Surfing at Southampton beaches

Discussion in 'Northeast' started by RyanJames1984, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. RyanJames1984

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    Jul 9, 2010
    I'm here on vacation from California and I'd like to make it out this weekend. Can anyone recommend any good spots at or near Flying Point Beach? I'm not the greatest so any place that really thumps or crashes hard might not be the best. Any beta would be appreciated! Thanks
  2. kman

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    Aug 19, 2007
    2 wordz...Montauk Sunday...

  3. milkdilk

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    Mar 20, 2012
    Ha! just saw this. if you're around again this summer--- you're there. Flying point usually has a decent sandbar, or like 50 yards west. If you go a half mile east, to Scott Cameron Beach (aka the cut) there's almost always a sandbar - though last summer it was weak sauce. The advantage of the flying point bar is that there's almost no one ever out there except for a couple sup-ers and/or the lifeguards. The advantage of the scott cameron bar is it almost always breaks, and there's a second bar when it gets big at low ties. the disadvantage is that its like southampton's pipeline - if there's anything there's gonna be like 40 people - 20 regulars and 20 mooks. Most of the regulars are nice but there's a few bad apples who won't tolerate any tomfoolery whatsoever.
    The disadvantage to both is you're going to need a southampton town parking pass.
    your other options would have included coopers or road k if you wanted to drive for 15 minutes.
    Really you were in a prime spot, and if you're there again this summer you should either wait out a swell at FP or check and see if the cut is breaking. Barring that, just paddle out like 100 yards and look left or right - figure out by the whitewater what's breaking. and walk there. driving during the summer is harder than it's worth.

    Or go to montauk. make sure you bring a knife and are ready to re-enact the fight scene with war child. or if you run into the rocks out there, the aloe scene with montauk kiani.