WWOOF spots for surfing

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    http://www.wwoof.net/ for those that don't know.

    Wondering if anyone has any experience doing the oahganic fahming. I eventually want to spend some time in Nicaraugua so I figured wwoof would be a good way to check it out for free. However, one can wwoof in sierra leone, new zealand, hawaii...anywhere, so looking for stories if anyone has em:cool:

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    I know a lot more about anything than you do.
    BTW, You just described what losers do.
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    EZ, EZ does it the Z is Forume HOF Plat Untouchable. It's been flat, and it's going flatter after Sunday, dial it down BigB & find another activitay.
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    Yeah Man! I think this counts as gf or wifey pics you stud! no offense to Lee...
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    Alternatively there's also MMEOW, it's the same thing but for pussies
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    After reading what they do - I wanna go WWOOF myself
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    Maybe its just the beer talking but I busted out laughing at that one. Nice one El Presidente.
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    Dayum Z. Hopefully Cali is letting you apply your green thumb to grow other things.
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    I've WWOOFed and met folks who have WWOOFed around the world. Most weren't surfers, but most had great experiences. I've been doing small-scale organic farming for the past 5 or so years, but I am no expert or hardcore advocate. If you are going to go travel for awhile, I recommend you give WWOOFing a try. It is a great way to get into a lifestyle of trading your work for food and accommodations. The WWOOF network is basically a way of connecting farms to potential short-, mid-, and even long-term labor with the general expectation that the WWOOFer will provide 20-30 hrs of work a week and the farm will provide 1-2 meals/day and a place to stay. It is basically left up to the farm and potential WWOOFer to come to an agreement. Many times the agreements are verbal - no signed work contract or lease. It is up to the farm to say upfront what are their expectations, what they provide, length of time they want you to stay, and whether it involves some sort of binding legal agreement.

    How it works is that farms publish their info including contact info, WWOOFing expectations etc. on their particular country's WWOOF web site. You contact the farm (usually by email -or there might be a contact form on the WWOOF web site) and introduce yourself, see if they still have openings, time you are interested in working there, etc. Unfortunately you, as the potential WWOOFer, have to pay a 1-year subscription fee to a country's WWOOFing web site to get access to that country's farms' information. (Or use someone else's login/pw to get access). For the US (including Hawaii), the web site is https://wwoofusa.org/ and yearly access is $40. Other countries have their own wwoof access web sites, and some are part of a group of countries, like Nicaragua, which is part of the Latin American independents - info at WWOOF Latin America http://www.wwooflatinamerica.com/.

    If you know for sure that you are going to WWOOF in a particular country, it is probably worth paying the subscription fee to get access to that country's WWOOF farms' info.

    There is a similar free resource for the US for sustainable ag internships and jobs called ATTRA and a lot of the WWOOF farms also list themselves with ATTRA. This site is free for job seekers but the farms have to pay to have their farms listed. https://attra.ncat.org/attra-pub/internships/

    I've become more interested in permaculture over the past 10 or so years and one of the foremost practitioners, Geoff Lawton, is an ozzie who surfs. His farm is in New South Wales and he takes WWOOFers (or at least he used to). http://permaculturenews.org/
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