Warm weather, poor sleep, and a constipated dog...

Discussion in 'Northeast' started by gruvi, Mar 14, 2012.

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    Sep 13, 2011
    Hi Dudes,
    It is after 4 a.m and I'm here a little sooner than I anticipated related to these three things; Weather is killer nice and I'm anxious but stoked to be getting closer to my vacation weeks so I can see what surf gives me this year.
    I went to sleep after midnight and the wifes' dog had to awaken me to take a crap outside. At least my dog will leave me alone and **** and piss and not bother to tell me he did, but her's is a ***** and theoretically smarter...I beg to differ as mine is smart enough to let me sleep. Anyway, her dog led me to believe it was done business, and she ran back inside...until a moment later she had to go out again. In the dim, dark light I watched as she did the dog can't crap it all out walk, and saw her resort to the outdoor carpet ass drag. Well enough of that. Now I'm up.
    So I went online and stopped in, since its been over a couple months since I have read our forum.
    I decided since I won't be asleep again so soon, to check in and show a photo if I can.
    I got my Frierson board picked up and dropped off down in CI by a friend and I've had a snapshot she took of it on my phone for awhile. I just loaded it into photobucket.


    She said it looks like it will be a fun stick, so I can't wait to paddle out with it! :cool:

    Oh, and one thing more...Mark, I saw the photo you portended was me dropping in on some dude. It isn't. My board is way bigger, way whiter and with a way rounder nose. But it had me LOL :cool: