No more clinton!! No more bush!!

Discussion in 'Mid Atlantic' started by xgen70, Dec 14, 2014.

  1. ibc

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    Aug 3, 2014
    +1. Legalize Hoes and bud.
  2. yankee

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    Sep 26, 2008
    Yah, cut it back, way back.

    Govt is into control, plain & simple. Control = more money for corruption = lining their pockets & the pockets of their criminal friends in big banking, The Vampire Squid Upon the Face of Humanity & the weapons manufacturers.

    The way that they have done that is to get the American sheeple to believe that govt in your life = good.

    It's non-partisan, btw, for anyone about to get on their keybaord & rant. Bush with his obscene Patriot Act & a lot more, Obama with his multitude of socialista sins against our civil rights.

    And, yes, do not recommend voting for the owners of this country aka anyone in either the Bush or Clinton camps.

    Too bad George Carlin didn't spawn a few elected officials.

  3. MichaelJR

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    May 4, 2014
    Look at that, we agree.
  4. Towelie

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    Nov 27, 2014
  5. ibc

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    Aug 3, 2014
    Had to plug in the external laptop speakers and subwoofer for that one.

    Come widdit now!

    Neighbors are like, "Gosh, Paulie is usually so quiet and peaceful up in there."

    Yup. The govmint is too F***IN big.

    Ok. Time to run that vid Juan Motime.
  6. Slashdog

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    May 22, 2012
    People who form their identities in support of or in contradiction to labels like 'Libertarian', 'Progressive,' or 'Conservative' are buying into the false divisions of our society. They are the guardians of the status quo.

    People who use cliches frequently, such as "predictable as Arizona weather," are intellectually too lazy, incapable, or conformist to describe something in their own words. These types of people ensure poor standards in communication.

    People who blindly use the anecdotes, ideas, and epithets of others when arguing are not interested in actually discussing the matter at hand (or they are incapable of grasping it). These people ensure the stagnation of knowledge.

    If you are not debating a matter on its merits, you are merely debating about your identity in relation to it. Thus, you are only arguing about who you are, rather than what the problem is - a sign of insecurity in identity and lack of self awareness.

    MichaelJR, at worst, you are a weak minded intellectual fraud, and at best, a capitalist and conformist of the highest order. People like you are not only holding the human race back; they are ensuring that the abysmal hierarchies of power in our society remain structured as is.

    You're not the only one. There's many more like you. But you've got the biggest mouth of them all. So please shut it, and go back to the dark insufferable corner of the internet that you came from. If this is not possible, please try to limit your discussions here to something about your favorite new 'board sport.' Thanks 'bro.'

  7. yankee

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    Sep 26, 2008
    ++++ 1

    The dog has spoken & he speaketh the truth. Go back to your hole, skidmark, cease your copying & pasting & just STFU.
  8. yankee

    yankee Well-Known Member

    Sep 26, 2008
    Go away, pest.
  9. worsey

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    Oct 13, 2013
  10. sbx

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    Mar 21, 2010
    MichaelJR looked around the room and sighed. Another sleepless night in a cold basement. Another in a parade of underground hiding places, day after day, night after night, through another long New Hampshire winter. It all ran together. What day was it, anyway? MichaelJR turned from his cot to the milkcrate that served as his nightstand. He saw his AR-15 leaning against the crate and smiled. At least there's that, he thought. He reached out for his Nixon tide watch to check the date. January 1st. MichaelJR laughed silently. They used to celebrate this day.

    So it was 2015. Six years it had been now. Six years without celebration. Six years since the collapse. Tens of millions out of work, the healthcare system destroyed, Islam as the state religion. Tens of thousands of white men enslaved. Six years since the day ATF agents broke down MichaelJR's door to take him to a FEMA camp. Sometimes he almost wished he had been captured. At least in the camps there was certainty. Life on the run was not easy. But MichaelJR knew he couldn't think like that. He knew he had to fight. He couldn't give up until the last white man was free.
  11. The Incorrigible Steel Burrito VII

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    Oct 19, 2014
    I really liked her aggressive stance towards big banks.

    America has AIDS bro. We are riding the backside of the dream. As far as empires go, we were once Thor. We are now the wheezing AIDS patient in a long line to get his free meds before the clinic closes, pock marked and shivering, but with a nonetheless neatly trimmed Jon Waters mustache, living in a van and too ashamed to show up to family functions.

    I have no idea if that made sense. I just ran with it. Don't go all libertarian on me and just enjoy the visual. But Jr., please don't bring the all-too-typical Savage talk radio bs around here. From your first page post on Warren, all I could gather was that you dislike her for working in public office (education?) and not the private sector. Hey bud, public office runs on a budget just like the government... and the private sector. You'll have to dig a little deeper on poor policy decisions, etc. Last I checked Mass was the best or top 5 education rated states.

    Savage radio...

    I salute you slash.
  12. The Incorrigible Steel Burrito VII

    The Incorrigible Steel Burrito VII Well-Known Member

    Oct 19, 2014
    (best thing I have ever read on a forum)


    Sep 17, 2013
    JR has some points, socialism will never work as you run out of other peoples' money

    Warren is a SHILL through and through

    you think she will make laws that help the little guy and hurt the status quo big banks?

    I got a bridge to sell you......

    partisan divide is garbage, if you believe in any politician and what they say, please sterilize yourself and turn dancing with the stars back on
  14. yankee

    yankee Well-Known Member

    Sep 26, 2008
    The only thing that we "agree" on, skidmark, is that your pre-frontal lobotomy was botched & you need a second operation to fully remove the shiiiite pile that's sitting on top of your shoulders posing as a mind.
  15. worsey

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    Oct 13, 2013
    the banks are pretty good at handling those who would take an aggressive stance toward them.
    they have lots of practice.
  16. worsey

    worsey Well-Known Member

    Oct 13, 2013
    but hey, if she can beat the 'pants suit' off of hilary i'm all for it.
    was kinda cool when barack (who we should all support cause he surfs) kicked her big butt in the primaries.
  17. seldom seen

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    Aug 21, 2012
    Ho Lee Fuk at the last two pages of this thread. Some gawd damn science was dropped.

    "Guardians of the Status Quo" can be the name of JR's Libertarian speed metal band.
  18. Towelie

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    Nov 27, 2014