Photo Contest Winner #1

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  1. Swellinfo

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    May 19, 2006
    Beaner Awarded PEAKE USA Photo Contest Kickoff Winner!!!

    The plan was to choose photo contest winners every month, but the photos submitted just prior to the contest were so incredible, PEAKE USA decided to give out an award to kick off the contest.

    Beaner caught a secret spot in New Jersey in all its glory from the Large S swell that graced the coast last week. Congratulations Beaner! You get to choose from the the stylish PEAKE USA gear awards.

    Swellinfo users, keep submitting your photos every month (for the next 3 months), we will be choosing the top photos, and creating a poll for users to vote for the next winners.

    Here are a few of the insane shots from Beaner:



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  2. Chris_PeakeUSA

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    Mar 30, 2007
    Grats Rich Bean and his boys on some sick shots to open up the Peake Pics / Swellinfo contest. Rich slected our "Shake N Jake" short sleeve T-shirt for the contest launch win.

    We are pumped for all the new photos coming in and are excited to put up the first months poll so we as a community can vote on next months winners. We are always interested in feedback on how we can make the contest a bit more fun for everyone so don't hold back.