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    The Easybeats created quite a stir in the swingin’ 60’s London music scene. The hit "Friday On My Mind" briefly elevated them to international acclaim before drugs and booze took their toll.

    Although ultimately underappreciated, Vanda and Young were tunesmiths of note. They would certainly go on to further successes with AC/DC and Flash and the Pan but here they take a romp through their psych-pop masterpiece “Gonna Have A Good Time Tonight”. This clip will take you back to that simpler time as it is presented to you in glorious Black and White by our friends at the Beat Club. Sehr gut!

    You’ve probably encountered this gem somewhere along the line as this tune has been covered by artists as disparate as the Clinger Sisters, Shocking Blue, INXS and .38 Special. The song is so tight, all versions are worthy.

    Legend has it that upon first hearing this on the radio; Sir Paul McCartney himself pulled over in traffic to call and demand that the BBC “Play it again!!”


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    LONDON — Dolores O'Riordan, lead singer of Irish band The Cranberries, died suddenly on Monday. She was 46.

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