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    Sep 1, 2012
    Eariler today I came across a post like many others on here where 99% of people are talking crap and threatning each others lives,and quite frankly it's ridiculous. You have to be some what of an idiot to post a thread about pre-meditated murder online. To get to the point if your in deeper it's your wave,if someone drops in on you they're the kook. Make this a forum about surfing and not starting crap with each other.
  2. Pursuitofhappiness

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    Apr 28, 2012
    Surf blog etiquette! I like it!:cool:

  3. ocripcurrent

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    Feb 27, 2008
    Thanks for joining. Ive been on and off this site for several years now, the thread/conversation level has gone down drastically.
  4. Mooseknuckle

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    May 12, 2008
    This site does a phenomenal job of forecasting and bringing ppl in our area together online..... there are a lot of people on these forums now who are just ruining every conversation and doing nothing but complaining about forecasts being wrong when they are 5 days away. people on here just need to get a clue. you spend enough time watching weather and looking at our ocean and you know what storm patterns are going to make it good. everyone needs to learn a little more about looking at atmpspheric patterns and stop relying on one single source for their "swellinfo"
  5. JohnnyUtah

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    Sep 26, 2008
    the surf nazi teenage haters took over the forum years ago. its almost comical to see someone try to start a thread only to see some punk shoot it down and accuse them of being a kook..
    Great job on forecasting SW but I think its time to kill the option to post forums, just like the defunct surf conditions post option.
  6. bigbuldge

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    Sep 1, 2012
    Starting sh*t online is for kooks. If I have a problem with you I will rip your out of the water and sh*t down your throat. Tired of the nonsense.
  7. schweez

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    Sep 17, 2008
    well fukcing said, my sentiments exactly
  8. Mr.Belmar

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    Aug 19, 2010
    yup... i agree, this forum took a dump some time ago... then all the main people that post started to leave due to the kooks... and now this is what we are left with. its pretty much the same post- started new each month by someone new. examples: the 'swellinfo doesn't know how to forcast post', the 'surf rage' post, the 'im new- how do you surf' post, the 'surf ettiquette' post... ect... kinda boring after a while.
  9. Scbe

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    Jul 15, 2011
    I like this site as a place to exchange useful information on surfing. All the rest (especially cursing, anti other board types, and drug references) is just background noise I filter out. I used to track surfinfo in the same way but it seems that there is a lot more forum content to filter out these days. I greatly apreciate the surf predictions and weather information provide for free here. I look at a couple other things but always start here.
  10. bberno

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    Jul 20, 2012
    I haven't been a registered user on here until very recently, but have being using swellinfo for forecasting for quite sometime. With that said, this message board is no different than other boards. As zaGaffer so eloquently put it, every board has its kooks, newbs, die-hards, disgruntled 'vets', and so on. If its so frustrating to be on this forum, then do what I did for years; use the forecast tools, and ignore the forum 'tools'.
  11. Tuono

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    Sep 13, 2012
    Ditto. I don't pay much attention to the background noise. I lurked for a while, started a thread and got some good info...I appreciate have the data easily avail at the site. If someone wants to argue 'I'm more surfer than you surfer', whatever. Seems there is good amount of helpful cool people on this forum.
  12. ClemsonSurf

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    Dec 10, 2007

    Maybe you should poop before you go into the water so you won't be so uptight. You might have a better session and won't be looking for people with wide throats to get mad at.

    I've never pooped in someone's throat before but I imagine you must have incredible sphincter control and stage fright isn't an issue for a manboy like you. Congratulations sir.
  13. Erock

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    Aug 6, 2011
    I think most would find there is a wealth of info in most of the threads on this forum. Sure, I come across as a world-class jerk sometimes, but it really seems there are quite a few on this forum with absolutely no sense of humor or ability to grasp sarcasm. To some, a free surfing-related forecasting and forum community MUST be really, really serious business.
  14. Surferthedude

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    Sep 10, 2012
    Dudes, totally! Everyone just needs to chill out, in the waves or on the web, for all the sakes of all the gods! :mad: There is no reason to talk any sh*t. We all just like surfing and like the awesome service Swell Info gives us! :cool: Read up on this for some common sense in the waves. Maybe someone should write list for some surfing etiquette when on a surf forum ... :rolleyes: These guys have been popping up on my Google alerts for surf camps lately ... Anyone heard of them?:confused:
  15. dlrouen

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    Jun 6, 2012
    Today is going to be a great day. Enjoy it.
  16. sandfly

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    Nov 3, 2011
    The spambots are getting smarter. We are doomed...