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    To all posts,
    I am somewhat mixed. To pumpmaster tis did happen already in 1979 in Mexico in 200 feet of water and they tried the exact same fixes. It wasn't until a relief pipe was drilled 9 months later that the leak was stopped. This one 31 years later is in 5000 feet. How long will this one take to cap?
    To fupa. There is almost nothing we can do. The powers that be slide things through as laws, etc. I don't know about you but I don't have time to read a 500 page US future energy act. put in place by Bush/ Cheney in 02'. It's only know we find out what that meant. Allowing deep water drilling. We hope the government has our interests at heart but they don't. They have our/ their wallets in mind.
    So in summation we as individuals really don't know what's going on til it's too late. We should put our support behind groups like surfrider. Even though at times they are not perfect, most of the time they do have our, as ocean/water/environment lovers, interests in mind.
    I make surfboards, all of which are petroleum based, I'm not usng hemp cloth, no one would buy it. You drive your car to WaWa to by your gallon of milk instead of riding your bike and take a plastic bag to carry two items. Until we as a society learn to live within our means without raping the planet, ie. solar/wind power. We will continue to blindly support these oil companies. We caused this environmental disaster. You and me.
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    Nov 30, 2007
    Here is a link to an article about the Ixtoc oil spill in 1979:


    The article mentions the effects of a tropical storm:

    "But a tropical storm did much to reduce that damage. "We had a tropical depression come in and raise the water level and it eroded the shore a little bit," Gundlach said. "It removed 80 percent of the oil that was on the shore of Texas." "

    I think that when the oil reaches my area (NC) that it will be weathered and diluted. I doubt we'll be seeing anything like the waves of brown sludge that are making landfall in Louisiana. It's a big ocean and the oil will be transformed significantly by the time and distance it takes to get up the East Coast.

    I'm not trying to minimize the threat when I say this, though. I think it's pretty likely that the oil will make it as far north as NC in some form or other; I just hope that it's tarballs or something that will be relatively easy to clean up.

    The Gulf Stream turns eastward north of Cape Hatteras, maybe you'll luck out and Jersey will be spared.
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    change happens slowly and often because the sh!t hits the fan and enough people get pissed. write the hack your area elected. boycott places you don't agree with and spend your money where you think it will do the most good. ...and expect nothing to happen any time soon. money does talk....look at all the electric cars coming out from all of the auto companies....gov't pressure? a little.
    the wait lists for folks to pay top dollar for the prius and other hybrids? definitely...

    time time time....

    oh yeah.. the thread...
    in answer to the oil/storm question, it is historically true that a tropical storm/hurricane will disperse great amounts of oil, but this is an unprecedented event so they are unsure as to whether the expected activity in the gulf will help or make it worse...i guess we will find out soon..
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    Tony Heyward took some time off to attend a yacht race.Are you friggin kidding me?
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    This is the cycle of our demise. These halfwit douche bags have nothing in mind beyond capitalizating on the latest trend, need, or tragedy. The power has fallen into the hands of those with low intelligence and no respect for the planet. They don't give a **** about anyone, anything, anywhatever but themselves... and maintaining their elitest lifestyle. They're so shallow it makes me sick.

    One thing that I hope everyone understands is that these chemicals can prove to be very harmfull to us as surfers... and ONLY us...

    And concerning the lift on the ban, which occured under the radar of the public... that is really no surprise considering what has been going on in the other facets of life lately. Bush lifted the ban on the 7 deadly pesticides (mainly used in food growing & proccessing) in his last term without anyone even realizing it. There was an uproar by some farmers who couldn't access the them which led to them not being able to keep up the pace and make a living... but other than that... nothing... all this media... and nothing. A handful of assotiates from the FDA spoke out, but inevitably were never heard.

    The people who control such matters involving serious money, and demanding trade... these people are blowing their feet to pieces like crazy lately.

    But the bottom line is this... they are ****ing with our playground now... they are stealing our soul and spirit. And when that becomes a reality... and we can't get that release, when we can't get the fix that we ultimately depend on things will change. Some will revolt, some will take it and move on, and some will just up and go.

    This oil ****s up my water time, I'm gonna up and go... pick a place on the map with steady swell and go. At least till everything is cool again, because I can't lie when I say

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    I'm gonna have to disagree with you there... You should really watch "Who Killed The Electric Car."

    The electric car was invinted back in the late 80's, it was called the GM EV-1. The Bush Administration made them illegal. Why you may ask? Because George Bush, **** Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, and Andrew Card, are all former executives and board members of oil and auto companies.
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    Feb 28, 2010
    please please please don't misundertake me again please

    boner, my friend, i have a copy of that movie. it's heart breaking and ire-raising. but ultimately demand and the almighty dollar have begun to swing things slowly....and that's my point....it takes a long time to get what's inevitable to happen....ford and gm have been making fuel efficient electric, hybrid and diesel vehicles for the foreign market for years (try to find an SUV over there...). but then, they've been paying 2.65 or more a litre for years. and cheney's relation to hell'saburnin' is overlooked by others as a mere coincidence ...oh well...:(
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    Apr 14, 2007
    Amen to your post Steelwave... Your one of the only few that can see how deep all this **** goes... I've said it once if I have said it 100 times, I truly hate the American Government. Call me a traitor, hater, or whatever... But the honest truth is that the people that are in charge of our country do not have our best interests in mind.

