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    Stay away from Jaco! and Tamarindo for that matter. Dominical is fun. There is a National park in a little town called Uvita. 10 Kilometers south of DOminical. You would be surfing solo probably. if Dominical is closing out. Which it is has a tendency to do over 10 ft, and the paddle is brutal over 6 ft. If you really want to get off the beaten track , there is a place SOuth of Jaco called Playa Guacalillo . Tico break. but they only flock to it on weekends. had it all to myself and my bud during week but then showed up on a Saturday and there were 30 tico boogie boarders in water. Hour drive down a dirt road. forget about it during rainy season. i wasnt supposed to tell any gringos about it but whatever! if you go to the Osa tell KIrk his check is in mail for running over his sewer system.
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    Hey Billy, you like watching gladiator movies?

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    I thought you were referring to "Midnight Express"?
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