Swellinfo Forecast is Dead. MSW is owned by Surflie.. Who's left? Everyone Else...

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  1. davedales56

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    Apr 22, 2011
    Dark times ahead for the surf forecasting world.

    If swellinfo is no longer a source of accurate info.. that leaves Magic Seaweed (which is now owned and controlled by surfline) and of course, the red headed step child of the industry Surfline.
    It will be very very tough for anyone to come close to the resources and funding Surfline puts into buying up keywords and marketing campaigns, buying out any small businesses competition, targeting new users, placing 10 cams per surf spot just to claim the views... and so on.. It's just a joke at this point.

    Stop supporting those kooks! At the end of the day its all open source info!

    Here are more than several resources that will be just as thorough in the future, without visiting the monopoly of hyped surf, suflie. It will only feed their greed!

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    Nov 12, 2016
    God bless you sir!