Rincon vs. San Juan

Discussion in 'Puerto Rico' started by DawnPatrol321, Mar 9, 2012.

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    Sep 17, 2009
    I've really been enjoying this thread and don't wish to argue - I am sure Rincon is the best surfing spot of the two. But there is a really good break in San Juan called Parada Ocho or just La Ocho. It is a reef break that you paddle out to from bus stop #8 - hence the name - and it is clearly visible from Fort El Moro in Old San Juan. I am going to paste a little info on it here. For those out there with no Espanol, the article says it gets to be 12 feet when it is epic, but is often 7-8 feet. I surfed it two days in a row in December 1999. The first day it was about 6-8 ft. and the second day it was a foot or two bigger. The waves were very well formed, they were not crowded, and there was no localism. I had an awesome time both days.[​IMG]
  2. surfer23451

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    Sep 17, 2009
    Sorry the picture of the break did not upload. I have uploaded it to my gallery if anyone wants to check it out. Aloha!

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    Isn't that (La Ocho) where they held the CT contest when they were in PR?
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    Heard lots of good stuff about La Ocho, and was originally planning on going there when the plan was to stay in San Juan, but after much research, and lots of help from those of you here on Swellinfo, we've decided to stay in the Rincon area. We were going to stay at the Rincon Beach Resort but we were lucky enough to find a surf shop owner in Puntas that owns a private villa, and we scored a great deal from him. The best part is he's going to include all the surf boards and SUP's, plus all of our beach gear, chairs, coolers, towels, etc., all for about HALF of what we were looking at in San Juan, and it's more our pace. We aren't really looking for a "spring break" atmosphere, we're more layed back and I personally want to surf some of the best waves in the world so the West Coast seemed more what we are looking for. We'll be renting a car however and plan to travel and explore some of the great non-surfing things to do as well, since this is our honeymoon, it won't be ALL about surfing, but definitely will be part of the trip for sure.