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Discussion in 'Mid Atlantic' started by ocsurf21, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. Stayabovetheweather

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    Jul 20, 2011
    You must hang out with some stoners that just started smoking last week ... noone I know is annoying stoned, and no one gets in your face if you dont smoke ... its the drunks that talk about nonsense, make irrational decisions, and are just down right annoying ...

    So you are telling me if you goto a party and you are the sober person there .. you would be more annoyed by all the stoned kids on the couch then the loud abnoxious drunks going crazy ..?
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  2. LBCrew

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    Aug 12, 2009
    Sorry, SJB... smoking ANYTHING is unhealthy. So as long as smoking pot is both illegal and unhealthy, I can't condone it.

    Like all habits, some a worse than others, and you never know how something will effect you long-term. It's a risk you take when you decide to pick up that first _________ (fill in the blank).

    Kids... stay off drugs. It's a waste of money and can have really terrible consequences. I could bore you with stories of the lives I've seen ruined by drugs. For some people, it's something that never causes a problem. But for others, it's the beginning of the end. DON'T RISK IT. Life is full of things that can give you the kind of happiness that NO drug EVER will. Stay clean. Stay healthy. Stay out of trouble.

  3. Stayabovetheweather

    Stayabovetheweather Well-Known Member

    Jul 20, 2011
  4. McLovin

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    Jun 27, 2010
    I have always felt that MJ is harmless, but in this economy, how can you even afford drugs? Are MJ prices still the same now as it was 10 years ago?
  5. Stayabovetheweather

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    Jul 20, 2011
    if you got the hook up you might as well exploit it!
  6. rgnsup

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    Jun 23, 2008
    What if you don't smoke it? There are other ways to get something inside you. And it can't be a waste of money if it's free.
  7. Stranded in Smithfield

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    Jan 15, 2010
    Smoking makes you stupid. Exhibit B:

    Nope sorry. Nice try though. That's be like arguing that when people say they are gay we should assume they are just really happy. Try telling people you're gay and see what happens.
  8. LBCrew

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    Aug 12, 2009
    Let's not make this a semantic argument... "unhealthy" can mean physiologically, psychologically, emotionally, developmentally, etc. Just because you don't smoke it doesn't mean it's not "unhealthy."

    As for free, unless you're growing your own, and not buying seed, soil additives, grow lamps, hydroponic setups, things to avoid detection, etc... there's still a financial cost. Not to mention the price you could pay with jail time, lost relationships, time you could have spent doing something better for yourself, and the other countless "costs" of that kind of lifestyle.
  9. Flying eye

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    Aug 1, 2011
    SJB. Not only are you a phony, but a thief too. Stole your name from Harbour Bill. Dude as someone that has spent a long time in law enforcement in the heroin Capitol of the east coast I'm here to tell you weed is a gateway. I won't argue that alcohol is good, it's all bad. Ask yourselves this question, is my my life so screwed up, so bad to that I need to run away from it for a few moments. If it is stop wasting money on renting drugs and spend it on a good therapist. Cops didn't lose the war on drugs, you jackasses did. No buyers no dealers.
  10. ZBass

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    Jan 4, 2012
    I agree....... this is the dumbest post ever. 4/20? Grow up you losers.....respect the ocean or she will ***** slap you when you least expect it.
  11. Masterjasson

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    Mar 8, 2010
    it's widely believed that pot is much easier to quit than smoking, booze, heroin, and just about every other drug out there. But the belief that "it's not addictive" is bull****. Want an easy way to see if you're addicted? Give it up for a year. I have a feeling that would be tough for a lot of you, considering how many can't go one ****ing week without working it into a conversation. It's tough to give up something that you've built your entire personality around.

    Throwing out death tolls from tobacco smoke, drunk driving and liver disease makes perfect sense as an argument for making those things illegal. It makes zero sense when trying to convince somebody to make pot legal. Don't you understand that "It will kill fewer people than cigarettes!" could apply to ****ing anything? You could pass a law that lets 12 year olds carry concealed guns to school and it'd kill fewer people than drunk driving.

    If the argument is that pot is the safer choice, then by that rationale, it's also safer than deep-throating a cactus or mouth-****ing a rattlesnake. Is someone obligating you to choose between the two? There's not a third option of just not doing either of them? That has baffled me for years, and I still don't understand it. But I've heard it. A lot. As if the legalization of one unhealthy activity obligates us to legalize every single thing that's less lethal than that.
  12. superbust

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    Nov 2, 2008
    ok, well, first off...if you die from getting "too high" and being put in a bad situation then that is unfortunate but, it is not because someone was "baked/high/stoned" that they died. That being said, Ive surfed reefs booth under and above the influence and all I gotta say is be ready, know your limits (in and out of water) and have fun! If you're having fun, you won't need anything but the ocean, stick and boardies.

