Right of way! (paddling out)

Discussion in 'West Florida' started by johnnytoobad, Aug 24, 2010.

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    Oct 26, 2009
    surf etiquette....i dont know actually....If I am paddling out and a surfer is riding a wave, i should do all that i can to get out of his way but shouldnt he turn, cutback, drop the wave to avoid me? (seeing as he has the mobility at the moment) like i see a guy paddling out in my line i bail i turn i drop the wave, i do all that i can not to get near him unless im in control.....
    So I am a nice guy to a point.....with that said: tony with the yellow short board i think you need to learn how to turn.....:mad: damn didnt anyone get out the last two days? going this am soon....
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  2. nms1

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    Nov 14, 2010
    Looking for some additional tips on avoiding others when paddling out. I know not to head out where others come in, and I know to paddle into the breaking wave to give priority to someone coming in, but sometimes that still doesn't seem enough. Like recently, I had caught a wave partway in on a beach break. After, I turned to head out beyond the break again. Since I was already partway out, I had no choice to pick a different way out which would avoid others, I was already out there. I saw someone coming in on a wave, and a paddled into the breaking wave and duck dove to avoid him. Came up from the duck dive and saw yet another guy making the drop. I couldn't really go either way, he was way too close to go either side. Plus, since I didn't know for sure if he'd make the drop, picking the wrong way to go would lead to a real fast collision. So, what do you do there? How do you avoid that situation and how to deal when you get stuck in it?
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    Dec 13, 2010
    surf etiquette

    Dudes, I feel your pain. As the line ups become more crowded, issues like that you both spoke of become more prevalent. Sometimes you encounter unavoidable conflict in crowded lineups, sometimes from your own mistakes and sometimes because of inconsiderate surfers. My only words of wisdom, which are probably obvious, find your own surf spot where others do not flock to, and don't tell anyone about it. Living in Jacksonville, there is a huge surfing population, and like all other populations, there are a few nice folks, and a lot of angry souls. I have a couple of nooks I hit up, but don't share the location with anyone. You may have to sacrafice and ride a lesser quality break, but there is something serene about solitude.
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    Jun 3, 2014
    See "surf etiquette" thread from a few weeks back.
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    Aug 21, 2012
    Pay attention in class.
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    Grommet. You can't just start bumping old treads for the sake of it. You need to be strategic in doing so.
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    That's a neat little fact at the end of the video. 36 minute wave!? Damn..
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    seriously...HOL/RIsurfer needs some regulating.
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    If you get caught inside with riders up and coming control your board!!! It happens to everbody at some point. If you don't know which way to go let the rider pick the line and then react. If you f*cked somebody's wave up apologize and give them a wave or two later. This will go a long way to keeping peace in the lineup. Also, make sure you qualify to be in said lineup. If not paddle to another spot!!!!
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    Study hall dude
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    Then help me... Idk what you're waiting for...
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    just run them over

    then be all like "omg, i'm so sorry i didn't see you"
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    Didn't you say you were gonna stop this teeny-boppin jerk off bull**** when you revealed your former identity as RIsurfer(which we all already knew)?
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    metard did you see your thread?
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    it's pretty simple: don't post stupid **** or bump irrelevant threads that have been dead for 5+ years.
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