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    Call ahead to the rental company and speak with someone to make sure you aren't hassled on day 1, write down their name title and note the time and day, bring your drivers license, current car insurance info, and letter from your credit card stating that they cover you and you probably will still have to fight with them as they argue to make you pay for their insurance. Don't waste time arguing or energy, collect your info and go to the next rental company...repeat until the conflict ends. Enjoy
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    my cousin works for enterpriser. never get accident insurance but always get thr full coverage for The rental car. never use credit card insurance if you need a claim you have to pay out of pocket and apply for reimbursement! my cuz says can take years if it even happens.

    also if u get in an accident in costa u cant leave country till all parties involved settle. drive careful

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    I've gone to CR many times, and we've always used the credit card insurance from a platinum card and declined the additional insurance from the car rental company. This has always worked fine, but not all credit card benefits provide this coverage, and you have to be sure to decline certain items on the car rental contract. It should be spelled out in your CC contract.

    This past May was my most recent trip, and we rented through AVIS. I spoke to them ahead of time, and they wanted me to bring something in writing showing the coverage provided by my CC. I brought a copy of the agreement and had no problems. In prior years, the rental agency actually called my CC company to verify coverage. I've rented this way in Costa through Budget, Toyota Rentals, AVIS and I think Enterprise as well. It's never been an issue for me.

    In my younger years, someone in our group managed to total a RAV4. That vehicle wasn't on my card, but the guy who rented it had no problem sorting things out with the Credit card company (Platinim AMEX I believe). They covered it, and he wasn't delayed at all, nothing out of pocket...just had to speak to them over the phone at the rental agency when we returned it. They do take a deposit on the card, as someone mentioned, but you get it back.

    Using the CC insurance makes the rental a little cheaper, but I believe the real benefit is in the higher (better) coverage should there be a liability and no deductible.

    There is a full scale grocery store right on the main road as you pass through Jaco area now, but you don't have to go into the actual main part of Jaco. It's not a little supermercado, but a real fully stocked grocery store.

    Have Fun!!
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    If we're talking spots, I had an incredible trip to Santa Teresa in early December. Very laid back and super consistent swell.
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    There are two small supermarkets in Hermosa. In Esterillos there is a small one, too.

    I rented a car through, they offer cash deposit. Mine was $400,-. But I had to pay the rental fee with my cc otherwise they would not cover me in Costa Rica. Better check your cc terms and conditions!

    Yes, Tamarindo is more a party than a surfer crowd. So many spots to choose from around Hermosa: Esterillos, Hermosa and Dominical is only about an hour away. Hermosa was best at mid- or high-tide in the morning. And when it is too low in the morning check out Roca Loca !!