Surfing Disney Typhoon Lagoon

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  1. Betty

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    Oct 14, 2012
    Disney in summer is oppressively hot. Paint the pic for your wife: hot whiney thirsty kids waiting in long lines for drinks, food, and rides, paying huge entrance fees--- versus get a nice hotel or rent a condo for a week on the ocean, prices are lower in summertime in florida---you could Even rent a two bedroom condo so you and wife have your own room for the money you'd save skipping Disney--Seems like an easy choice.: Disney and the Orlando theme parks are the worst part of Florida.
  2. sailquik

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    Nov 23, 2012
    Did it a couple of years ago for my son's birthday and there were just three of us surfing.

    Wave is unremarkable and short, but fun to do at least once just for the novelty of it.

    The rights are best, the lefts second best and I would not waste the time on the A frames.

    The rights seemed to have the best shape. The A frames were too short, because you are basically splitting your rides in half.

    The trick is to get in the perfect spot to maximize the length of the ride and catch the best (steepest) part of the wave as far back as possible and close to the wall because it loses power quickly. This is not difficult to figure out because the wave is exactly the same every single time.

    I would go with a total of six people because the waves are timed so that the next wave happens before you can walk all the way around the pool and get back in position. With three of us, we could each get back in time and in the water before the next "set", but it became monotonous after a while and a minute or two to talk and compare notes would have been fine between rides.

    It is fine for kids, as long as they know how to surf already. If they don't, they can set up a mushy whitewater wave for you, but that will be no fun for you. They cannot (or won't) set different waves in between sets, so ask for the best wave they can do and stick with it.

    If you do a morning session, when your 100 waves are up, they are done because they open the park and cannot time extend. If you do an evening session, they will sell you additional waves.

    If you do a morning session the water is super chlorinated. My blue and white shorts ended up light blue and light purple. If you do an evening session, I assume your are surfing in warm tourist piss from the day's earlier guests. I did the morning session.

    You have to take your own board. Don't bother with a LB. Wave is too short for any flowy top to bottom LB turns. I was fine on a modern quad simmons-y shape.

    It is 100 waves minimum. You cannot buy 10 waves unless you already bought the previous 100.

  3. dudeclimbing

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    Apr 16, 2013
    Do the trip to wally world a couple days then move it to the coast if ya can. Real ocean life is always better than a gazillions of little pissers in a wave pool?
  4. waterbaby

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    Oct 1, 2012
    the good news is TL is a sure thing...getting good waves in costa rica in summer isn't (although getting rain is). Still a lousy trade, imo - Costa Rica wins, bigtime
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    Nov 16, 2007
    After the wave I was surfing today that looks super fun.