Shark bites child off Florida beach

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    Jul 13, 2016
    A child suffered leg injuries from a shark bite Sunday in the waters off a Martin County Beach, according to the Martin County Sheriff's Office.

    The child was flown to an area hospital.
    The incident happened Sunday afternoon at Bathtub Beach in Stuart. Police said the beach would be closed Sunday following the, officials said in a tweet.
    It was not clear how old the child was or the extent of the child’s injuries.

    Martin County Fire Rescue Bureau Chief Dan Harshburger told the Palm Beach Post that the case was treated as a “pediatric trauma alert.”

    first off, save the chil'ren folks! second, no gnarly pics of this one- but if you're looking - you're sick! usually the shark migration starts around Stuart, right? i think that happens in like March, but if it does happen around this time- lemme know, refresh the memury
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    The mullet start to run this time of year, that can bring them in close to shore in feeding mode.