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  1. shark-hunter

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    Apr 29, 2012
    I do have a better solution. Are you even listening? Replenish with the right sand grains and not fill the beach in flat and pay attention to slope.

    Here's the thing...... So there is no one AGAINST beach replenishment done right to save waves. There are ONLY people FOR beach replenishment that still saves the breaks. Ie surfers. Understand what I'm saying. The army corps HAS done projects in the past and paid attention to the sand grain filling not flat ect FOR saving good waves. They have done that.
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    Apr 20, 2012
    anyone who says br doesn't ruin waves,never experienced br first hand.theres no benefit to surfers.its only to protect million dollar beachfront property,but hey we let the rich do as they please so let them ruin our surfbreaks.its not like they are paying most of the taxes.

    sea bright used to be hasn't broken in over 15 yrs,not til sandy rolled was epic last winter,now its replenished.back to the norm.the short narrow beaches are the worst and first to get replenished.when theres only 15 ft of beach to the rockwall,then u come back a month later and its 200ft of beach,then u know ur fukd.long beaches like Manasquan don't get as affected by the br,because its equally spaced out.if u were to drain the water and see what it looks like,its basically a deep cliff dropping into the abyss.

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    Aug 21, 2010
    #belmartruth #belmarbenchpress #belmarpartywave
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    Apr 16, 2013
    Anyone who lets a good wave go, or worse - doesn't even charge when there's a swell is in effect ruining waves. Spicoli scored 6 rides in 30 mins unexpectedly by still checking the break on the way to the skatepark even though the report said it was flatter than Iowa. When it doubt, paddle out.

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    I already mentioned what u r saying in my post. Ask the guys in delmarva about grain matching. That's exactly what I already said to you. It barely helps at all and they NEVER get a perfect match. And slopes? Proper slopes means more sand and more money. Labor and equip. Like I said bro. These r not new ideas. This is the same old BS. So unless u and your surf community are going to front the bill, don't talks. If u want to change the world, get rich and pay the extra cash to save the breaks.

    This is the 457392th time this thread had been created on this forum. Search all the other million threads about this topic. Same result every time.

    U think u r a pioneer of beach replenishment?

    Be realistic. Using random reef break references about Rhode Island don't mean ****.

    Keep dreaming though. If u don't want to make sacrifices and dump money into your ideas, u ain't nothing but a dreamer.

    I want to make a wave pool in my backyard that constantly pitches, perfect left barrels. But unless I got money and influence then I'm just another clown talking about **** they don't like but can't do anything about.

    I wish the waves were better here too. Can't buy waves.
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    Labor and equipment? So more jobs? Already spending millions.

    Keep the negativity going. That's really productive.


    Sep 17, 2013
    sharkhunter, you are one of the sources of negativity and your snarky teenage condescension is grating, reading your posts is like chewing on broken glass, please bugger off
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    Aug 21, 2010
    I'm actually optimistic about replenishment at my beach. The sandbars are so far out I doubt they will be much impacted.
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    The dredge was the best thing to happen in st augustine florida in the past decade... just sayin, that and quarter beers
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    Oct 13, 2013

    I wish the waves were better here too. Can't buy waves.[/QUOTE]

    TRUE DAT but stay tuned to this channel and heres' why: