Winter surf season kick off – Playa Encuentro, DR

Discussion in 'Surf Travel' started by hooked, Nov 10, 2011.

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    Nov 16, 2009
    What a week here in Cabarete. 2 swells after another hit the north coast of the Dominican Republic and delivered some really good waves to start a hopefully great winter season. After Coming back to the DR from a 4 month trip from Indo I was still a bit spoiled concerning the wave quality but those last days were just amazing and as good as the best day in Indo. From my point of view even much better as I didn’t have to hustle with those annoying crowds there. It started with really easy and perfect conditions. 4 -5 ft, super clean and lined up lefts and right with barrel opportunities before a little breeze came in around 2pm. The next day it got bigger and the swell really turned north so the three peaks in the middle of Playa Encuentro had a bit of a current and weren´t working as good anymore but the two advanced waves left and right from the peaks were peeling off perfect and only a handful guys were out. Some 6-8ft sets came through and again super clean conditions until the early afternoon. The day after it went a bit down to 5-6ft but coco pipe and the left were still working great. On Sunday then it got smaller and also a bit crowded again, good to get an easy surf and gain some energy back. Monday then the next swell hit and overnight the waves turned from 3ft up to 8-10 ft sets. All the peaks in the middle of the beach were closing out but we saw some amazing rights coming in at coco pipe. Getting back out there was not much of a problem due to the high wave periode but it was a bit hard to catch those big ones as we didn´t want to sit too deep in case the cleanup sets come and the take offs were quite steep as well. We could get a couple of waves but in the end everyone took a beating and a couple of boards snapped so we decided to see how the next day will be. On tuesday morning it was less humiliating and perfect rights and lefts coming in at cocopipe and the left. Sunny, clean 6-8ft and again a handful guys out! I think I had some of the best surf ever this day and surfed for more than 3 hours. Today the swell went down to 3-4ft but still nice waves and also good to get some rest again. Can´t wait for the next swell to hit as this is just the beginning of the season! Have a look at our facebook profile if you want to see some of the action. Here the link:
    If anyone wants to escape the cold and jump in a last minute plane to the DR, we made some last minute deals until December 10 with more than 20% discount on our accommodation. Check out our website to see more infos and pics.

    perfect right_s.jpg the left_s.jpg coco pipe big day_s.jpg Aloha from Hooked Cabarete
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    Mar 30, 2008
    ahhhh coco pipes i remember coco from my trip down there over easter good times at cabarete. i highly recommend to everyone that they should take a trip to the DR in their life.

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    Aug 11, 2010
    Hooked Cabarete : I'm heading down the dec8 to dec13. Still looking for a place to stay. I'm going down there with kite surfers and ill be only surfer. We are looking for a place to stay and rent gear that would be good for both. Can you PM me with some more info? Also what can I expect for wind and waves at that time?
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    Nov 16, 2009
    Hi Mat, great to hear that you are coming to Cabarete. If you want you can stay here at Hooked of course. We do have availibility left for that time and for surfing you would be at the perfect place. I also kite when there is too much wind for surfing and in case your kitefriends are no beginners anymore the best place to kite is right here at the surfbeach just 300m away from us. There are only very few kiters here and you find really nice waves to kite or do freestyle in the falt water between the waves. Its hard to give you a forecast because in December you can have a week without wind or with wind. There are waves here every day and the chances to get a good swell in December are quite good so you should definitely consider to surf in the morning and then see if the wind comes up around midday. In case there are some days without wind you can surf all day or do lots of other activities like wakeboarding, SUP, golf, snorkeling, or make some trips to 27 waterfalls. Have a look at our website or send me an email to [email protected] for more information. Would be great if you want to come and stay with us.

    Best regards from Hooked Cabarete