    When I was younger, my parents sent me to a wilderness program. I lived in the woods for 6 months!!! As bad as it sounds, I learnt a whole lot and it helped me see things as they really are. It helped me see that the government, the economy, and modern civilization in general is all fake.

    Maybe I'm crazy, but sometimes I wish that the lights would just turn off for good. Then people may finally see what life is really about.
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    Apr 14, 2007
    I gotcha, is misinterpreted your post. You know they are coming out with a sequal to the movie called "Who Saved the Electric Car." I'm interested to see it.
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    heard an interview with Joe Bastardi from the weather channel about this last week. Apparently in 1979 during the big Pemex oil spill in the gulf a hurricane moving through the spill zone acted to disperse the oil causing it to degrade more rapidly. However he said that either a) this could happen again or b) it could act to push the oil more inland into the shores and wetlands. So it could be either good, bad or some combinaiton thereof. Nobody knows for sure however. He didn't think it would get into the loop current though.
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    actually, they could have made the electric car waaayyy before that. they had the ability to make an electric car back when the model t was built. but they didn't know the repercussions of using oil, the only thing they knew about it was that it ran more efficiently. crazy how that one little decision effected so much in less than 100 years..
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    Apr 2, 2007
    I'm amazed at how many people on here live in the world of "what should be" instead of reality. I think everyone would love a world of cheap, "clean" energy, but it just doesn't exist no matter how much you want it to. How many of you complaining about this don't drive cars? I know you all use surfboards which are made with oil. You've already convicted an entire company made up of thousands of people and owned by tens of thousands more of crimes without a trial. Did BP screw up? Yes. Should they be held responsible? Yes. Is it a terrible disaster? Yes. But if you really think someone knew the rig would blow up or even thought it was a possibility and still made the decisions they did, then you really don't understand business. Drilling for oil that far out and that deep is a risky proposition at best and they manage to do it and provide us with fuel cheaper than you can buy milk. We need to all get on the same team if we're ever going to improve things in this country and stop with all the blaming and finger pointing. If government would step up and say, yes, BP screwed up and they are responsible but we're going to do everything we can to help them fix this as quickly as possible, that would be a much more positive process. And anyone who is calling for killing anyone over this is a complete idiot.
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    There's no way anyone can accurately predict what will happen if the tropical storm hits the gulf. It's simply not possible. Nothing like this has ever happened before so how could you expect people to know what will happen?

    And I agree with pumpmaster, it happened. You can cry about it and write in all caps if you want but that's not going to do anything. There's nothing to do but fix what we can now.
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    I don't have any interest in crucifying BP, but according to one of my buddies who actually works in the industry, BP has far and away the worst track record when it comes to Gulf drilling safety. The average company has one to two violations as a maximum on each of their rigs... basically they have no more than 25-50 violations in the entire Gulf. BP, on the other hand, had upwards of 550 violations on its rigs in the Gulf in 2009 alone. Now, they may not have known that the rig would blow up, but their record is abysmal when it comes to following US government regulations, and when other companies simply don't have that problem, there is no excuse for them.

    Basically, if BP wants to regain its former value, it needs to clean up its act, literally and figuratively. For their sake, I hope they do!
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    You are a moron! BP management decided to use unsafe methods while drilling this well. The actual driller (not BP shirt and tie assholes) told them that this could cause a rig explosion or a spill. BP took the risk to save costs and look where we are now. Read the facts please before giving us just an opinion. They have commited crimes against humanity and murdered 11 people with this decision for the all important dollar. They should be punished and put in jail.
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    starch with that irony?

    then there was the stanley steamer and other attempts at safety and speed and convenience. oddly enough, the gas powered auto mobile was touted as the solution for a horrible pollution problem in big cities like new york and chicago....the pollution?....horsesh!t...we must be careful that our solution does not breed an even bigger problem...

    still looking....
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    fast and loose....

    c'mon, man. don't ignore the essential facts of the case. both halliburton officials and BP's surviving workers point out that BP overruled HB's warnings to that using fewer safety devices (that would have added 12 hours to the process that was already many days over schedule) would SUBSTANTIALLY increase the risk of a blowout. if you do something knowing the risks and avoid reasonable measures to avoid the calamity (in this case death), you are guilty of depraved indifference or negligent homicide at least....

    and easy with the name-calling...it weakens your argument
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    This is for barrels and sponge. Did I say there wasn't any criminal activity? No, I didn't. I did say it wasn't an entire company that did it. Yes, I know what those on the rig are saying, that things were done. Were they illegal or just risky? I don't know and neither do you unless you can show me some laws that state that. The investigations are still under way, so no one can draw conclusions at this point. As far as name calling, I'll stand behind calling anyone who wants to put people to death over this a moron. Did you call for the same punishment for the DOT people when that bridge collapsed in MN? Feel free to make your argument otherwise. I'll listen.
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    Why make sane arguments when acting out of emotion is so much easier?

    The electric car notion is such a joke. WHERE do you think all the excess power in an already taxed grid is going to come from? Most people don't think that far. There is really only one option and that is nuclear. so what happens when they start looking to build nuke plants all over the place?
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