Why bodyboarding is better than surfing

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  1. shark-hunter

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    Apr 29, 2012
  2. shark-hunter

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    Apr 29, 2012
    Oh yeah the honor of shredding up malibu with beginner surfers. LOL
    I've never been in anything this HEAVY
    Dude if it wasn't for mods, I would verbally tear you up so bad.
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    Oh and it looks like a real FUN break. NOT hating on it at all. Just keeping it real and telling what it is.

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    Nov 16, 2013
    Malibu is fun, ive surfed it. I can tell you from experience. Its what longboard waves are generally judged on. But i dont think they say that on the surfline, or your sol-spot, so i wouldn't think you'd know that.
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    Apr 29, 2012
    Malibu point break is supa heavy brah.....California pipeline dude. Gotsa to be supa core to shred it. No spongers allowed. We spit in their face. Sand bottom. Heavy barrels all day broski
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    Apr 29, 2012
    No ****. I already said that. Brilliant analysis.
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    Nov 9, 2009


    can we lock this now?
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    Jan 21, 2013
    Now THAT's funny! The highly technical bodyboard bottom turn

    Why would you want to lock a thread that get's people going like this?! Gives me more insight into people beyond forum persona when some feathers get ruffled on a topic that is held close to the heart
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    Aug 12, 2010
    hey, listen, eat a 8===>
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    He's right, most surfer's who don't have much experience on a bodyboarded, are terrible in real surf if they try to bodyboard. I've seen it plenty of times. Like anything, you can't expect to be good at it, if you don't practice. Just a tad more fuel to the fire.

    Jamie OBrien, has entered the Pipe Bodyboarding contest a couple times, because its his backyard and he can. But, hes never made it out of the first round.
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    Oct 13, 2013
    Jamie OBrien, has entered the Pipe Bodyboarding contest a couple times, because its his backyard and he can. But, hes never made it out of the first round.[/QUOTE]

    this mans (broader) approach to equipment i find admirable and imo emulated. sooner or later he'll fuse
    a jet-pack with a jet-ski with a jet-fighter and actually visit the jetsons.
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    Jan 21, 2009
    I don't even know what this thread is about anymore.

    Someone got offended when I pointed out, that in certain places, including "most" of west coast, boogie boarders get regulated out of lineups when its big, firing, good and the locals are out. Period. I am sure that 100 people on this site could say, ohh, thats BS, I visited california and boogieboarded and had no problems... That aint what I am saying. Did you go to Blacks on a huge NW winter swell and sponge the south peak? No, I know you didnt. Were you in the lineup at Lowers? Not middles or uppers, but at lowers on a macking day? Nope. You werent. How about Swamis? How about sunset cliffs? How about the OB jetty or the mission jetty? Nope, Nope.... Have you sponged at No Surf, even on a small day? Nope... I am not saying that if you try, you will get hit with a mallet and left for dead. They will "regulate you out" whether peacefully or by force. They will box you out. They will burn you. They will run you over and when that happens, you will not be looked at as the victim, but rather the cause and then you have some guy floating next to you with dings in his board because he ran you over. I think its BS. I don't agree with it... Just seen it happen too many times. I have seen boogie board, WITH MY OWN EYES, be asked to leave a lineup, he stood his ground. He floated out there for a while, and every local spread to work through all 20 other people and the poor guy just got burned, and burned, and pushed and burned and eventually swam in. So, you can stand your ground all you want, but they will still not give you waves. Not everywhere. But most places when its good.

    Thats all I said. You can hate it or love it, but its true. Everyone that is from there, or has LIVED there has agreed with me. None of them can name the last time they saw a sponger in a respected line up on a critical day out there.... They are simply: not welcome.

    I don't agree with it. I don't help enforce it. I don't care. It is just an OBSERVATION. A fact of life. Whatever you want to call it.

    I would welcome anyone on any craft as long as they were cool. But I didn't write the rules. The people with roots in CA did. Those unwritten rules were there LONG before I was....

    So, no need to get mad at me for explaining an observation. The west coast is just simply unfriendly to boogie boarders when its good out. Period.

    I am sure there is someone on this site that has ever surfed a HUGE, perfect wave in california on a boogie board. I am not kidding. I know someone has, I am just waiting to hear there story. Maybe that will give people some hope. I don't know. I am just saying I have NEVER witnessed it. Not only would I try and find the best waves on every big swell, I would watch video for days of the swells in all the places I didn't go. Watched tons of raw footage before it gets an edit. NEVER seen a sponger out on those days, at those spots. Seen some SUPs (by hard core locals like butter) so no one will mess with them, and some kneeboarders who have been surfing there for 40 years... Thats about it.

