Space Coast Under Attack!

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    Jul 13, 2016 - FYI the chick's not hot so i'm not going to post a pic
    Two recovering from Florida shark bites
    MELBOURNE, Fla. — She told her 3-year-old daughter that it's simply a "boo boo."
    But anyone else who talks with Heather Orr will get a more complete, though grisly, story. The 23-year-old was one of two people bitten by sharks Monday.
    "I do love the beach," said Orr, who grew up in Brevard County. "I'll be more nervous about going now."
    The Palm Bay radiologist was bitten on her hand about 4 p.m. ET at Ocean Park in Melbourne Beach, she said. About 30 minutes later and a little further south, emergency crews went to the 9000 block of State Road A1A and helped a girl who had been bitten on her leg. The girl sustained non-life-threatening injuries, according to authorities.
    Orr's injuries aren't life-threatening either. Her issue is she's left-handed and the shark bit her on the left hand.
    "I didn't realize how little I use my right hand," Orr said. "But it may have been the best place I could have been bitten."
    She and her boyfriend, Chris Nelson, had been swimming for about 30 minutes when a wave descended on them, they said. As she was underwater, Orr felt the bite.
    "I came up afterward and saw the blood on my hand," she said.
    The shark sunk its teeth into her palm. Orr said she should be healed up in a few weeks, though some menial tasks will be difficult.
    "It's hard to straighten my fingers," she said.
    Orr was treated at Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne. The experience put her in the mood to watch a shark movie, so she went home and watched the 2010 maritime horror flick, The Reef. She gave it 2 1/2 stars.
    Monday's bites followed sightings of several sharks in Cocoa Beach Sunday, prompting closures that afternoon at Alan Shepard Park.

    Shark bites in Florida
    • 32 in Florida in 2016

    • 30 in Florida in 2015

    • 23.8 is five-year average

    Source: International Shark Attack File
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    Mar 11, 2014
    look out justin

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    Mar 6, 2012
    They only bite when the wind is onshore 15-20mph.
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    There was a kid who got attacked by a shark during a surf comp in Florida and he just paddled back out and keeped surfing, there is a YouTube video of it. Floridia must be the next dumbest coast next to New Jersey
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    Hey there, chief, stop talking smack aboot Floridia. It's the best state in the state. Needless I say more.
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    we might need to do a head count
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    I posted it in another thread but just the other day a 3 footer swam right up to me while I was laying on my LB, like inches away, it was just before sundown and it was feeding time. I had my fist ready just in case but he never got aggressive with me. Once he realized how close we were he darted off.
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    No way Heather Orr is a radiologist. She looks too young. Maybe a radiology tech.
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    perhaps it was her b/f that bit her hand too