what made you join swellinfo?

Discussion in 'All Discussions' started by Sandblasters, May 1, 2015.

  1. ibc

    ibc Well-Known Member

    Aug 3, 2014
    Riley makes me chortle. Sometimes even guffaw. I like those things.

    TGIF y'all

    That is a cool house Zippy. Have you bred any surfing pigeons yet?

  2. chicharronne

    chicharronne Well-Known Member

    Jun 22, 2006
    yeah I couldn't believe we were forsaken like that.

  3. your pier

    your pier Well-Known Member

    Dec 2, 2013
    pjb, the ghost of, n riley martin
  4. rcarter

    rcarter Well-Known Member

    Jul 26, 2009
    I'm like Scarecrow, it's been so long I have no idea why I originally joined.
  5. Zippy

    Zippy Well-Known Member

    Nov 16, 2007
    No surfing pigeons, only tumblers


    This is a picture showing their size, about half the size or smaller than a normal street pigeon.
  6. Mr.Belmar

    Mr.Belmar Well-Known Member

    Aug 19, 2010
    Wow- it's hard to remember... I think a buddy of mine was one here at the time... And the reason had something to do with surfing...

    WAIT I remember now- I joined to talk about surfing, surfboards and wetsuite.... That was back when we used to talk about surfing on the surf prediction website. You Matt Johnson was around talking about wetsuite. Lee would be talking about the southern waves.
  7. ibc

    ibc Well-Known Member

    Aug 3, 2014
    That is one small pigeon. And BLUE! It's a "tumbler?" Gymnast? They're gonna take over the pro surf teams in the future, gymnasts that is. So you might have a surfin pigeon in a few years. It's amazin how pigeons seem to live everywhere. We got em walkin around on the jetties here.
  8. Zippy

    Zippy Well-Known Member

    Nov 16, 2007
    They fly in a kit(flock) and fall out of the kit one at a time and do back flips. They weigh 7 ounces and are extremely small.
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  9. leetymike808

    leetymike808 Well-Known Member

    Nov 16, 2013
    I think i joined to internet yell at SharkHunter as well. But not sure. Could also have been to talk about surfing and surfboards.....
  10. natkitchen

    natkitchen Well-Known Member

    Mar 29, 2011
    Go gaffer, sing it!
  11. JayD

    JayD Well-Known Member

    Feb 6, 2012
    It's like a big house party and I was paying the cover to get in...
    -eclectic bunch of folks
    -the S#%t talking
    -good vibes (sometimes)
    -the occasional fight that would ensue
    -When to wear a 3/2 in the NE...always wondered about that
    -Whether the weather was going to be good enough to surf
    -Talk story with the mid-lifers about mid-life crisis (board design)
    -the meaning of life....
    -to learn more about how to build a house on a trailer, which BTW is bada%& zippy!
  12. frost

    frost Well-Known Member

    Jul 31, 2014
    "Movement is life"-brad pitt
  13. bubs

    bubs Well-Known Member

    Sep 12, 2010

    I'll answer. It's still fun. if it wasn't I wouldn't be posting while sh!thing right now.
  14. Mitchell

    Mitchell Well-Known Member

    Jan 5, 2009
    Followed Micah from a previous website (around 2001-2004 time frame?), which I currently can't remember to save my life. More of a bodyboarding site, But he was forecasting for just the Delmarva area and frequently nailed the forecast and had be scratching my head how he did it.
  15. Zippy

    Zippy Well-Known Member

    Nov 16, 2007
  16. Mitchell

    Mitchell Well-Known Member

    Jan 5, 2009
    Nope...didn't have OC in it. It was Delawaresurfing or Delmarvasurf or something like that...Had a long range surf forecast and forum that seemed like mostly BBs
  17. Masterjasson

    Masterjasson Well-Known Member

    Mar 8, 2010
    All the highly intelligent comments, and superior skills demonstrated from NJ.
  18. Riley Martin

    Riley Martin Well-Known Member

    Jan 13, 2015
    But I resided in Texas.....

    Two places actually. An apartment in Dallas, where I was surrounded by Texans and was attacked by a weather balloon; and a house in Louisville, TX. Actually, was it Louisville or The Colony? I don't know.

    Is The Colony an actual town? I don't know.

    My old friend lives in Austin now. Shame what health food and yoga has done to him.

    Hey, is that like a drug? Like if you become so obsessed with things, like yoga and eating kale, where it is your WHOLE life, is that the same thing as being hooked on PCP? Yeah I know the consequences are less with kale and yoga but as far as the mind is concerned it's just like being on PCP, right?

    I don't know.
  19. Riley Martin

    Riley Martin Well-Known Member

    Jan 13, 2015
    So what happened now? Is he regressing or have the ads corrupted him?

    Mitchell, you being the Delaware LBCrew, I find it hard to believe that your were blown away by a surf forecast. Dude, it's the east coast - winds blow onshore the waves build - it ain't some deep mystery.

    Mitchell, how is you envy of LBCrew doing these days?
  20. Riley Martin

    Riley Martin Well-Known Member

    Jan 13, 2015
    God bless all the children who credit The SJB and PJB for bringing them aboard. I'm glad to have youse all here. You can rent me ion person anytime you'd like.

    I will tell you why I came on here.

    I used to truck around on a few message boards in the past - Wannasurf and A&E's Intervention. Then I was not on the computer for awhile.

    Then in 2011 I started fooling around on the computer again. Came across this site and looked at the forecast a few times. But it's SE at 15 all day why is this thing predicting 0-1 foot for tomorrow? I did that a few times. Then I looked at the message boards.....

    And there was this thread aboot some tough guy hassling people at a jetty in Ocean City, NJ. This I found comical.

    Ocean City?? That's like the Salt Lake City of New Jersey surf spots. So, I imagined some Heritage guy or something throwing vibes around and laughed and I signed-on-up.

    I've been getting banned ever since.