Why bodyboarding is better than surfing

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    Jan 21, 2009
    My lord. Make it stop. I am just saying, pull whatever stats out of the air you want to. I am no pipe surfer, but I have traveled all over the west coast and mexico and surfed some of the best spots out there, on the biggest days, and I have never, ever ever ever, for whatever reason, been in the same lineup with anyone on a boogie board at a legit spot, on a legit day. Never.

    Yes, small days on the cliffs. Randomly you will be out on any given day with tourists on boogie boards. I am just telling you, without a doubt, cause I lived it, I have again, never, ever seen boogie boarders in the lineup at any reputable spot on the west coast when it was firing. When the cameras are out, and the cranes and the guard choppers... I honestly couldnt tell you where the spongers were on those days. Maybe there are some secret sponge spots that everyone scatters too when there is incredible surf... Not sure why they are not out there, but believe me or don't.... Ask anyone who lives out there or surfs out there on the regular if they are EVER in the same high performance lineup with spongers on a huge day out there...

    I could be wrong, but I doubt after surfing thousands of times, all over the damn coast out there, I can't be the only guy that never sees boogie boarders....

    You still didn't name anywhere on the west coast, besides the wedge, that is a "boogie board spot"... I am just saying, where is it?

    Since you think Malibu is a reef, I am sure you aren't familiar with the La Jolla reefs. But there are spots there that people used to consider boogie boarding spots. Show me ONE boogie boarder in a photo out there lately when its firing. Been there. I don't seem when the lineups are legit. EVER.

    Not saying it can't be done. Not saying boogie boards cant charge, I am just saying, for whatever reason, they are no where to be found when things get good. Not sure why.

    I would assume that any boogie boarder that is truly that talented, has probably tried other crafts and knows how to surf standing up. So, when things get nice and big, and really good, another assumption I could make is that these guys grab a surf board, stand up and ride the waves that way when they are good, because it is more functional and way more fun.
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    For the love of ****ing christ will this goddamn thread ****ing die. Swear to christ next time some dude wants to get mouthy in the lineup I'm gonna ****ing heel hook him so he won't walk right, never mind surf, again. And for ****s sake, it's a godamn ****ing bodyboard.

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    Jan 21, 2009
    this is my final statement. Who knows why they aren't out there. I have personally seen guys get run out of the water ona boogie board in numerous places. So, yes, can they paddle out if they want to? Maybe, but when sh** goes wrong and a cleanup set is coming, or you are stuck in the impact zone of a huge wave with your boogie board, and you ruin someones wave or god forbid put them in danger? I mean, they turn like a pack of wolves on the boogie boarder. I would have to assume that these guys just avoid the good spots, cause everyone is packed in these lineups, everyone is good. There are no extra waves to go around. A boogie boarder gets 2 waves in a packed lineup, guys will start getting blood thirsty and you will get burned until you leave, or worse.
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    they're!! For ****'s sake!!


    Sep 17, 2013
    seldom and nj42 are cracking. awesome

    ss, u sure its not a boogieboard?
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    Jun 20, 2011
    Surfing = Bigfoot
    Boogie Boarding = Yeti.
    Surfing = Harley Davidson
    BB= Yamaha
    Surfing = Pancakes
    BB= Waffles
    Surfing = Largemouth
    BB= Brook Trout
    Surfing = Swedish Stewardess
    BB= Bangkok Street Walker
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    Apr 29, 2012

    Hey listen a guy who puts "stud" in his name really can't be taken seriously.
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    Apr 29, 2012
    Got I love the ownage here. Malibu has a cobblestone bottom mixed with a little sand sand. It's like saying pipe isn't a reef because there's some sand mixed in. Malibu is not a heavy barreling beach break. Holy god. It's known as VERY forgiving easy going longboard wave. There might be barrel sections, but overall most the break is not a heavy spot. It's not blacks. Who the hell doesn't know that? Please educate yourself.

    You don't have to buy kits for bodyboards anymore. There a little better now as well just so you guys know.

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    Mar 6, 2012
    Zach, I loved everything about your last couple posts, but this part I'm not 100% sure about. I would have agreed with you until just recently when I took a trip to Santa Cruz. I had 1 1/2 days to surf while I was there and I wanted to make it count so I took a trip up to The Lane and wouldn't you believe it, there was an SUP and Kayak contest going on that CLOSED the area down to everybody else. This was so cruel too because the waves were absolutely reeling and just pristine conditions HH-DOH+ and as good as it gets...

    They even had signs posted that stated you could be fined or possibly arrested if you were to paddle out and weren't a contest participant. I was seriously bummed because I knew I wouldn't be back to SC in a long time and the one day I make it out there it's a f'ing SUP / Kayak contest. I had a short board in hand and I was actually told by a few dudes that if I wanted to paddle out I had to go down the beach away from the main peak. Oh the irony I know, but no big deal, I ended up down at "The Hook" and was lovin life down there, but it wasn't nearly as good (yet still very good).

