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    Aug 19, 2011
    Well I'm not sure if that was some creative way of taking a shot at me or what, but that looks like a good read. Also Rum Diaries is a good Island style book. especially if you like to drink. It will make you want rum on the rocks.
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    May 21, 2006
    Rum on the rocks is the best way :) Stick to the Barrilito Three Star and if drinking Bacardi, go with the 8yo and skip the others (for the price and quality sweet point).

    P.S. The editing and writing in Derelict Junction could use some improvement but it is a funny (sad) soap opera of what Rincón has evolved into over the years. Given the time are forum-mate has it is probably best served in the San Juan area (Isla Verde or La Ocho), or maybe Luquillo's La Selva on an early morning or afternoon getaway. On the drive back from Luquillo there is a large length of fritura stands... or, drive east from Isla Verde to Boca de Cangrejos for some frituras (bacalaitos, fried cod fish; empanadillas/empanadas/pastelillos; alcapuria; pinchos (kabab) of chicken, pork, beef...; relleno de papa (stuffed potato ball) and more. Cubano or media noche sandwich (small cubano-like on egg bread) in Isla Verde. If coffee isn't brewed with an expresso maker then it ain't real Puerto Rican coffee.

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    SICK!! Wish I had time to take part in that shyte. Maybe next time, I go there quite a bit, usually short trips. Thanks though, will file this away somewhere for sure!