Tropical Wave?

Discussion in 'Northeast' started by Spongah, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. Spongah

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    Jul 19, 2007
    Is it true that there's a tropical wave floating around out there with an associated low? What's the story with the associated wind shear and chances for development?


    As always, may these storms form, send some swell, and not cause any destruction or loss of life. I always feel guilty wishing for tropical development. :(
  2. Swellinfo

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    May 19, 2006
    it is very quiet in the tropics.

    A tropical wave, just means there is a cluster of convective clouds or thunderstorms moving east to west off of Africa. These are common, development of these into tropical storms is less common, esp in June.

    Most tropical storms in June will develop in the Gulf/Caribbean Sea area.

  3. Crist

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    Mar 27, 2008
    There is a bit of a spin up your way..

    Too bad it's well off shore... We're finally gonna get some love down here in So Flo from the Bermuda High later in the week, maybe itll kick some love up your way? Its been Lake Atlantic for weeks and I'm staring to do things- crazy things- to keep busy.