    So, I will allow everyone else to give their point of view about where they are from, or what they have SEEN with their own eyes. You can all argue if surfing is harder than boogie boarding or vica versa.

    We all have our opinions. Like I said before, im not some boogie boarding hate monger. I think it looks fun. My daughter loves it. A lot of people love it. If I ever have knee problems or joint issues, I may get into it...

    But when anyone attacks what we love, we all get a little dicey. I won't hate on your wave craft, just don't hate on mine.

    I just feel like when the boogie board community gets into this "difficulty level" and talks about these huge slab reefs that have been surfed by boogie boarders. I just feel like they are trying to compensate. Like they just needed us to know that, and that because some guys in some far distant land boogie boarded some death defying waves, that boogie boarders of the world are exonerated from the paradigm that some surfers have regarding them.
  12. zach619

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    Jan 21, 2009
    Okay, I know we all make assumptions about each other. It sounds like you assume that A) I have never boogie boarded in my life or B) only get in the ocean on a shortboard.

    Haven't boogied since I was a kid, but on numerous days, EVERY summer in CA, I would swim out to avalanche with fins on and BODYSURF Avalanche. Its super fun. I love getting covered up while I am swimming. I am actually a pretty decent body surfer...

    So, here is my assumption, if I have moderate skills free swimming into waves of a decent size with fins on, I would assume having the flotation device underneath me would only make things easier. If I can set rail with my human body in the barrel of a wave, how many tries do you think it will take me to "set rail" on a sponge and not look foolish...

    Im just saying. I don't know you. You don't know me. I don't assume that because you like to sponge that you can't surf. You may or may not be able to....

    But I would not go throwing GUARANTEES out about cats you don't know.
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    Mar 21, 2013
    On a crescent tail on a slopey wave, you could probably lock the edge and make the section. On a batwing tail on a steep wave, none of you that do not bodyboard regularly would get out of that section. It's true. There are peopel that bodyboard for a long time and can't make gnarly sections, just like there are people that surf that can't make the same drop. It might be easier to make that drop on the bodyboard for someone with experience but you are fooling yourself if you think it's something you intuitively can do because you surf.

    Also paddling out into over head beach break surf on a bodyboard, it's not easy. So you have to get that board out there before you can even try to make the drop.
  14. northendcanyon

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    Mar 21, 2013
    Also I think it's pretty presumptious to think you will hop on a bodyboard and have proper form. It looks easy watching people that know what they are doing, but if you are not properly prone with your back damn near straight up and your hips way up on the board you are going to go slow. You aren't making any fast waves, especially not an angled drop steep beach break. Not to mention once you do get your weight up towards the front you are going to be more likely to noseplant. Which means you have to wrestle the nose of the board with your leading hand to keep it above the water. This is all happening faster than you can think so it's a feel. As a surfer you would pick up the feel quickly because again it's the same thing you're doing when surfing except you are using different muscles.

    Anyway zach there are bodyboarders on the east coast, and we get deep brodie, and nobody is escorting us back to the beach. So you have explained the west, and now you see the east is different. There's apparently a lot less surf bigotry here which is kind of ironic, if you ask me.
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    Jun 17, 2013
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    Jan 21, 2009
    See, I like your style. You and I can have a nice, peaceful conversation about things...

    Let me clear up a couple of things. In my most recent post, in which you are responding to, I was not using my skillset as a standup surfer to constitute me being able to sponge, relatively well, relatively quickly. I was using examples of the facts that when I was in my younger teen years, I could get barrels, do the little barrel rolls, spin 360s off the lip into the white wash on a sponge. My parents werent gonna drop hundreds of dollars on wetsuits and surfboards the first couple years. I had to show that I loved it. That I would get in the water and use that stuff.... Again, that is more than half my life ago.... I then references the fact that I bodysurfed quite frequently in the summers for 10 straight years in solid surf in CA. With fins on, in the open ocean, at one of my favorite spots that was blackballed all summer. I have body surfed it at 6-8 feet with pumping barrels and I have body surfed it at waist high.... Point being, if I can use swim fins, and paddle into a large barrel down an inverted face with no body board or surfboard, set my rail line with my own body, I think that would translate quite easily into boogieboarding. I have had luck using my fins and body angles to keep up on the wave face and navigated some pretty good waves.

    That is all I was saying. That my BODYSURFING would translate directly to everything related to boogieboardinhg. If I can get good waves and set a nice line ( I have even seen it on video, so I looked okay) with my body, it would be quite easier I would think to do the same thing with a smaller flotation device underneath me. I get the physics of it. I wouldn't pearl or nose dive. Sitting on different boards floating in the water thousands of times, I understand how to keep my center of gravity on any flotation device...