    **one more thing: We don't need to bash on pot smokers. Some go to college and get degrees and some do nothing and get fat. Live YOUR life homies!
  13. hinmo24t

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    Jan 16, 2012
    lol^ i hear your argument and agree with it for the most part. There are beliefs that while not physically addicting it is physiologically addicting as you touched on, which I feel is true. I used to smoke a lot (quit about three years ago, ciggs, weed and a substantial reduction of drinking) and it was "hard" to quit smoking because I enjoyed it and liked to smoke at the time (mental addiction). Now that I don't smoke anymore I definitely feel sharper and more energetic. To each their own; I don't have a problem with it unless you cant be productive while being into that lifestyle, but am personally glad I stopped. BTW I used to smoke before surfing and it was pretty fun, but I can read waves better sober when contrasting the two situations.
  14. hinmo24t

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    Jan 16, 2012
  15. Stayabovetheweather

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    Jul 20, 2011

    Renting drugs???? you are an idiot sir
  16. Double Over-toe

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    Feb 4, 2009
    so mr. Flying High, tell me. Since you were ex law enforcement, doesn't that mean that you have been drilled about how bad drugs are since, well probably since, the law enforcement academy. So starting off, you have all the lies and BS put into your head by the government and their standards for these "drugs". Yes heroine, and cocaine, and LSD are all heavy drugs, All of which can kill you if you take to much, not Marijuana. So, you already have a hatred towards it coming out of the gate.

    Since you were law enforcement, you looked for trouble, and you looked for negative signs about the drugs. Tell me how many people you've rolled up that are siezing and convulsing because they took too many bong rips(by itslef, not mixed with another drug). How many times have you gone into a back alley and found a person selling pretty much their whole life away because they needed a dime bag for their MARIJUANA addiction? Marijuana is not a gateway drug, it cannot kill you, it helps people get through the roughest times in their life (without ruining everything) and it relives tension and anger.

    One Final thing. Mr. Flying Eye Law Enforcement guy, please explain to me about D.A.R.E. and how it works. Yes i agree some of the material in the program is good, and well presented, but the parts about marijuana lie to the children, and make them believe the lies. SO as i wrap this up, i would like to invite you once again to tell me why police/government officials are lying to our children? Aren't growing kids supposed to look up to law enforcement and trust the Law Enforcement?? How is this possible when you lie to them before they even make it to middle/indermediate school.

    I don't understand how you can lie to kids and still be able to look yourself in the mirror at night. :confused::confused:
  17. hinmo24t

    hinmo24t Well-Known Member

    Jan 16, 2012
    One thing to consider about the gateway reference... How many people use or used hard drugs who hadn't smoked pot first? Probably not many at all.
  18. backside hack

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    Apr 4, 2012
    I'll puff to do some yard work, trimming, mowing, etc. but never before an athletic endeavor be it football, softball, mtn biking or surfing. I feel like as easy as it is to get in "the zone" when high, it's just as easy to lose "the zone" for a whole session. Not worth it....
  19. andrewk529

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    Sep 3, 2010
    The gateway theory has been debunked so many times that it's ridiculous.Does drinking milk lead to drinking beer? In comparable Western democracies decriminalization and/or legalization has led to decreased consumption in drugs. This is not hyperbole but fact. Many organisms consume mind-altering substances, from flies to humans. This has been going on for millennia and will unlikely cease and time soon.

    In terms of the substances safety, cannabis has a zero LD ratio. It is actually safer than water in those regards . If anyone is truly concerned about reducing cannabis consumption regulate the substance. People who are interested in the true rationale behind the American drug laws Google "Harry Anslinger quotes" or read "The New Jim Crow" by Michele Alexander. Obviously, it is a good idea not to consumer drugs; but I am of the persuasion to each their own. We do not need a "Nanny State" or "Big Brother" telling adults what they can or can't do to their own bodies.
  20. Masterjasson

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    Mar 8, 2010
    Breathing smoke of any kind, is not good for you. And with pot, you're inhaling smoke into your lungs and holding it there for a long time, and that's going to damage the tissue. In fact, just three joints a day do as much damage to the lungs as twenty cigarettes. We can be fair and cite this study saying there is no connection between cancer and smoking marijuana. Though we could also cite the studies that have found the opposite to be true.

    THC might slow the growth of some tumors (while making others grow faster), all of the studies pointed out that they got their results by injecting the chemical and not getting lab rats to smoke joints (a pretty major ****ing difference).

    But even if we take cancer off the table, there are a whole host of negative effects we can list. Right after smoking, the average heart rate increases between 20% to 100%, and that effect can last up to three hours -- your risk of heart attack shoots up fivefold within the first hour of using. If you have anxiety disorders, there's even more bad news. It's being found more and more that modern pot can actually cause panic attacks, and is a high risk for triggering an already existing condition. In the still-growing brains of younger smokers, it can stunt basic emotional development and promote paranoia. And just on the whole, users are far more likely to come down with illnesses and miss work than non-users. One of the biggest debates right now is whether younger users are at higher risk for the emergence of schizophrenia.