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  1. nynj

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    Jul 27, 2012
    Hope you Mass fellas weren't watching Sharkweek.... That "shark cam" that followed that 17' white was knarly. I could not imagine a shark that big hunting in water that shallow. 3' of water and a 17' shark swimming around!!! That's heavy.
    It's crazy how they adapt to their surroundings and hunt accordingly. It would swim in between sandbars to stay as deep as possible.
  2. shark-hunter

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    Apr 29, 2012
    The reason shark attack statistics look like it's a remote chance overall is because there aren't white's patrolling an area like that. You don't see that in Jersey. lol You can't safely swim/surf with multiple gw's patrolling a shoreline in a hunting pattern like that. Obviously. Looks more like area's of Australia or South Africa than Massachusetts. No attacks for 80 years in Ma. Suddenly sharks reappear and you have an attack last year. There will be more and more attacks in the coming years if nothing is done. The seals draw in the sharks. Then ocean is huge. GW's that are extremely large, mature, and dangerous hunt seals like this. When their smaller they hunt fish instead and have a completely different hunting pattern. It will take a few fatalities in a single year before they realize they need to cull the sharks and control the seal population. You can relocate the seals or fix all the females to stop breeding. That shark cam didn't really tell us anything we didn't already know. This whole shark week is a ratings grab for the discovery channel. Just look that megalodon fake documentary. One week of propoganda by shark "conservationist" who seem to hate their own kind, but love sharks. You can hear the b.s by the narrator and the people who clearly have a bias on many of these documentaries. At least that shark cam showed the true danger on camera. I'll give it that. But we already knew how close they hunted to shore. People have been attacked by white's in chest deep water on many occasions.

    Unlike the b.s. stated in many of these documentaries, the ecosystem will survive even IF gw's were completely eliminated. And simply removing white's from a few very near shore beach environments like cape cod won't eliminate the species anyway. And if you got rid of the seals then you have no sharks hunting in the area like this. The seal population will keep growing and more and more whites will start coming in to feed. This is a recipe for disaster for anyone swimming/surfing there.

    It's funny how they keep saying how endangered whites are, yet they have no numbers to back it up and admit they have no idea. Also, all this stuff about this being the sharks home is a bunch of b.s. People have every right to swim in the ocean safely. It's a sad state of morality when a shark is considered more valuable than a human's life. It's just a fish. GW's are good for tearing apart cute, sweet, and much smarter seals.(sort of like a fish eating your dog). Just because it's "natural" doesn't mean it's good. A year old child getting leukemia is "natural". Thinning out the herd. I think we as people can a little more heart/compassion than this. But hey I know the politics of the people on this forum. If you like sharks so much. Find that beach with seals on it and surf RIGHT there every day for a few summers. Hell, why not just sacrifice yourself to the shark. Go to the falkans and get towed behind a boat on a small surfboard in the kill zone. It's a million to one right? Then why does it take less than a day to get an attack on the board? The shark is more important than you right? He needs a meal. The truth is that a lot of these crackpot shark conservationists posting on online forums believe people shouldn't even be entering the ocean and that surfer's are nuts! Google these topics and you'll see! They should immediately end the ban on fishing for gw's in the area and cull the whole near shore area as a matter of public safety and then start to deal with the seals.
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    Jul 23, 2013
    right on. i like you shark hunter.
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    Apr 18, 2010
    Kull the humans. Start with shark-hunter.
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    Apr 19, 2009
    Its a sad state when we as humans think that we can rule and control the animals that clearly inhabited this earth loongg before us. (Not just sharks but all creatures) Take your head out of the sand and get out of the concrete jungle you obviously call home and wake up.
    There is wildlife out there.
  6. Mad Atom

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    Jul 16, 2013
    Sea creatures are a part of surfing. Heights are a part of b.a.s.e. jumping. Ice is a part of skiing (in the east). If you don't enjoy the activity enough to justify the risk then stop participating. After all, if you're not having fun (for any reason), why do it?
  7. slow96coupe

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    Apr 19, 2009
    If you want to swim without worry go swim in a public pool.. that is if you dont mind all the piss
  8. aka pumpmaster

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    Apr 30, 2008
    sounds more reasonable to cull the seals nearshore or at least near populated beaches.
  9. ClemsonSurf

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    Dec 10, 2007
    You're a kook. Enjoy your place at the top of the food chain. It's survival of the fittest and that's what we are. Animals are food, unfortunately, sometimes you are too.

    Shark-Hunter is 1000% right. What real value-add does a GW give? Nothing that smaller animals can't do just as well. Same with the seals. Grab your club and go smacking, daddy needs a new pair of shoes.

    Speaking of who was here first, you need to go hug an indian. They're the ones really suffering. We give the sharks a whole week, all they got is some dusty plains, casinos, fire water and blankies. Back in the times of the indians the USA had packs of large predatory mammals that were killing people and livestock. Those crazy pilgrims killed them too. Do you miss the wolves, bears, coyotes, mountain lions, etc? Probably not because you're safe. Now we're reintroducing them. Guess, what... Livestock is being killed and I got a pack of coyotes running through my back yard. I'm sure you're happy about that though slow96coupe.
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    Aug 21, 2012
    Idk man, I don't think hot spots of activity like the cape don't necessarily correlate to healthy worlwide populations of GWs. And I would prefer to live in a world with healthy populations of the aforementioned predators. Look at what we are as a whole, a pretty pathetic species IMO...maybe some occasional predation would keep our genetic stock healthier.
  11. slow96coupe

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    Apr 19, 2009
    Kook? Is there any surf in sc? Or do you just carry your board to the beach to look cool?
  12. ClemsonSurf

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    Dec 10, 2007
    What do you mean board? 2x4, 2x6? I don't get it. I surf the internet. I freaking rip on the internet. I'm barreled right now. I thought this site was about surfing the internet.
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    Apr 16, 2013
    Brah...estas en fuego ahora.
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    Dec 10, 2007
    Muchas gracias, no se que estaba pasando ahora pero no me molesta nada. Estaba trabajando en mi Feng shui y pienso que mi feng shui esta bien
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    Aug 21, 2010
    its not about who showed up on the planet first.... its about survival of the fittest.... by any means. the seal/shark population has grown higher than it might naturally have on its own due to human meddling.
  16. EmassSpicoli

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    Apr 16, 2013
    Es verdad. Hay muchas personas aqui que SI necesita mucho: la máquina de shred, el gnome tiene tres cabezas, y muchos otros piasos surfistas. Escribo que el Web que quiero maldito, brah.
  17. Bill Cosby's nephew

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    Jun 21, 2013
    Shark hunter clearly has no concept of what a "keystone species" is. Without the keystone species an ecosystem cannot survive as it was before. Here's an example I will take from my sophomore ecology class at UWM: There is a species of beetle in Peru that likes to feed on native grasses in the early growing season. Naturally, local cattle herders wanted to get rid of the beetles to preserve their grass crops which feed their livestock, so they introduced control measures such as pesticides and the importing of predators. These means were very effective, nearly eradicating the beetles. The herders had a record yield that year. Then the dry season came, bringing everything it typically brings: drought, and wildfire. Wildfire occurs naturally in this region every year, and serves a beneficial purpose. It burns away scrub undergrowth and biomass, renewing and fertilizing the soil for the coming growing season, thus renewing the grass yield to nourish the cattle. But something went very wrong after they culled the beetle population. Nothing grew. The fields were barren. What caused this? It all comes back to the lowly beetle they eradicated from the fields. It turned out that these beetles had a very peculiar habit. They would take the seeds dropped by the native grasses and bury them under the soil to protect their food stores from the coming fires. As a result, the seeds would survive being burned off by the annual fires and grow again when the rains came. When they killed off the beetles, none of the seeds survived the fires. The point is, shark hunter, that it is absurd to make the ridiculous claims that you make about the ecosystem being able to handle man-made alterations. This grassland WOULD NOT have survived had humans not re-stocked the beetle population. Sure it would have recovered, but as an entirely different ecosystem. Are you fully confident in saying that the species that controls ten of thousands of population levels in the ocean could be "wiped out", or "culled", to minimal consequence? Think about it before you present your tin-foil-capped lunacy as fact.
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  18. newenglandflatness

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    Oct 12, 2012
    A shark's life is more valuable than a human's life? Not saying that. The health of shark populations, however, is more valuable than human's choice of desired RECREATION. We don't need to be in the ocean, as a matter of fact, we can't survive there. We choose to be there. There's a difference between being at the top of the food chain and selectively eliminating species so that we can enjoy ourselves in our non-natural environment without worrying about the residents coming in. Go swim in a lake. I hear the great lakes get pumping surf, right brew?

