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Discussion in 'Southern California' started by sponger42, May 5, 2014.

  1. sponger42

    sponger42 Well-Known Member

    Apr 12, 2014
    Playing a little catch-up here:

    Friday 5/2:

    Outstanding!! Hot, glassy, and SH-HH. Incredibly clean peaks, amazingly clear water that was even sorta warm. About 8 guys out. I paddled out around 1100. The tide was a little high, but there was enough S energy in the water that the sets powered right through it.

    I couldn't believe how clear the water was. As the sets came in, I could see the wave bend the reflected light on the bottom, or see my crystal-clear outline projected on the sand and shells below. I haven't seen water that clear since surfing Kaisers about a million years ago.

    Monday 5/5:

    Solid! Cooler with a marine layer. Light side-offshores putting texture on CH-SH peaks. Very very good shape down by the seawall. Some north-to-south drift. I drifted down there and then just started picking off set waves. Dropped straight into one sick barrel and stuck there for 4-5 seconds. Stalled into another one, looked up and watched the lip sparkling with the fuzzy marine-layer sun. Only 2 other people out. Was still looking excellent when I was drying off.

    Forecast looks not great for the rest of the week. A bunch of NW windswell is going to make my lunch spot all drifty and crappy while the SW fades. Will probably just go for a run on the beach the rest of the week. Next week looks like a BIG south will be hitting. Could be epic!
  2. EmassSpicoli

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    Apr 16, 2013
    Bro piss off. Didn't some forum higher up reprimand you the other day about gloating with daily swell to those who are in areas plagued with flatness? Thanks for the score report though and we were really concerned with the clarity of the water bro.



    Sep 17, 2013
  4. yankee

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    Sep 26, 2008
    I have to second the spicoli here. Don't make us turn gitcarter, sandblasters & the hounds of hell loose on your glittering pink cheeks, sponger666.
  5. Blackfish

    Blackfish Well-Known Member

    Jan 20, 2013
    I'm just straight up jealous. That's How I roll...emotional
  6. Sandblasters

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    May 4, 2013
    hey sponger who gives a ****, the funnest thing is you get waves all of the time and we get waves half of the time if not less. we can still out shred you. i bet seldom would destroy you, and my carolina cutbackz would be so hot it would melt your sponge into liquid. im not jealous because i know i would charge a wave 23times harder then you and bench about 90 more pounds. i bet you dont even have the balls to surf the b-mar.
  7. yankee

    yankee Well-Known Member

    Sep 26, 2008
    My pesos are totally on The Seen, as well.
  8. spongedude

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    Feb 28, 2010

    where in central california are you? and what do you define as sorta warm water? we never get above 72+ degrees and lately it's stayed in the 60's or lower. did north get some tropical-ish waters that bypassed HB? and ignore these whiners. they have no problem crowing about waves if/when they happen to be so lucky.

  9. shark-hunter

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    Apr 29, 2012
    Why don't you be happy for him rather than being a selfish little douche that I know you are. You're such an arrogant little whiner who can't handle someone with a different opinion than your own. I never gave you **** or was disrespectful at all till you started talking **** to me. You hang on this forum for years talking smack and being a pompous jerk He's just giving a surf report and you got hassle him. AND HE'S IN THE CALIFORNIA FORUM. DON'T READ IT IF YOU CAN'T HANDLE THAT THEY GET MORE WAVES THAN EC.
    Now that I'm done b!tch smacking yankee....

    Aloha bro

    Glad you scored spongedude. :) Maybe some pics next time?(just don't spot name) Hopefully we get some waves here around me soon
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  10. shark-hunter

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    Apr 29, 2012
    You know, I liked you when you first came on this forum. Everyone was talking smack to you because their complete assholes on here. I didn't. I never talked **** to you at all. Now you're becoming a jerk just like them. Go back to old school spicoli and try to no be a complete douche like most of the peeps on here.(not all, but majority)
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  11. EmassSpicoli

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    Apr 16, 2013
    Bro honesty appreciated. However, my post that you quoted was made in jest and it's been a long azz time since I've been pissed here at anyone in any of my posts. I don't take part in even a third of the riff raff opportunities here and when I do, it's a comical token of a post that's not too inflammatory. Not only that but c'mon bro, my demeanor and content are both entirely more tolerable now than months back. I'm still stoked like before so if you enjoyed that from my initial posts you're still in for the same treat.

