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    I have been bodyboarding for quite some time now and I want to give surfing a try. I am 6'3" tall and weigh 200 pounds. I am looking to get a used board to start surfing. I want to get a board that is good for a beginner, but one that doesn't have to be replaced once I start getting better. Basically, I want a board that I can learn on, and use for many years after that. Anyone have any ideas. I talked to a guy at a local surf shop and he showed me a 7'6" board that he said I could learn on as well as use when I start to get better. But, then I did some research and a lot of people say that a beginner board should be at least 2 1/2 feet taller than the person. Anyways, Im not sure what is a good beginner board and I would appreciate any info. Also, I don't want one of those huge foam boards either.

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    Beginner boards

    hey there,

    you want something long, wide and thick. i hear you snickering, but i'm being serious.

    something that can float really well and that you're not going to kill yourself trying to paddle. a mini-longboard or a funshape is a good beginner board. you can get all stylin' and get yourself a longboard because they are just pure fun (i used to ride a log back in the day) but they can be a pain in the ass to handle when you are just starting out. my first board was a 1970's era wardy nose rider that weighed about 700 pounds, and it was a little overwhelming in the beginning.

    you're a tall guy, i would go for the 8'0, just for the ease of paddling.

    you might want to try a used board first, just in case you decide that surfing isn't your style.

    have a good time. and work on that pop-up on the beach and at home first! :p