    I like to go camping, but I've heard bears kill people sometimes. Let's get rid of all the bears so that I can camp and hike safely?

    Really getting tired of insect-borne disease, too. Let's DEET this place up and take out all the mosquitoes.

    Short-sighted, ecologically ignorant, abhorrently anthropocentric.....just a few of the phrases that come to mind when considering shark culls. What science are you drawing on when you say that taking out an apex predator won't impact the ecosystem? There's a lot of history regarding man's impact on ecosystems to suggest otherwise.

    Anyways, more sharks die, more seals live. More seals live, more sharks come to eat the seals. So let's kill all the seals right? All those "cute, sweet, and much smarter" seals that we don't want the big bad GWs taking out right.

    Our oceans have been just a model of stellar health since we started heavily intervening, devastating or virtually eliminating certain species (for food or for fear) as we please. We need to ramp up human intervention to make sure we have a sustainable resource there for years to come.

    And, I live in MA, and I would gladly go surf Nauset tomorrow if there was swell large enough to justify the day off.
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  19. northendcanyon

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    Mar 21, 2013

    I agree with this. Sharks used to be hunted and killed just for the safe of doing it because they were considered monstrous. And they are monstrous.

    Big sharks are like a beautiful two faced woman. You want to believe she will never hurt you, and most of the time she doesn't. So you grow to love her. But she never really loves, she's broken like all beautiful woman and has no emotional capacity. She feigns love because she idolizes the thought of it but doesn't reciprocate your feelings. This makes it easy for her to turn on you one day as if there was no love to begin with, because there wasn't.

    It's much the same with sharks. Bleeding heart environmentalist anthropomorphize sharks into sentient well behaved beings. The reality is they are like that beautiful woman. They might not attack you for years and because of that you let your guard down and become vulnerable to whats going to inevitably happen. The shark is going to turn on you. Except this time it's not going to break your heart it's going to rip it out and eat it while you are momentarily very aware that your viscera are no longer safe inside your belly.

    Say what you want but I think sharks should be killed just like wolves should be around humans. In Africa the tribal people that have to live around lions and that are eaten by them want to kill them. Humans have just about wiped lions off the face of the earth. I think having a refuge for them is OK but what if humans need the space and resources? Humans trump in my opinion.

    Think about this. The whole planet is going to be dehydrated and then burnt into a crisp by the sun in a few billion years. So what's the point getting hung up on when some extant animal finally goes extinct. It's going to happen whether we are the cause or not. In fact our time is itself limited on this planet unless we build space ships capable of interstellar travel before the whole earth dries up. And that's assuming some other unforeseeable disastrous event doesn't take place before the sun cooks us all, such as an asteroid or global nuclear warfare.

    A lot of environmental scientists (and armchair environmentalists) think humans are less than all other animals. That the other animals are more in touch with nature and more beautiful. It's always the case with these types of thinkers that it's "they", the other humans, that are the problem. It's never themselves.

    I just have a hard time caring about the fate of sharks when inevitably we are all going to be gone off this earth. I don't mind all sharks, in fact I think we should leave the small ones that don't attack people. But all of the big sharks that kill humans I think we should hunt them to extinction in areas where it's dangerous for humans to interact with them, just like our ancestors did with every other wild beast that we no longer have to fear will eat our children as they play in the back yard.

    Sharks have been culled heavily for the last 100's of years on the east coast up until very recently. For the last several decades there have been increasingly strict bans on shark fishing on the east coast of the USA. Now we are seeing a lot more big sharks than we have historically. Will it translate to more shark attacks? I hope not but let's just say I wouldn't be surprised if it does. People take for granted that swimming with sharks must be safe because we do it all the time. No we have been swimming with baby sharks for the last 100 years. And there have still been attacks. Now we are going to be swimming with Jaws, literally because I heard they faked his death in the movie (archy get on it), so we will see if our luck holds out. Remember what I said about the beautiful woman and the man in love. Man might be in love with sharks but sharks don't have the capacity to return our love so we are better off protection ourselves by killing them all.
  20. EmassSpicoli

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    Apr 16, 2013
    C'mon NEF, I'll just as soon discover the art of brevity as Nauset will crank tomorrow. We know this!!