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    Sep 3, 2010
    the schizophrenia link has also been debunked:

    The myth of modern cannabis being significantly stronger is also nonfactual

    Please cite your sources? FYI smoking isn't the only method of ingestion for cannabis...The same increased cardiovascular rate could be circumscribed to tobacco. But we are not imprisoning people for consuming tobacco now are we? I share your concern about children obtaining harmful substances. But evidence tells us that regulation is the best option for reducing the ability of kids to obtain drugs. There is plenty of research available through internet searches dispelling many erroneous assumptions about cannabis.

    Cannabis does more than just decrease blood vessel growth in tumors. CB2 receptors are found in leukocytes acting as an agonist and endo/ecocannabinoids trigger apoptosis in malignant cells.

    Smoking vs injection difference is rather comical. What happens when you inhale cannabis smoke? The active molecules enter your blood stream.
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    Jun 23, 2008
    As I pointed out before... there are other ways to get something inside you besides smoking it!

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    Mar 8, 2010
    o.k. cites 30 studies.

    I have a lot of friends and family who smoke pot, and the majority of them are pretty vocal about wanting it legalized. Let me make perfectly clear right off the bat that I'm not coming at this as an "anti-pot" guy because I personally don't give a **** if they legalize it, and it doesn't bother me that people smoke. I've done my share of illegal substances.

    I'm not trying to fall back to the government's "one joint will drive you insane" scaremongering. Pot is not as bad as heroin. That isn't my point. But don't go the other way and start acting like the **** is ****ing broccoli.
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    Aug 12, 2010
    I'm not sure why this always goes political. There are certain laws that I am willing to break and I am mature enough to weigh the risks and make those decisions. Would it be cool if it were legal? Sure. I've been to amsterdam too, andrew, nice flag. Is legalization holding me back? Nope.
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    Sep 3, 2010

    The studies are focused on individuals who consume cannabis before 18. And for people who have a pre-disposition for mental illness. Have you ever reviewed the side effects from legal pharmaceuticals? The same negative factors could be ascribed to alcohol. Exactly why the plant should be regulated. It will decrease the ability of children to obtain the plant. the federal government's current position is that cannabis is worse than heroin or on the same level? See a problem there? I am for more studies regarding cannabis, but the feds systematically inhibit the ability of scientists to conduct any type of study pertaining to the efficaciousness of cannabis.
    How about you actually read the studies. The majority of them are inconclusive...

    Cannabis is currently the most commonly used illegal psychoactive substance amongst young people aged between 15 and 24, and it seems that 5% of this age group is addicted to it. Many research teams focused particularly on the cognitive disorders caused by cannabis use. Amongst the cognitive functions considered, memory-related, attention-related, psychomotor and motivation-related functions were proved deteriorated by acute and chronic cannabis use; a very important point, especially among teenagers, as possible alteration at the social and academic level could be the outcome. However studies on long-term and persistent cognitive effects haven't provided convergent conclusions. Methodological differences could partly affect these observations. Therefore it seems necessary to develop studies with larger samples.

    Various lines of evidence suggest an association between cannabis and psychosis. Five years ago, the only significant case-control study addressing this question was the Swedish Conscript Cohort. Within the last few years, other studies have emerged, allowing the evidence for cannabis as a risk factor to be more systematically reviewed and assessed. Using specific search criteria on Embase, PsychINFO and Medline, all studies examining cannabis as an independent risk factor for schizophrenia, psychosis or psychotic symptoms, published between January 1966 and January 2004, were examined. Additional studies were also reviewed from references found in retrieved articles, reviews, and a cited reference search (ISI-Web of Science). Studies selected for meta-analysis included: (i) case-control studies where exposure to cannabis preceded the onset of schizophrenia or schizophrenia-like psychosis and (ii) cohort studies of healthy individuals recruited before the median age of illness onset, with cannabis exposure determined prospectively and blind to eventual diagnosis. Studies of psychotic symptoms were also tabulated for further discussion. Eleven studies were identified examining the relationship between cannabis use and psychosis. Seven were included in the meta-analysis, with a derived odds ratio (fixed effects) of 2-9 (95 % confidence interval = 2.4-3.6). No evidence of publication bias or heterogeneity was found. Early use of cannabis did appear to increase the risk of psychosis. For psychotic symptoms, a dose-related effect of cannabis use was seen, with vulnerable groups including individuals who used cannabis during adolescence, those who had previously experienced psychotic symptoms, and those at high genetic risk of developing schizophrenia. In conclusion, the available evidence supports the hypothesis that cannabis is an independent risk factor, both for psychosis and the development of psychotic symptoms. Addressing cannabis use, particularly in vulnerable populations, is likely to have beneficial effects on psychiatric morbidity.

    thanks leet, the dam is a beautiful city.
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    Dec 27, 2011
    Reading Andrew's posts while high.

    geeeeezuz,,,, thanks Buzzkill,,,, no one's going to read all of that (especially while high) so consider it time well-wasted...

    If you live in the USA ,in a state with medical marijuana laws in place, and have a 'scrip..Enjoy with no hassle !

    Me ? ,, nah ,, not before. Maybe after to ease the ole achin' bones.
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    Jun 12, 2011
    Real question is, when was the last time you didn't surf stoned?
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    Apr 20, 2012
    just had the session of my life out there today.central montoloking was on fire,and so was i.i smoke dope before and after every session.pot doesnt make you lazy,your lazy CUZ YOUR A FUKIN LOSER!!!mike phelps the worlds fastest olympic swimmer is a pot head!!!i hate these people who say oh weed is so bad,it ruined my brothers your a loser,and if it wasnt pot,it would be potato chips and soda that ruined your hell with all you kooks,time for round 2!!
  9. cepriano

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    Apr 20, 2012
    well said my man!!maybe sometime if we meet up at a break,il burn some down witchya!!i aint greedy.tired of seeing all these dumbass posts by these internet surfin goin surfing!
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    Mar 8, 2010 Hah! There's a little truth in everything. I'd be all about Amsterdam, and mushroom tea... It's on my bucket list. I'm all about making your own decesions, living with the consequences. I also personally oppose victimless crime, but goddamit man, did pot make cepriano make these moronic posts, or did he single handedly prove evolution because nobody could be born that stuipid. As for surfing stoned, know your limits, and stay aware. Pot effects everyone different.
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    Apr 2, 2009
    I have had three friends drown while drunk (swimming/boating not surfing), bad idea to be on/in the water drunk. Pot usually makes you a little paranoid and stupid but not in a cocky way.

    Hey law enforcement, the USA has the highest incarceration rate per capita in the world!!! What’s wrong with this picture? Freedom? I’ve seen local cops try to ruin someone’s life over a bag of pot. All rapists masturbated before they attacked someone, let’s ban masturbation too!
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    yes. This dude gets it.
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    It starts with parents. How many of you passed the D.A.R.E. program?..or failed.
    All I know is that the pot in S Florida is not like the Mexican brick we used to get back in the day in Va beach.
    I'm already sketched out about sharks down here. I don't need to be any more paranoid.
    Plant it!!
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    Jan 15, 2010
    Wait Andrew whateverthe****. How come your anti big brother when it comes to pot but pro big big brother when it comes to restricting driving on the beach in the Outer Banks. You suck! I knew you were a hippie.
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    Mar 8, 2010
    I'm gonna go out on a limb, and say that Phelps didnt' take a blunt to the head before winning the gold.
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    Yeah and Singapore has the lowest crime rate in the world- you know what the difference is? Our criminals get endless appeals, weights to lift, cable TV, 3 meals a day, conjugal visits, gang affiliations and a PHD in how to be a career criminal; the criminals in Singapore get a live snake shoved up their ass.
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    Weed and Psychadelics, enough said. Moderation is key. and tell me how many heroin users FIRST probablly tried a glass of water? So if 99% tried water first maybe thats the gateway drug!!!! Idiots. But yea kids stay away from hard drugs.
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    Studied a bunch of drug effects from a psychological point of view in grad school. I'm definitely not an expert but here's some of what stuck... most of this relates to adolescents and human development and the term "gateway".

    The drug we paid the most attention to was obviously alcohol. Not only most common but most damaging and is (in my opinion) the only true "gateway drug" in the strictest sense. Without citing stats, suffice it to say people do dumb things when they are drunk and are more liable to try other drugs while drinking than while on other drugs.

    Segue into... "gateway" drug can mean different things. "Oh, I liked weed. Let me try acid" Or, "Wow I am coming down hard, let me take something to offset this" which happens a lot with pills/painkillers/speed(s). These attitudes exist among drug users by by and large are not prevalent.

    A far more prevalent attitude toward the term gateway drug is where DARE failed. That's "Well, (insert authority figure here) says all drugs are bad so I might as well try heroin since I smoked pot since they are similar and I am still ok how bad can it be..." You get the drift (surfing pun intended). By lumping all drugs together in that glass case (I still remember Officer O'Donnell holding it and being wildly curious) and telling kids to just say no, DARE completely backfired. Is it the cause of all drug abuse? Of course not, but it did create confusion and encouraged the taboo of all drugs good and bad while hiding the fact that most if not all drugs are different and should be addressed on an individual basis.

    My personal opinion is that the attitude toward drugs taken by our government is a joke. You can't drink until you're 21 but you can go get your balls blown off in Iraq when you are 18? Joke. Weed not legal but booze and cigarettes are? Joke. The ease in which painkillers circulate illegally? Joke. DARE? Come on.

    Get stoned go surfing? Fine with me, probably want to limit it to the small inconsequential days, but as long as you know what you can handle while high... whatever. Booze and the ocean flat out don't mix at all.

    Sorry for the rant just my random two cents...

    ps - this isn't even a question on SoCal boards.
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    Aug 22, 2009
    and when I think of a model society, free of social problems with a thriving economy Southern California always comes at the top off the list.
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    Jun 23, 2008
    Thank you Biff! Very good post. DARE failed because they fed lies, not the truth. Just like our government. That has failed and all they do is feed us lies.

    I love how I watched the DEA show on TV and they let go this lady who sold 50g of heroin to give up a supplier, but yet someone caught with a minimal amount of weed will go to jail. HA! OUR GOV'T IS A BIG FAT JOKE!