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    Jun 26, 2019
    hey dudes what's on. Long time lurker, 1st 2nd time poster. Listen, are we just gonna sit there and wait? Surfing is what's kept me out of trouble all these years so I need this site more than anybody else. The other sites make you pay and that's ok, if you can afford it more power to you, you must be doing very well for yourself.

    My nephew is in high school now. He can't throw the football but he's good with computers, and he owes me one since I caught him watching p0rn (shoulda seen his face). I asked him to make me a website with some colors based on the surf fourcaste. They say what goes around comes around so I thought I would share it with the good people on swellinfo. Clicky here:

    It's just North Carolina so don't get too excited. And don't go all at the same time or you're gonna crash his computer.
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