    I am also not going to insult any boogie boarders by saying, ohhh I would master that in 1 day, or 1 hour. Whatever...

    I am just saying, that I know a few people in real life on this website. We have actually surfed together. I have surfed a lot of the spots that we have been talking about in California with guys on this site... So I don't question them. Been there with em. Done that with em. I don't question their opinions on things cause I have seen them in action and they have seen me.

    I was just pointing out that its not realistic to call me out on a web forum, when you don't know me, you dont know what I do in the water besides surfing a shortboard. You shouln't just assume that I can't already boogie board. That I havent done so in the past.... I am no "waterman" by any means, but I get out in the ocean for any reason, all the time. I've tried it all.

    And i'm saying, more so than surfing or boogieboarding, BODYSURFING really gives you the skill set to master either of them. It is by body surfing that you can feel the wave, and see a different perspective. And in doing so, I relate to the boogie boarders. I understand why you guys like what you do. How you feel the waves differently, thats all good.

    I also, NEVER said that guys arent out shredding on boogie boards. All over the world. I know you guys go deep. I know you guys charge. No one is questioning any of you personally.

    And you are right, the east coast has WAY less Bias. We know that. Its a different breed. I mean, my home break growing up was OC MD. You think I havent seen guys my whole life ripping on sponges up there? Of course... I have also learned to surf there and grew up seeing guys rip on a surfboard. Thats what inspired me to start standing up when I was around 12. I saw it. I loved it. I was hooked. Boogie baording would have just never been enough for me... Dont know why. A light goes off and thats it. You never look back....

    So, again, I am not a wave bigot. I didnt make the rules. I am not all that world traveled, but I have surfed really good waves, at really sketchy spots and put in 10 years in one of the most "localized" areas in the world. Where you see the pecking orders. Where I had to fight for YEARS to get my spot in the lineup. To earn respect. And for whatever reason, no matter how hard boogie boarders would try, some people out there at some spots just made a rule one day, not sure when and just said no....

    So, get shacked. Love life. Love the ocean. Not trying to piss in the wind with you guys. I just bet if you ran a poll, an HONEST POLL of every stand up surfer on this forum and truly asked them at a certain point in their lives, regardless of when, they boogie boarded on a regular, I would think most of us would say yeah, as a matter of fact we did. Some more than others....

    I just think you guys forget that people that love the ocean go out and have fun in many ways... So, before you judge me, and assume I can't do this or can't do that, or would look silly doing this and that... Talk to me... Get some info first...

    I havent called anyone out this whole time on their own personal skillset. I did ask if people had ever actually surfed the spots that we are talking about, cause to me that matters. Anyone can google stuff. But dont talk to me about a certain lineup or certain rules if you never been there and done that. Ya know?

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    Apr 29, 2012
    No I don't. Piss off with this I'm a "nice reasonable guy now" routine.
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    Apr 29, 2012
    He's full of horse manure.He hasn't explained anything. There's more spongers in hawaii/australia for sure than the east coast. He doesn't know his butt from his face. Just because he hasn't seen people bodyboarding at so and so spots he's come to these ridiculous conclusions.I've been to mantunuck in RI a bunch of times and NEVER seen a bodyboarder there. I don't draw an absurd conclusion that bodyboarders aren't allowed. We are the 1%. He's never even been to the north shore, yet he says only 2 spots on west coast where people can sponge. That sums up his knowledge base right there.
  19. zach619

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    Jan 21, 2009
    Come one man. Can you please get back to having a civil conversation. Everything you just said is completely false. What does the North Shore have to do with the West Coast? I never said anything about North Shore Rules.... I have only VISITED there. Never lived, so I can't tell you much about that. Nor did I.

    I have also never even been to the state of Rhode Island, so again, I wouldn't know anything about that. Never been to Australlia, so I have never made that claim either...

    At this point, I have no clue what you are talking about... Unless you think that Pipeline and the North Shore are in California, you have completely lost me...

    I have not made any of these claims man. I didn't speak on the world. I spoke about my old stomping ground, which I know a lot about and you know nothing...

    If you have questions about OC MD, Hilton Head Island, Southern California or Mexico, ask me... If you have questions about Rhode Island, we will ask you... sound good?

    Just chill and stick to the topic. I have no clue what point you are trying to make anymore. Let it go
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    Apr 29, 2012
    Never said anything about pipe? LOL
    Why don't you just admit you were wrong and take your foot out of your mouth
    How many times do i have to quote you? I'm not pulling your statements out of thin air. It's ok for people to talk about places they haven't been to. You're the one that said that and now I guess that rule only applies to me.