    My reason for posting at all in this tread was because it amused me that the brah put up basically the same post the other day and it was reviled by several. Lastly bro, if you really think I'm not the biggest champion of dudes posting score reports then you don't read jack on SI - how many scoreboard treads have I started?
  12. zach619

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    Jan 21, 2009
    I tried to tell the op. Been there. Been the stoked guy in Socal gloating about waves. It will get u no where. I already explained that albeit posted in the west coast or sponge forum that it is visible to all, as the SI forums are non filtered like tasty beer to most. I share the original posters stoke, as If you read archives from many moons ago I would post my excitement. When met with so much hostility I realized that it is not in good conscience to blaspheme the east coast by posting daily west coast conditions reports from California. Especially during extreme flat spells. It's just a respect thing. You will never find guys charging the north shore posting face slaps on SI. Document it. Save some photos. Share the stoke. But don't rub salt I people's flat wounds. I'm on the receiving end right now and trust me. 8 outta 10 days, the cali boys would be on here gloating about the swell, but it's borderline inappropriate when u r just swinging your duck around about it. Stand up. Lay down. What the **** ever. Just don't forget that we know how good it is out there. Your "bad" is our good. Share pics. Share life. But a play by play f u to the east coast on a nasty hate filled east coast dominant forum is like chumming for sharks. I told this guy last week. I'm stoked for him but please keep the reports to yourself unless you want to witness ritual suicide via Internet surf forum. Leave us with hopes and dreams. Don't crush an already unbalanced spirit.
  13. Hayduke Lives

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    Mar 28, 2014
    hehe, oh the irony
  14. DosXX

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    Mar 2, 2013
    Good report. Man, that sounds nice. I can picture it. Can smell the kelp. Lived in the Ventura area for 13 years (1984-97) after leaving the Navy. Didn't surf then but enjoyed SCUBA diving. Graduated from Cal Poly SLO in 79. Moved to VB in 97.
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  15. kidrock

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    Aug 1, 2010

    Not to rub the salt in, but missed it bro. You could've had access to Mugu. I would give the left one for that.
  16. sponger42

    sponger42 Well-Known Member

    Apr 12, 2014
    If you can't handle it, block me. Or move to a better coast.

    "Warm-ish water" meaning it didn't freeze my balls off through my leaky old 4/3 the second I paddled out. Yesterday was a ball-freezer, but it was still on fire.

    5/6: Blown. Well, semi-blown. The entire coastline except here, *o*** ***e, and *i**** *u** are probably blown in this wind. Beachside was side/offshore and ridable if you didn't mind getting maybe one wave and then being around the seawal thanks to a jogging-speed longshore. Windy as hell. Pointside looked pretty good where the wind was hard offshore, but a lotta work. If I was coming off a flat spell, I would have climbed down and paddled out. Mushy short-period windswell was rolling in on the point, while residual SW lumps were throwing some pretty nice-looking barrels further inside behind the seawall. All this action was happening in a walking-speed longshore. Inside the point in the soup there was an eddy current, meaning you might be able to cycle around in the wash and get some pits if you were willing to take a beating.

    I wasn't. I went for a run. Kinda regretted it when I was looking down the beach at some sick pits grinding inside the point. Oh well, maybe the wind will settle down tomorrow.

    Saw a seal. Saw a lot of wind-driven sand and spray. Sunny, cool, windy, CH-HH and square; not for the faint of heart, and only at low tide. Took some pics, I'll try to post a few.
  17. sponger42

    sponger42 Well-Known Member

    Apr 12, 2014
  18. EmassSpicoli

    EmassSpicoli Well-Known Member

    Apr 16, 2013
    Bro, you're in SoCal wearing a 4/3. That's laughable. I trunk it whenever I'm there and maybe wear a 2mm topper. Only wore a 3/2 once and that was for a 3hr session I didn't really need it. If you're gonna be a hardo and tell zach619 to shove it when he articulately explains the rules of respectful engagement (and he's the SoCal kid...) then don't be soft and rubber yourself to da max in 64 degree water. It's 46 in the drink here and the next day we get swell, whenever the hell that may be, I will be smiling in my 3/2. Again, if you're gonna pose as a hardo, be a hardo.

    It's not that we don't like SoCal waves we love SoCal waves. It's your delivery bro. Look at treads started by seanmcgaff and you'll see how to post up SD/OC footage proper and it will be welcomed by all here.
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  19. shark-hunter

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    Apr 29, 2012
    Not laughable at all. It's NORMAL to wear a wetsuit in May in California. lol.

    I wear a 4/3(I don't own a 3/2) in 60 water. Perfectly comfortable. So do lots of other people. Different people have different tolerances. Haven't we been through this about a 10000000 times. Really a need to call someone out for that?
  20. shark-hunter

    shark-hunter Well-Known Member

    Apr 29, 2012
    Oh and you do realize how "core"(silly in of itself) someone is not by the wetsuit they wear, but the type of waves their in right? There's no surfing contest for who can ride with the thinnest suit in the coldest water. Kelly slater never won a title for that and the most of the meanest baddest waves on the planet are in tropical waters anyway.