    I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that one of the worlds best waves was owned by SUPers and Kayakers that day while short boarders LB's had to take the scraps down the road... I have never seen this before and I was seriously perplexed that this would actually happen in a place like Santa Cruz. Maybe my perception of the place was off? Is it not as dominated by HPSB's, step-ups and Guns as I thought it was?

    If I had paddled out anyways and said F it, do you think I would have actually gotten a fine or been arrested? Or would I just have to fight the locals as punishment? I'm all about respect so I didn't even consider jumping in right there, but wow, just wow...
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    Apr 29, 2012
    Thanks for another fine example of why bodyboarding is awesome.
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    Jan 21, 2009
    Not sure about the laws up in Santa Cruz, but it was probably just posted so that people don't do it.

    I have surfed in and during numerous contests that I was not a member of, while ALWAYS being respectful... But there was a handful of us, in the summer especially that would paddle out anyway and stay on the shoulder because avalanche was black balled. So, when they take your only surfable stretch of beach, we would surf it anyway. The guards told us every time, there is nothing anyone can do about it. They asked that we be respectful, but there is no laws about it whatsoever. There are only standard beach guidelines, I.E. blackballing a certain beach everyday at a certain time. You can get a fine for violating that. There is no way that, by law, and organization can literally change the laws for one day....

    Is it a di** move to paddle out in a contest, yes... But like I said, we were always respectful. I would never go right into the contest area and would always let contestants get the priority waves. In between heats, we would move right next to the pier. You hear the horn for the next heat, we would move back north. But technically that whole stretch was a "contest area" and we surfed it anyway. Every time that we needed to.

    As far as I know, its the same in Hawaii. Isnt that where the Da Hui come into play? Aren't they the unofficial regulators of contests at Pipe? Because they can't technically shut it down. I.E. the youtube link i mentioned of the local beating the crap out of the guy who paddled out. He refused to get out of the water. Notice that the lifeguards or coast guard didnt and couldnt step in, so a local guy paddled out and punched him...

    I am sure it is proper unwritten rule to not do so... But the local authorities of southern California assured me that there is nothing anyone can do. Just be respectful... I have seen the announcers of the contest get on the mic and hassle people that are too far into the contest zone, but it is always "Please, surfers... if you are not in the contest, please move as far north as you can... please let the contest run smoothly and allow the competitors the priory...

    Not sure about the laws everywhere, but if you are not violating a annual zoning guidelines, I dont think they can prevent you from surfing anywhere. I mean, I am pretty positive that you can't just pay a public fee and buy a stretch of public ocean for a few hours.

    Anyone know the exact rules about this? Can't find much on google. Can't vouch for Hawaii, just where I have lived before. Never tried to surf in a HI contest area.
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    Not the heel hook bro. That's gutless and shreds ligaments. Just hit the knee bar, ankle lock, or even a calf cutter and that cat will be howling and submitting to whatever booger stats and claims you want him to agree to. Please, no heel hooks on SI. Keep it sportsmanlike.
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    Jan 21, 2009
    I am 99% sure that you would get no fine and no legal ramifications. Do I think the local goon squad would have paddled out, boxed you in and escorted you to the beach? Yes? In a concentrated lineup like the spot you are talking about, it would be pretty bad to hop right on the point. It would have been a rough scene for sure. But legally, no they would not have cuffed you on the beach or anything like that.

    That's crazy that Santa Cruz would say that. Usually, they are surfer oriented for sure. But with that being said, the locals are usually all about contests showcasing their waves, so they usually help police everything from an unofficial standpoint.
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    Nov 16, 2013
    Shark hunter i am pretty sure malibu is sand. ANy rocks are filled in with that sand. Its most definitely not cobblestone. Thats Rincon you speak of. No spongebobs there either. Having grown up in northern california i can tell you we knew of 1 sponger. He had a pretty darn sweet fiberglass board to. He actually took a buddy and i out and showed us a handful of spots on the coast. However there was only 1. Northern california is no place for sponges. Southern cal im sure you can blend in with the tourists and snag a few at your local beachbreak, but as for the a-list spots i have never seen a sponger.

    Now out here in Maui (where i live now), there are spongers, but again like ive said before the majority of which are kids (to your dismay). And they rip, but most drop knee, and the adults that do it are all drop knee. So your basic speedbump really doesnt go to many lineups. Not here on maui anyway. When its small you'll see a bunch more, but thats just cause its small and people gotta do something.

    Now oahu may be a different story as they have a few beachies that they specifically sponge. Sandy's is the one pop'n up in my head.

    You really are doing your best to defend your fellow spongebob's but you are going about it all wrong by dropping places you have only read about or seen on cams. Especially when theres people specifically telling you they have been to said places and you are wrong.

    Sponge-on my friend, sponge-on.
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    The only reason that this thread hasn't been locked is 'cause Micah is an ardent boogie boarder (he even made a film on the topic awhile back). He wants to know how you think, so he's letting you have a lot of rope here. We all know what happens with rope...

