who here has been surfing this week?

Discussion in 'All Discussions' started by Peajay4060, Jan 14, 2015.

  1. Barry Cuda

    Barry Cuda Guest

    Yup. I got out about the time you were getting in. I hit it at high tide, noontime, and it was a bit challenging getting into the water then, as the waves were washing right over the rocks and splashing onto the roadway. I had a few nice bombs; the drops were fun!! I was on my baby gun for the first time in a while; fast enough to make some nice sections.

    As an edit....it is FLAT today. From 6-8 ft faces to flat overnite. Only in NH.....
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  2. Barry Cuda

    Barry Cuda Guest

    WHAT!!??!! You took the day off??!!?? What's next?? Welfare??? Food Stamps??!!??

  3. DawnPatrol321

    DawnPatrol321 Well-Known Member

    Mar 6, 2012
    God willing lol
  4. mattinvb

    mattinvb Well-Known Member

    Sep 9, 2014
    Posting at 4:48 am... Good Lord, do you fvckers ever sleep?
  5. UnfurleD

    UnfurleD Well-Known Member

    Jul 13, 2016
    Must be hard to sleep when you're loaded with viagra
  6. mrcoop

    mrcoop Well-Known Member

    Jun 22, 2010
    been flat for a while and finally some fun waves...forgot to bring my stuff to work which was a bonehead move since they have been paving 611 for a couple weeks, normally would just take my chit...left work at 4 to get my stuff, they were blocking entrance in my neighborhood and the road...what takes me about a total of 5 minutes round trip to go from work to home to beach, probably would of taken 20 + minutes...I ended up bagging it in fear it would take another 10 minutes + to just get to the beach...bummed out, but no worries, life is still good!
  7. Barry Cuda

    Barry Cuda Guest

    Early to bed,
    early to rise,
    makes a man healthy, wealthy,
    and wise.

    And then there is dawn patrol.....
  8. mattinvb

    mattinvb Well-Known Member

    Sep 9, 2014
    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I just spit water all over my monitor at work
  9. DonQ

    DonQ Well-Known Member

    Oct 23, 2014
    I did, and I loved every minute of it!
  10. Barry Cuda

    Barry Cuda Guest

    Well, it is Saturday and it is flat!!! And it is going to be flat Sunday and aaaaaaaaaall of next week!!!
    La Nina is already at it..........
  11. sigmund

    sigmund Well-Known Member

    Dec 7, 2015
    Thank the Canadians, and their stupid Nova Scotia.
  12. Valhallalla

    Valhallalla Well-Known Member

    Jan 24, 2013
    Just like I thank the Bahamians and their stupid shark infested islands.
  13. kidde rocque

    kidde rocque Well-Known Member

    Mar 6, 2016
    Dude, people around here are disappearing faster than Ted Bundy's victims.
  14. Betty

    Betty Well-Known Member

    Oct 14, 2012
    Nine of my crew showed up to see what the ocean was like and celebrate a milestone. The whole sesh, only three others in the water.

    Because it was windy onshore slop chop. It was easy to paddle out in the 2-3', and curiously the waves had some punch to them. Ocean was a warm 77/78. First man o war in the past 8 months made its appearance. It was great to be out there with friends, regardless of conditions. Some bright some yummy homemade snacks too-- that's an advantage of surfing with older women :)
  15. Barry Cuda

    Barry Cuda Guest

    Please send me some homemade snacks, especially those made by "older women". You all make life good!!!
  16. smitty517

    smitty517 Well-Known Member

    Oct 30, 2008
    Freaking Canadians!
  17. sigmund

    sigmund Well-Known Member

    Dec 7, 2015
    They're annoying in our lineups, and they c0ck block our swells with their land mass. Forget Mexico, we need to wall off the cannucks.
  18. Kanman

    Kanman Well-Known Member

    May 5, 2014
    Convinced that NJ will no longer get weekend waves -_-
  19. DawnPatrol321

    DawnPatrol321 Well-Known Member

    Mar 6, 2012
    Went out this morning on the LB. Waist high, a few a bit bigger. Wind was calm to slight breeze out of the South. Water was somewhat clean, slight texture but not too much. Waves were somewhat soft with the short period but the sets had some push to them and I had some solid rides. Water felt warm - slightly chilly but refreshing. Great morning overall. Chatted with an old dude afterwards, talked him into paddling out, he didn't know anything about what the tide was doing or if it would be any good so I helped him out. Pretty sure he's stoked.
  20. frothy cheese

    frothy cheese Well-Known Member

    May 6, 2016
    No school for me Thursday. Ready to get my knees barreled!