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    Sep 17, 2013
    annnnnnd the bullseye is hit


    Sep 17, 2013
    would you like me to systematically list real examples about how each of the items in the bill of rights has been assaulted and destroyed? From the inside? by Us agents?
    or maybe you believe in a special kind of freedom that if you dont do anything wrong, you shouldnt worry about surveillance .

    there was a word for people like you during the revolution: ***

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    Sep 26, 2008
    You could always swing by Archy's Place & visit him in his bunker while you're in the Lower 48.
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    Jul 5, 2012
    And how many people do you know personally that have contracted any of these serious viruses? Yeah just what I thought. None. Not saying they aren't serious if one is infected but the chances of an outbreak like the fear mongering media portrays are likely never to happen. Did you know that within 30 seconds of watching a TV you are in a hypnotic state? Therefore anything pumped through that box enters your subconscious mind without your consent thereby controlling your world view. Go look it up bru. It's plain a plain simple scientific fact.

    But you already have your mind made up on reality and I will not argue with someone whose pineal gland in calcified.

    My world view? You don't know two shuts bout me bru. I've lived in Europe for over 5 years. Spent two years traveling throughout central and South America. Spent close to a year in South East Asia, and brief haunts to the South Pacific. I've seen and been emersed in other cultures and have realized that the majority of Mericans are selfish, spoiled, immoral, brain dead, ignorant pieces of shyt excuses for humans.

    You should really study some history if you think we have more freedoms than in Benny's day. In his day this country was a republic. No taxes for one mane. Now you and alot of of others cry for democracy. Haha dam calcified fool.
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    Jul 5, 2012
    If you think Ebola is a serious threat why don't you go look up some news from the Weat African countries. Maybe that will put some perspective on the situation. Oh wait you already trust what US media sayz so you don't need to.

    No I'm no conspiracy theorist, I just don't believe everything im being told. I research the evidence and facts from all angles and formulate my own opinion. Not someone else's IE CNN NBC CBS CDC etc.
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    May 4, 2013
    **** you man america is awesome, especially the south. you are just a hippy and not good for nothing. you were living in europe for 5 years not surfing while us in america were shreding to the core. if you dont like merica get the hell out. we got the best and biggest guns and best food. go back to france before i smack you with a baguette. we are also the most civilized besides some cultures that were cultivated for personal use. go get on msw and we are the most free as you can sea. we are the owners of the world and the world order,we are MERICA. viva la merica.
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    Apr 30, 2008
    you stand a much greater chance of being killed by a cop than a terrorist. Just sayin
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    Jun 20, 2011
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    Jun 7, 2010
    Can't believe I just read this trainwreck of a thread. Was thinking, what a waste of my time, until I read this line. In this context or not, thats just funny

    "....go back to france before i smack you with a baguette."
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    Sep 4, 2012
    hahah I think its quite hilarious when all you guys quote benji with quite possibly the most used applied quote to our physical freedoms when if you actually had any idea at all about the historical background info of it... hes not applying it to the types of freedoms you guys think lol its okay no one explains it to you when you hear it anyway. And FYI to be exact I cant give you a number but for numerical purposes around 25 ive seen die straight in front of my eyes after attempting for to vaccinate them in the Congo. That's great you lived in Europe? Hahaha im glad you lived there sounds real cool bro you get eiffled in the eiffiel tower? Or did you goooo to asterdam and smoke some weeeeeeed brooooo lol I understand your butthurt and have a raging anger against the US (or at least that's what you sound like). Good for you, you had some vacation time and ate some of the locals food and consider yourself immersed in other cultures haha. I love the butthurt freedom fighters that took my ****e so seriously f'in hilarious, sorry I love America... I may hate the govt but it don't mean I don't love my country you h8ers just look like douche canoes... oh and btw whoever quotes benji again ill give you a brief history lesson...

