Winter Trip to Hawaii; Open-ended

Discussion in 'Surf Travel' started by spooker, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. spooker

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    Dec 21, 2011
    Hey all,

    First off, love the site. I've read some good threads, so I thought I'd add my trip here. I'm planning on making a trip to Hawaii (this will be my third) next winter, which I'm just saving up for this year roughnecking. I have a bit set aside already, and plan on about 20,000. I want to make it last too. I mainly plan on staying on north shore oahu, although I will definitely visit all the islands in some fashion, the idea being to surf a lot, poke around some, meet people, and work. (Working, even part time, usually just gives me a better way to see a place). I'm a beginner surfer/intermediate swimmer; I mostly longboard but I like bodysurfing & boarding too. I don't ride anything shorter than 7' very often otherwise. Publics at Waikiki is like perfect for me and whatever the break is at Waialua Bay.

    Plan on staying in a hostel (Backpacker's by Waimea or Polynesian by Waikiki) for the first few weeks before finding a cheaper place to stay. I know rent is around $1200/month, but hopefully sharing a room or kipping on a couch could get me in under $600. I'm really not picky. It'd be great if I could work for a hostel but I expect those jobs are hard to get. I have a cdl and I like driving/labor jobs, but I'm a jack of all trades so I'm not really particular. (I got cleared for pyrotechnician's assistant by Hawaiian P & E, but didn't get too go even though island hopping setting up fireworks sounded awesome. That's on my mind too)

    Also, any suggestions on car vs house? I guess I'd play it by ear, but if I had a place to park living in a van would be nice. (selling my truck back home anyway). It's good to be able to bring stuff with me and lock it up too.

    Anyone know good places to volunteer? I know TFA has a branch in Honolulu which I'll take a look at; I'd really like to do their program someday. They say math/science in general and men for K-6 are in need, for which I fit the bill. Also, I've always wanted to teach surfing after being a snowboard instructor back home (one of my current jobs actually). I've taught a few friends to surf, although I'm really no great shakes at it myself. I have first responder and lifeguard certs.

    Comments, advice, stories, etc welcome. It's a solo trip right now, and very open-ended, but anyone wanting to tag up is welcome if you're headed my way.



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    Jul 14, 2009
    you must be a beginner living in colorado, and all!

    haha just kidding, but yeah you will love it, but i don't need to tell you that since you've already been there! i go once a year with my fiance in march around my birthday, but this year we're staying for two weeks where we usually only stay for one. i stay in diamond head, but that's too expensive if you're staying a while. if i'm gonna be there two weeks i may just rent a truck for one week, and that's it. a decent break in diamond head, but i like to cruise the north shore, and hit some of those spots.

    i can't tell you much about more than a touristy lifestyle. things are pretty expensive since most things are exported into the island which is all in the middle of nowhere in the pacific. even gas is a dollar more a gallon than in the lower 48 at least. i'm pretty jealous man sounds like you're living your dream! post this in the mid atlantic forum as that is the most active!

  3. spooker

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    Dec 21, 2011
    Well thanks for the suggestion, I put it in the mid atlantic one just now. I guess I'll find out what's cheapest once I get there; my russian friend and I mostly camped and ate Ramen on that first month trip but I only spent $800. Keeping stuff safe was a pain though.

    It's a ways off but I'm pretty stoked :)