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    Apr 4, 2018
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    Thanks--good post. Very interesting approach.
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    Apr 4, 2018
    Rather reminded me of the quarter-sized blister, currently on my butt. Not that I could possibly forget. Wish it would pop, because it hurts.

    Woke to a dime-sized, red irritation yesterday morning. First thought it was a potential spider bite. Rang my neighbor and asked her to look at my butt, HA!

    She took a photo, so that I could better see it. No fang marks. Further investigation produced an uncovered heating pad. Logic dictated my butt had remained on the uncovered heating pad, while I was asleep - burn blister.

    Might post the photo of my blistered butt for littlerhoody, in way of additional example, if my neighbor still has it on her phone.
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    Sorry, but, in layman's terms, you should have found your answer here by now. I see the swellinfo tide team covered it all pretty much.

    Right now here at home it is dead high. 500 miles away in Buxton it is dead high. In cape may and jax beach is almost dead high. That is my usual breaks from ne fla to cnj.

    On the other hand, as the swellinfo boys already astutely stated, there is more to it than that. Other factors may cause other breaks to have less closely aligned tides.

    The more we learn, the more we know, and the more we know, the more we learn how much we don't know.

    I was shocked at first how simple and primitive my cancer treatments were, yet they saved my leg, saved my lung and saved my life, for now, so were it not for the advancements in modern medicine i'd be long gone, if say this happened to me only like twenty years ago.

    Can the meteorologists get everything right all the time?

    You want specific tide facts, but tides are amazing and awesome and not perfectly precise. Nor is earth or moon or universe.

    They can't account for every precise minute, they can only predict.

    By the way, tides are not everything.
    Sometimes a really nice swell pops up seemingly out of nowhere, and at a seemingly unlikely tide, so i have to surf good waves by myself, because surfline and swellinfo didn't tell you there was waves, and the buoys, wave heights, angle and period didn't seem right.

    Surfline surfers never even find out they missed a good swell. It happens more than one would guess.

    Go to the beach and check it. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
    Right now for 16 hours a day there could be waves at any tide, high tide low tide and everything in between.

    You want the swell you have to do the work.
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    this was awesome and what I was looking for. Thank you!
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    You are more than welcome. Everyone learns differently:


    My neighbor has had guests today. I will ask her about the photo, after they depart. If she has deleted it, perhaps I will ask her for another one, being that I wouldn't mind another one of the carnage and learning if there have been any new developments...might even wear my bikini.
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    too many variables.. Observation+
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    Aug 15, 2016
    you back?