    So, he's making a list of who's been naughty & who's been nice. And then you get handed off to simod666, who's currently stirring his pot of infarctions, banishments & mystery potions in his Land of No.


    Take it from the HOTY13 champion: you gotta pick your spots, boyz, you gotta pick your spots....
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    Yeah that was the last thing I was about to do, wanted to be respectful, just was bummed that this could actually happen to me on this one day, oh well, still got some sick ones down the road
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    Nov 16, 2013
    Santa Cruz has some of the gnarliest locals on the planet. Sketchy.

    I would guess in santa cruz they probably would fine you for entering the contest zone. Ive never been to a contest but i would guess they have a section bouy'd off and people making sure some goons dont go ruining the show. Surf contest of any kind prob brings a good amount of revenue to the area. Especially during the winter while the boardwalk rides are closed. The City folks are gonna want it to run as smooth as possible.
  18. The Screen Name Formerly Known As ABC123

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    Nov 15, 2013
    If I gave you a bodyboard, fins and 6-8ft clean hollow east coast surf, I bet you would look so dumb dropping in trying to set your rail......

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    Apr 29, 2012
    Ok..... I don't like blowing up spots, but this is the most well known spot other than pipe in surfing. So it's not really disclosing anything. A quick google search will tell you it's a cobblestone bottom with some sand filling in spots. How many times do I have to make some of you look foolish?


    Malibu Point is another one of Southern California’s best waves…and even though it has been cheesed out again and again by Hollywood…it still manages to captivate most surfers (except maybe the guys that have to battle it in the Malibu line-up day in and day out just to catch a few waves outside of work). Even though it is a total fantasy, many surfers would probably pay an arm and a leg at the thought of getting a pumping, uncrowded, S swell at the ‘bu.

    The wave at Malibu is usually broken up into 3 sections named First Point, Second Point, and (you guessed it) Third Point. On average swells the wave doesn’t quite connect from point to point so the crowd gets spread out through these sections.

    Third Point is the actual start of the Malibu wave…the swell wraps into the top of the point and the cobblestones that anchor the break act as a mix of point and reef break. The take-off at Third is a little loosely defined so, depending on the swell/tide/wind, you can shift around sometimes dropping in deeper towards the top of the point or down the line as the wave gets closer to second point.

    Second Point is sort of weird mix of a wave…it is basically a section that breaks along part of the point that doesn’t swing smoothly back towards the pier…it actually has a little bit of a bulge that causes it to section a bit faster than the other points. Second Point is much shorter than First or Third but it can get hollow and fast on the right types of swells.

    First Point is the final inside section that connects in toward Surfrider beach and the Malibu Pier. The First point section has a very smooth transition and a more natural angle to the shoreline as it hooks back into the bay. It also gets a bit more sand moving out of the Malibu Lagoon…this sand has a tendency to fill in some of the imperfections of the cobbles and smoothes out the wave. First point is generally a longboard spot…particularly when there isn’t a ton of swell in the water. For a longboard wave it is pretty darn good…it sort of looks like it was churned out of a machine…each wave almost the same as the next one.

    Yeah it is freaking crowded…and even more so on big swells. Plan on getting burned, yelled at, and hassled…then when you aren’t you can be pleasantly surprised.

    Here is a funny video of the crowds

    Spot details:
    Best swell direction: S-W swells (180-270)…but it can take a WNW up to (285) and a SE from around (155-160) as well and still be pretty fun.
    Best Wind: moderate N-NE
    Sea Floor: Mostly cobblestones with some sand filling in the cracks around First Point.

    Best Season: Summer, Hurricane Season
    Crowds: Hell yes
    Malibu looks like a great wave. My point was that it's not a much heavier wave than mission(assuming same wave height). No one in their right mind would call malibu a super heavy wave. Any skill level can handle it. Have I rode malibu? No, but it's what everyone says and you can see video's of it. It's not blacks.
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    Mar 21, 2013
    So much hate. Seldom said it, you never hear any of this in the line up. I have never been threatened or felt threatened by a surfer. I have gotten deeper than 99% of the guys out on the biggest days on the east coast. It might be easier, but I get waaay deeper. I mean drop under the lip you better strap on your board cuz you're going to fall off deep brodie.

    I'm sure standing up is a different but riding the wave is similar, it's only the muscles you are using that are different. I stand up constantly so standing up isn't that difficult inherently, and neither is balancing on a board for anyone in reasonable shape. Fat people surf so it's not about conditioning.

    All of this hate has made me want to learn to stand up surf so that I can see it from both sides and prove to myself that most of this hate really is just people that hate because they are people (and thus flawed) and not because there is actually justification for it.

    And I can learn anything because I have seen the way, so you stand up haters keep that in mind when you see me air reverse shuv it off my stand up board then land on the boogie and shred the face off the wave so hard it rains for two days straight. Don't forget you heard it here.