Theft of Dale Velzy's Templates

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    Jan 25, 2007
    Theft of Dale Velzy's Templates

    Dale Velzy's historical shaping templates were stolen
    from their rightful owner and surf historian Bruce 'The Snake' Gabrielson

    Shapers in particular should be aware that these are around.

    If on the offchance you are the person who stole this, the main thing
    is dont damage them, dont dump them, Dont destroy them- they are too important.

    You wont be able to sell them, they are too unusual and the word is out.
    So please return them undamaged.

    If you need someone to help with returning the items contact me.
    Annonimity is garuanteed.

    If you have invertantly purchased these stolen items
    - the same thing applies.

    As I said, these are historically important parts of surfing culture.
    Their value is not monitary, but they are a part of the progression of
    the modern sport.
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    We will pass the word around to all the shapers in the So. Orange Cty area and keep our eyes and ears open. Hopefully someone will do the right thing and return them.