Panama Surf Trip

Discussion in 'Surf Travel' started by ChiefJ, Dec 5, 2016.

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    Chief J.....Bocas has a small summer window. I did a two month summer panama trip years ago and went up there during the trip but got skizunked. Friends were there the week before and it was pumping. Venao is a fun but not classic wave....a few good spots to stay there etc....I think some israelis were buying up all the property there. Catilina is a good and pretty damn heavy wave when it's big....not heavy top to bottom but a lot of water....its really tide dependant and kind of a pain in the ass to surf with the rock hop and 30 minute paddle. I think you can only surf it within two hours of high tide. If the swell is really pumping there are some good breaks closer to pan city but you have to do your own research.....Panama is fun and all but I don't really need to go back every other central american country offers way more bang for the buck wave wise...except of course hon and more thing ....make sure you see pucha garcia surfing when you are there....goooood god....oh and this forum is mostly full of 10 wankers who spend their entire lives here but never talk surf...have fun
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