    so if the douche canoe crew wants to open up their eyeballs and get some knowledge the conspiracy bros didn't teach you well here it is... the quote originates from a 1755 letter from him on behalf of the Pennsylvania Assembly to the colonial governor during the French and Indian war. The purpose of the letter was salvo for a power struggle between the governor and the Assembly over funding for security on the frontier, one in which the Assembly wished to tax the lands of the Penn family, which ruled Pennsylvania from afar, to raise money for defense against French and Indian attacks. The governor therefore kept vetoing the efforts of the assembly who was backing the Penn family. So to start things off, Franklin was writing not a subject being asked to cede his liberty to government, but in his power as a legislator being asked to renounce his power to tax lands notionally under his jurisdiction. In other words, the “essential liberty” to which Franklin referred was thus not what you guys would think of today as civil liberties but, rather, the right of self-governance of a legislature in the interests of collective security.
    What’s he meant by the “purchase of a little temporary safety” was not the ceding of power to a government power in exchange for some promise of protection from external threat; for in Franklin’s letter, the word “purchase” wasn't a metaphor. The governor was accusing the Assembly of stalling on gathering money for frontier defense by insisting on including the Penn lands in its taxes–and thus triggering his intervention. And the Penn family later offered cash to fund defense of the frontier as long as the Assembly would acknowledge that it lacked the power to tax the family’s lands. Franklin was thus complaining of the choice facing the legislature between being able to make funds available for frontier defense and maintaining its right of self governance and he was criticizing the governor for suggesting it should be willing to give up the latter to ensure the former. To sum things up, Franklin was not describing some tension between government power and individual liberty. He was describing, effective self-government in the service of security as the very liberty it would be contemptible to trade. So on that note have a good day gents; believe what you would like and I will do the same and we can all be friends. I love America, I know the majority are di*ks and that majority is pretty greedy. Im done with this kitty bicker as I got sh*t to do and puss to seek have a good day dudes
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    Jun 22, 2012
    Understanding the historical and social context of any quoted material is essential to understanding and applying it.

    Carry on.
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    Jul 5, 2012
    You my friend are an artard? Civilized? Haha! image.jpg yeah people are real civilized here shooting people to take their Air Jordan's, road rage a common occurrence, people who can't live without their cell phones and tv. People rushing to work on time to make money just to pay their bills. People who would not be able to eat if it werent for the grocery store. Drunk sports fans who get into fights over teams they are not even on. BTW the definition of civilized is polite and courteous. To solve conflicts in a way that does not cause suffering. Yeah Merica it real good at that last one. F**kin artard.

    Having the biggest guns does not make you civilized or the best. It just makes you a bully.
    FYI in Europe I was getting shacked outta my gord in fine French beach breaks, a sharing my off time with da beautiful French women away from the hustle and bustle of the fast pace need it done yesterday of American society.
    This why I don't come on here anymore, bunch of coalfield pineal glands spewing patriotic garbage. If you had any clue you would no there is no division of races, it's just one race, the human race. I'm done arguing with ignorance.
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    May 4, 2014
    I'll have to go with sandblasters. America is #1. People in Europe live in a perpetual state of "duhhh" for lack of better terminology. Their current political and economical state is a clear indicator of the such. Don't believe me? Ask a frenchman what happened to their top 53 companies. Switzerland happened (free market reigns supreme). Ask them about unemployment while you're at it. Spain. Portugal. Greece. Italy. Denmark. France. Belgium. Etc etc. If Germany left the EU, euro would collapse on itself in a month. Merkle owns Europe. It's a cultural thing too, Germans aren't lazy like the rest of the cafe hopping freeloaders taking tappas every two hours.

    The siesta folks should thank them. If it wasn't for people working to get ahead in life, they wouldn't be able to sit on their ass and have no GDP even worth mentioning. Effin socialists. I breathe, therefore I'm entitled. No dummy, you breathe, therefore you have the ability to sink or swim on your own merit. Not paying you to do nothing and drink wine all day
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    Aug 21, 2012
    Nationalism works to the detriment of all the people who have to work for a living, however defined as such in their respective region, across the globe.

    'My loyalties will not be bound by national borders...'
  15. MichaelJR

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    May 4, 2014
    Can you confidently say you would share the same borders and standards of say....saudi? Kuwait? Russia? China?

    I dare say the only thing we have in common with 1/2 the countries in the world are fuel consumption and shared homosapien genetic makeup.
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    Apr 16, 2013
    Dis tread suxxxxxxxx.

    So does every other one you cats get all super-over political in.
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    Dude, take you 'i am so much better than everybody else' attitude and shove it completely up your a$$
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    Aug 21, 2012
    Word BigMoneyE!
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    May 4, 2014
    ****s tense these days my man. Quite a bit at stake, it's hard not to get wigged out about it.
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    Jul 5, 2012
    Hmmm I must of mentioned something you do on a reg.