mad:TY not once, but two years running, my friend, is that one must know when & where to spew one's vitriol. Most of my hatorade is reserved for those special cases who not only invite a hatin' but encourage it.

    Call it SI Darwinism, or go nutso de facto & become one of my troll posse (not you, specifically, you seem like you have your shiite wrapped ok), call it what one will but a good ol' hatin' is necessary at times.

    And, yeah, in all seriousness it's about surfing & stoke, and anyone who shares stoke, e.g., the OP, doesn't deserve to get flamed & bashed for posting well known info about well known breaks to a select few people who seem to actually surf.

    Seems to be ignana & petty & jealous BS coming from bitter people who are flaming up the OP.
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    lol that's good.

    in other news wtf happened to this thread.i posted on page 3 yesterday,and see 4 new pages,im thinking wow maybe these guys are giving some good intel for my trip.or good feedback for the op still debating where to go but most likely cr.costa is crowded,but only at the well known spots.just like on the north shore u can surf a good wave with 10 other people,or u can paddle out at pipe and surf with 300 people.the spots that u need 4wd and have to drive through marshes and little swamps(average puddles there) are the places to be.u want to go surf nosara with 200 people that's fine,but im looking for a secluded region

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    What happened....? The 'core doods' went ballistic at one guy's stoke report. It seems there are no websites promoting Nica breaks, every Nica break was uncrowded & gorgeous 'yesteryear,' before guys like the OP "blew up the breaks" by posting info on Nica places.

    Hacienda Iguana has, as someone pointed out, one of the only 3 golf courses in all of Nica. Playa Colorado has a putting green located between the wave & the condo bldg. Somehow, though, Colorado waves managed to stay secret until the OP did his thing here on SI. Fuggin golfers.....we had 'em all fooled!

    Can't wait to see how the 'core doods' light it up when I post a trip report on Barbados. one knows about that place 'cause it's an island!!
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    u know im pretty phreakin positive,somebody posting a review on nica is not what blew up nica.not like waterways or surfline or the 100 other surf resorts that take u everywhere from macaronis to nica.I wish more people would post about their travels.people with MONEY can go do the waterways thing and get chauffeured around sippin pina colonix surfing with 100 other looking forward to hearing the stories about renting a van and camping on a desolute beach miles from civilization eating fish freshly caught and drinking coconut milk


    Sep 17, 2013
    this WAS a good tread till salty Mcdouche complained about spot burning.

    I surfed colorados 12 years. ago. empty. like by myself. I hiked in from gigante after getting told ' No hay bienvenida para usted aquí' when I tried to drive in.

    Do I get core score? oh wait I dont even care...

    You want to find your own wave? sign up for NASA as they are all done mapped out here
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    why is everybody acting like nicaragua is some big secret? There's ads on every surf sight for trips to hacienda. Most people are still too broke or uncommitted to take a trip outside of the u.s. I've only been there once when i was 22 but i've known there were waves there for years. you're trying to protect a place that's already blown up. even in high season there, there's waves all day long and only like 20-30 people out most sessions and even some pretty empty days here and there. you're wasting your energy the cats been out the bag for years now.
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    So I'm sure we can blame it on the OP, but when i was there september, they had just finished a new section of one room studios, as well as putting in a small plane airport. As well as a handfull more private houses being put up. I dont think they are for the people living there now. More like 5+ room surf trip castles.

    [email protected] post ruined it all!
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    Loook at meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee