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    haha. True dat. It's called the internet. Look at any youtube video and it degrades in "n" word this and other drivel and hate speech. At least this is a reasonable debate that has absolutely nothing to do with surfing. Like I said, Maybe in the future we can genetically modify the elk. Also, I don't think you've given it enough time. It would probably take a couple hundred years or more for the breeding cycle to adapt to a lack of predation. Of course they may never adapt. That's also a possibility. Nature is cruel. Any species is at risk of becoming extinct even without humans.
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    yes and I put the individual above the idea of a "system"

    "The death of a million is a statistic, the death of one is a tragedy"

    If you don't value individuals, then the system is meaningless.

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    elk=jackson hole=corbet's=surfing

    anyone on here ever ridden corbet's? i've seen it, but i've never attempted it...
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    Oh and if we truly wanted to be humane we could simply perform vasectomies on the male elks. We tag them all the time anyway. Simple solution to the overpopulation.
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    you seem like you know your creatures. maybe you can help me out in this thread: http://www.swellinfo.com/forum/showthread.php?t=8993
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    So what is the death of a million individuals?
    A tragic statistic?
    A statistical tragedy?
    Wait, now my head hurts.
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